PlayStation 5: bundle with Horizon Forbidden West available on Amazon!

PlayStation 5: bundle with Horizon Forbidden West available on Amazon!

PlayStation 5

You are looking for PlayStation 5 consoles and, at the same time, you are tired of overpriced bundles or endless (and often inconclusive) queues, then you absolutely cannot miss this opportunity, since the official bundle is available on Amazon, probably for a short time. which includes PlayStation 5 sold in tandem with the splendid Horizon Forbidden West!

The version in question, moreover, is the one with a disc player, that is the most coveted by the market, and also the rarest and most unobtainable, often sold duta at prohibitive prices, and here instead sold at its original € 559.99, price proposed by Sony for the bundle version of its consoles which, let's remember, also include the game, in this case the splendid Horizon Forbidden West.

Resuming the ranks where they left off with the ending of Zero Down, Forbidden West still and always follows the deeds of Aloy, now a legend among the tribes, and here again in search of a hope to save the world, in a setting set just 6 months after the finale of the previous title.

Our heroine, therefore, is still looking for a way to heal a world on the brink of devastation, which is why she will decide to venture towards the western borders of the world, that is where, once (ai present day) stood the city of San Francisco. Here he will spend himself in the search for a cure for the devastating "Plague" that is destroying nature, also having to deal with the new threat led by the ruthless Regalla, a rebel Tenakth who seems to have discovered the secret with which to dominate the machines through Override.

A great game for this summer, which will keep you glued to the screen, at least, for thirty hours of gameplay, without considering the many secondary missions and extra activities that, no doubt, can amplify by several hours the completion of the game, beyond the developments of its main plot!

Read also: Open world video games | The best of 2022 Returning to PS5, we would also like to point out that in an attempt to discourage online touting, often carried out by special bots, which indiscriminately buy consoles on behalf of third parties, Amazon has introduced an "by invitation" system, which does not will allow you to purchase the console directly. In fact, you will have to click on a specific button, present in place of the more traditional purchase button (left part of the screen), and with which you will apply in order to make the purchase.

A sort of digital queue, but without the need for you to be there waiting your turn. In this way, Amazon will first give priority to subscribers (we do not know there is any advantage in being subscribed to the Prime service), assigning only one console per buyer, and thus avoiding fraudulent attitudes.

Obviously, not we are given to know what quantities of this stock are available, but we still invite you to request a sales slot, so as not to miss the opportunity to buy a console in what, almost certainly, will be a very short passage on the platform, due to few pieces available.

That said, we guarantee that we will keep a constant eye on the situation and will update this article as soon as the opportunity arises. In the meantime, however, we refer you to our three Telegram channels dedicated to offers, which is the ideal place to promptly receive information relating to the upcoming availability of PlayStation 5, and where we will also offer you in real time all the best promotions relating to: Offers, Hardware & Tech, Apparel and Sports and Chinese Products. Happy shopping!

PlayStation 5 Restock Rumored to Happen Just in Time for New Release

PlayStation 5 consoles are still proving quite difficult to come by for those who don't yet have one of the consoles, but for those who are still looking and those who are also planning on picking up a new release coming this week, you may be in luck. Another PlayStation 5 restock is rumored to take place this coming weekend at GameStop during which we'll see the PlayStation 5 consoles bundled with Madden NFL 23, the newest Madden game scheduled to launch on August 19th. Those bundles unfortunately come loaded with more than just the console and the game, however, so they may not be quite as attractive for would-be buyers unless you're fine with everything they include.

News of this next PlayStation 5 restock rumored to happen soon comes from the Cheap Ass Gamer Twitter account which said that the restock will supposedly take place on August 20th. It'll be at GameStop which means that like past restocks of this kind, you'll have to be a Pro Member if you want to take part.

A product sheet was shared in the same tweet that first alerted people to the potential restock. The first bundle is supposedly going to come with a disc-compatible PlayStation 5, a DualSense controller in the buyer's choice of color, and Madden NFL 23. The second two bundles are for the digital version of the PlayStation 5. The first of those digital bundles comes with the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, Horizon Forbidden West, a purple DualSense controller, and a $70 PlayStation Store card. The third bundle contains the same minus Horizon Forbidden West. Those two obviously don't contain Madden NFL 23, but the $70 card will get you started with whatever game you're looking for be that Madden or something else.

As far as bundles go, these offerings (particularly the third one) are far from the more egregious ones we've seen in the past. Limited availability and the in-store nature of these bundles will naturally limit how accessible the deals are, but perhaps some of those looking to get the new Madden game and a PlayStation 5 will get some use out of this restock.

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