Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, all the news from Pokémon Presents

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, all the news from Pokémon Presents

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet

By now talking about Game Freak has become a bit like walking on eggs and, after seeing the latest Pokémon Presents, we are pretty sure that Pokémon Violet and Scarlet will be an even more divisive title than in the past. After reviewing the mobile dimension of the Pokémon phenomenon, with the various updates of Pokémon GO, Pokémon Unite and so on, the Presents concentrated the second half of its twenty minutes on some news related to the next generation, which were also partly unveiled. in recent days and that the broadcast has basically confirmed. function ready (fn) {if (document.readyState! = 'loading') {fn ()} else {document.addEventListener ('DOMContentLoaded', fn)}} ready (function () {window.addEventListener ('message', function (event) {let target_origin = 'https://aff.netaddiction.it'; if (event.origin! == target_origin) return; if (typeof event.data == "object" && event.data.hasOwnProperty ( "type") && event.data.type == "embaff") {let embed_id = event.data.embed_id; if (embed_id == '641') {document.querySelector ('#_ aff_embed_641'). setAttribute ('height ', event.data.embed_size);}}}, false);}) Let's see together all the news of Pokémon Violet and Scarlet from Nintendo Presents reminding you that, as you probably know, the games will arrive in November on Nintendo Switch.

Open world

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, principal Clavel Apparently the new adventure begins he was in the city of Mesapoli, in an academy (Orange for Scarlet and Uva for Violet) where we will meet the professors Olim and Turum, already introduced in the past, and the principal Clavel, who changes the color of the jacket depending on the version. Some aspects of the academy, such as its emblem, will change according to the game, but others will be unique, such as supporting actors.

Professor Zim is the inventor of the PokéDex app for the Smart Rotom - practically a menu that allows us to access the various screens and functions - while Pepe and Penny are two new schoolmates who, together with the our friend / rival Nemi, will interact with us throughout the adventure. Game Freak has in fact insisted on an aspect of Violet and Scarlet that he defines among the most important and that is the freedom to freely explore the Paldea region - which is clearly inspired by Spain - and to follow at least three parallel stories at will.

The only one that has been explicitly mentioned, to better explain the new open world approach, is the so-called Treasure Search, an extracurricular project that will see us explore Paldea in search of the usual eight gyms, but with a novelty: now we will be able to deal with them in the order we prefer, without being bound by the progression in history. This approach, which we find very interesting, could however lend itself to a serious amount of issues that we hope Game Freak has taken into consideration. | monsters and then actually follow a specific order. Not to mention that some gyms would be child's play for those who reach a higher level than required. As we said, this dynamic still remains very vague, and we will have to wait for some additional details to better understand how Game Freak intends to move.

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, Pepe is one of our academics. to say that the other two stories are shrouded in mystery, but at this point it is easy to imagine that they involve the supporting actors and could be the traditional conflict with the Criminal Team on duty and the mystery that will end up involving the legendary pokémon and maybe it will be resolved in that gigantic crater in the center of the map, which seems the ideal place for the clash with the inevitable legendary third.

Right now, however, we must admit that we are more concerned about the technical aspect of an open world than it would seem to be seamless, that is, without loading between one area and another as it did in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. It is evident that Game Freak was inspired a lot, really a lot, by the experimental title proposed at the beginning of the year, but after Xenoblade Chronicles 3 it will be difficult to watch an open world on Switch in the same way, and Pokémon Violet and Scarlet is not that seem to squeeze the muscles of the Nintendo console. Indeed.

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, one of the new pokémon is called Cetitan Fans of the series at this point will have reluctantly got used to an underlying technical backwardness. The Japanese developer takes a few timid steps forward at each release, relying mostly on an artistic direction that turns a blind eye to the angularity, in every sense, of the technical sector. But after the release of the Monolith Software title and considering Pokémon's stellar budget, it becomes increasingly difficult to shrug. And in terms of art direction, Pokémon Violet and Scarlet didn't particularly impress us. The unreleased pokémon shown in the course of the Presents (Fidough and Cetitan) are very nice and we thought the same for the design of the gym leader Grusha, while the other gym leaders are really anonymous, not to say ugly.

There then are the two legendaries, Miraidon and Koraidon, who apparently will receive each other very soon in the adventure, since they will be our main means of transport. We will be able to ride them as we did with certain pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and as we progress in the adventure we will discover their alternative forms that will allow you to navigate, climb mountains and fly freely around the 3D world.

Pokémon Purple and Scarlet, why does Koraidon walk on all fours if he has two wheels !? The problem with the two legendaries is precisely the curious aesthetics, because the trailer released during this Pokémon Presents confirms the impression of the "transformable" pokémon that had given us the official illustrations with those wheels embedded in their bodies. It turns out that Miraidon can actually run on his wheels, accelerating thanks to real retrorazzi, while Koraidon, once transformed, with his two wheels in plain sight under the chest and in the middle of the hind legs ... simply runs to four legs like any quadruped. Notwithstanding that there may be a biological or narrative motivation behind this solution, we must admit that it is a completely meaningless look, and a bit unpleasant as well. And it is strongly part of the aspects that least convinced us in this round.


Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, a fight Staying on the subject of look, even the Teracrystallization will split the Pokémon fans. We are torn: the crystalline aspect, in fact, that transforms the pokémon into Swarovski, all in all we like it, since it is original and also quite spectacular, but the headgear that sprouts on the head of the teracrystallized pokémon, and that change according to the Teratypus , they are really a party of kitsch.

Theracrystallization, however, is a potentially very interesting new mechanic, especially for fans of pocket monster breeding. Basically, Paldea's pokémon can transform once in battle, changing Type according to their Teratipe, practically an extra parameter that would seem to be completely random. We do not know if there will be any restrictions - for example, a certain pokémon could correspond only to a certain number of possible Teratips - but what is certain is that the Teratipe could profoundly change the dynamics of the battles.

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, Sprigatito after the teracrystallization Basically, the Tertype changes the Type of the teracrystallized pokémon and the consequent resistances, enhancing the moves of the Type corresponding to the Teratipe. It sounds complicated, but in short, it's a kind of additional STAB, for those who chew on Pokémon jargon: if a monster is Electric and has an Electric Teratipe, its Electric moves will deal a lot more damage during the transformation. But if by hypothesis the monster is Electric and has a Grass move, by activating the Teratip Grass Teracrystallization, it will be the Grass move that will inflict much more damage and the pokémon itself will suddenly become more resistant to Water moves, like Grass, rather than vulnerable to Water moves as if it were actually Electro.

It is a dynamic that could easily "break" the game - we assume it will be banned from the competitive scene - and that will drive players crazy who will pair their favorite pokémon in search of the perfect combination of Teratips, characteristics and natures.

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, the entrance of a Teracristal Raid Around the Teracrystallization - which we assume will be at the center of one of the three narratives - Game Freak has built the new multiplayer mode, natural evolution of the Wilds experienced in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Players will be able to face the open world adventure together with up to three friends through a new feature of the Poképortal called Contact Circle: if we understand correctly, it will basically allow you to go around the world of the player hosting the others and in this way it will be easier to capture each version's exclusive pokémon. In addition to fighting and exchanging pokémon with other players, you will be able to join forces in the Teracristal Raids, which obviously are the new version of the Sword and Shield Raid Dynamax, but with some new features.

To begin with, you can inciting teammates to temporarily increase their stats during the fight and this will greatly help players who do not own pokémon with support moves. Then we will no longer have to wait for the comforts - or latency problems - of our friends, because each player will depend on a kind of individual recharge time and can act whenever he is ready, a bit like what happened with the Active Time Battle System. in the old Final Fantasy.

Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, Raids are the best way to capture rare Teratips Teracristal Raids will appear on the 3D map in the form of crystallized lairs and will often be the only way to capture Pokémon from particular Teratips. It will be enough to defeat the pokémon within a time limit and then capture it. Obviously all players will take home that specific Teratype, as well as various rewards that include money and consumable items.

It is clear that Game Freak has been working on the most important critical issues of the Sword and Shield multiplayer mode, abandoning the MMORPG-like demands - which it simply couldn't fulfill - for a more contained, but also more refined experience. Its value, however, will depend on the hold Pokémon Violet and Scarlet will make on the player community, and the actual weight that Teracristal's new dynamic will have on gameplay. For our part, it seems to us that Game Freak is a bit exasperating these additional features in the battles with visual solutions, above all, more and more eccentric and divisive.

The latest news on Pokémon Violet and Scarlet are really interesting, but also very divisive: even taking a look at the social networks, the impression is that the legendaries, the open world nature of the progression and the dynamics of the Teracristal struggle to get the fans to agree. Maybe we just need more clarity on certain aspects and hope that in the coming weeks Nintendo and Game Freak will return to the thorniest issues. Everyone seems to agree on one thing: the technical sector is now too dated and, if the angularity of the first open world experiment could be justified, it will now be much more difficult to turn a blind eye.


Open world nature is a great revolution The improvements to multiplayer mode DOUBT The impact that the Teracristal phenomenon will have on balance Free progression makes no sense if gyms don't climb with the player Have you noticed any mistakes?

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