Fortnite x Dragon Ball: how to get the skins of Goku and Vegeta, the Kamehameha and all the rewards

Fortnite x Dragon Ball: how to get the skins of Goku and Vegeta, the Kamehameha and all the rewards

Fortnite x Dragon Ball

The long-awaited collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball has finally arrived, with the players of the Epic Games battle royale who can take on the role of Goku and his companions, whiz at full speed with the Speedy Cloud and annihilate the opponents with a very powerful Kamehameha up to August 30th. In this article we will explain how to access all the contents of the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover event, from the skins of Goku and Vegeta, through the customization elements such as the Fusion emote, to how to use the Energy Wave in matches. of Battle Royale.

The skins of Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Bulma and the other items in the Shop

Goku and Vegeta have arrived on the island of the battle Royale of Fortnite Let's take the tooth out now : the skins of Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Bulma, or the highlight of the Fortnite x Dragon Ball event, can only be obtained by spending V-buck in the Shop. If you are unfamiliar with Epic Games' battle royale, know that this is the premium currency of the game that is mainly obtained using real money and in very small amounts by leveling up the Battle Pass or completing specific Save the World activities, the Fortnite cooperative PvE component.

Similarly, a series of customization items, such as the Fusion emote and the Turtle Genius decorative back, can only be purchased with V-Bucks. If you don't want to spend a dollar, you will be happy to know that the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover includes a series of free rewards, which we will discuss in the next section.

Before moving on to the details on prices, let's talk about the peculiarities of the Goku and Vegeta skins. As you know, the two warriors can transform themselves in various Super Saiyan stages in Fortnite: fortunately all the transformations are included in the price of their skins and you can choose which one to use from the Locker. For example, by purchasing Goku's you will get the basic form and the additional Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct styles. Not only that: the price includes an emote that emulates the classic Super Saiyan transformation of Dragon Ball, with which the two warriors can switch from one style to another at any time during the games. A feature that emulates what is seen in the work of Akira Toriyama and that will surely please many fans.

Below are the prices and details of the Dragon Ball items available in the Fortnite Store:


Goku - Price: 2.000 V-bucks. This costume consists of four styles, namely the basic form of Goku, "Super Saiyan", "Super Saiyan Blue" and "Ultra Instinct". Included in the price the "Loading of Goku" emote to switch between styles during the games, as well as the decorative back and the collection tool "Staff Nyoi (Staff of Power)". Vegeta - Price: 1,800 V-bucks. This costume consists of four styles, namely the basic form of Vegeta, "Super Saiyan", "Super Saiyan Blue" and "Super Saiyan Blue Evolved". Also included in the price is the "Vegeta Loading" emote to switch between styles during games. Beerus - Price: 1,500 V-bucks. The "Oracle Fish" decorative back is also included in the price. Bulma - Price: 1,200 V-bucks. This costume consists of two styles, the basic version of Bulma and "Lab Coat".

Goku's skin in Fortnite includes Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct styles Customization items

Nuvola d'Oro (Kinto) - hang gliding - Price : 800 V-buck Spaceship - hang glider - Price: 800 V-buck Stick and Carapace of the Hermit of the Turtle - collection tool and back - Price: 600 V-buck Fusion! Ah !!! - synchronized emote (you need two players to use it) - Price: 400 V-buck


If you want you can save V-buck, and therefore real money, by purchasing the items listed above through the bundles available in the Fortnite store. Specifically:

Goku and Bills Package - Price 2,700 V-buck (you save 800 V-buck on the total): it includes Goku's costume, Beerus's costume, back and pickaxe "Nyoi Stick (Staff of the Power) ", the" Goku Loading "emote, the" Oracle Fish "back, and as an extras the" Unleash your might "loading screen. Vegeta and Bulma Bundle - Price 2,300 V-Bucks (saves 700 V-Bucks on the total): Includes Vegeta's costume, Bulma's costume, and "Vegeta's Loading" emote. Dragon Ball Equipment Package - Price 1,800 V-Bucks (you save 800 V-Bucks on the total): includes the "Nuvola d'Oro (Kinto)" and "Spaceship" hang gliders, the "Turtle Hermit Carapace" back, the "Tortoise Hermit Staff" collection tool and the "Fusion! Ah !!!" emote.

As explained above, all the items listed above can only be obtained by spending V-Bucks. You can buy this currency in the Fortnite Store at the following denominations:

1.000 V-buck - 7.99 euros 2.800 V-buck - 19.99 euros 5.000 V-buck - 31.99 euros 13.500 V-buck - 79.99 euros

If you are wondering how much it costs to get all the items of the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover, know that a total of 6,800 V-buck are needed using the bundles (otherwise the figure rises to 9,100 V-buck ), which in real money is equal to 47.97 euros (buying a denomination of 5,000 V-buck and two of 1,000).

The free rewards of "Unleashed Power"

By completing the Fortnite Unleashed Power assignments you will receive the Shenron Dragon Hang Glider In addition to items and skins that can be purchased in the Store, the Fortnite x Dragon Ball event allows players to get a variety of free rewards, including the Shenron Hang Glider, by completing the "Power" challenges. Unleashed ".

In the Assignments section of Fortnite there are a series of Dragon-themed challenges Ball, divided into seven different groups. We are talking about rather simple objectives, such as opening the Capsule Corporation capsules that appear on the map, buying a Dragon Ball item from a distributor, dealing damage with the Energy Wave and passing time trials.

By completing the tasks you will get power points. The more you have, the more rewards you can unlock, specifically:

Emoticon - Smiling Goku - 10M 1 Battle Pass level - 20M Spray - Fusion - 30M Decorative Back - Spheres Radar - 40M 1 Battle Pass level - 50M Emoticon - Bulma Wink - 60M 1 Battle Pass Level - 70M Emote - KI Concentration - 80M 1 Battle Pass Level - 90M Spray - Goku Syper Saiyan Blue - 100M 1 Battle Pass Level - 110M Emote - Loading - 120M

It doesn't stop there. Completing all objectives in a series of "Unleashed Power" assignments will earn you one of Dragon Ball's iconic Dragon Ball. Once you have all seven you will unlock the exclusive Shenron hang glider.

At the time of this writing, all 7 of Fortnite's "Unleashed Power" quest series are finally available. You have until 10 am on August 30 to complete them all and get the prizes up for grabs.

The Energy Wave and the Golden Cloud in Fortnite matches

The powerful Wave Dragon Ball energy in action in Fortnite For the duration of the Fortnite x Dragon Ball event during games, players will be able to unleash a powerful Energy Wave on their opponents or whiz through the skies with Goku's Gold Cloud. To do this, it is necessary to obtain one of the special objects during the match, by finding the Capsule Corp supplies on the map or by purchasing them from the Dragon Ball themed distributors located in Bobine Brulle, Tana Strana and near the north shore of the lake south of Condotti. Confused.

The effect of these objects inevitably significantly changes the dynamics of Fortnite matches. In particular, with the Energy Wave you will unleash a devastating beam that destroys objects in its trajectory and usually does not give a chance to hit opponents. Once you have collected the object in question, it will be available in the inventory and you just have to select it to use it as if it were any weapon in the game. Be careful though, the Kamehameha is very powerful but also risky: it takes a few seconds of preparation before activating it in which you will be completely immobile and therefore at the mercy of the enemies.

The Nuvola d'Oro (or Nuvola Speedy, in the Italian adaptation), instead it allows you to move quickly by flying. Once activated, your avatar will take a leap and then glide for a hundred meters. In itself this offers a considerable tactical advantage, but this item becomes even more exceptional when used in combination with the Energy Wave to surprise opponents.

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