Pizza ovens | The best of 2022

Pizza ovens | The best of 2022

Pizza, as you know, for us Italians is more than a food, it is a form of art, an exact science, a pleasure surrounded by a sacred aura. It is our "comfort food" par excellence, capable not only of satisfying (if not really making us ecstatic), but also of conditioning our mood, possibly in a positive way.

This is because for us, pizza is almost a form of love and, as such, we love to celebrate it, venerate it, but above all eat it, both inside and outside the home. Almost all Italian families love to make pizza at home, and each of them has its secrets: from those who put sugar in the sauce, to those who only use flours of a certain type, to those who only use mother yeast, to those who instead expect a long and articulated leavening: in short, to each his own, even if we all agree that a really fundamental difference, in terms of success, is not only left to the dough but also to cooking, which alone affects thickness , softness, cornice and many other aspects of tasting.

Aware that the passion for pizza at home, therefore, affects everyone, we have decided to meet your gastronomic needs, at least in terms of cooking, offering you a selection of the best domestic ovens for pizza, making a careful selection based on performance and aesthetic characteristics.

We have chosen 5 for you, carrying out tests after tests to establish, at least s according to the palate of our experts, what are the best solutions in terms of cooking, performance and, of course, consumption. Enjoy your meal!

The best pizza ovens

Ariete 909 SPICE Caliente Tristar Pizza Maker Create ikohs Vulcano Electric oven Cecotec

Ariete 909 | Cooking on a stone base

Let's start our selection of products with the Ariete 909 oven, which with its powerful high-quality refractory stone plate, can cook a pizza in just 4 minutes. Equipped with 5 cooking levels, Ariete 909 is able to reach the disconcerting internal temperature of 400 ° C, which manages to give the pizzas a soft and crunchy appearance, as if they had come out of the wood oven. Thanks to its diameter of 33 cm and a raised central space, this is a product perfectly able to contain other foods inside, in fact its internal capacity of 30 liters allows it to contain savory pies or croissants, or it can be used to reheat dishes such as chicken and potatoes, before serving them at the table.


Siice Caliente | The alternative with accessories

One of the most complete solutions in our selection is, without a doubt, the one offered by the Spice Caliente oven, which includes, in addition to the set of aluminum stirrers, also the recipe book for pizza and bread. The raised hood allows you to cook or heat other dishes in just a few minutes, however, significantly saving on the electricity consumption side compared to traditional ovens. The aluminum structure of Spice Caliente makes it a compact and safe device to use, while the 5 adjustable power settings allow you to cook excellent pizzas in a few minutes.


Tristar PZ Pizza maker | The economic choice

Do you want pizza in a few minutes without getting dirty? Then what is right for you is the Tristar PZ oven, in fact, once you have set the correct temperature, all you have to do is wait for the light indicator that the correct temperature has been reached and add the pizza. Inside, however, there is the great specialty of this pizza oven, we are talking about the non-stick coating, in fact it was made of a particular material that will prevent food from sticking, while the resistance will cook the dishes without greasing the surfaces, which remain however easy to wash and clean. Given its shape, this oven also allows you to cook omelettes and pancakes, without having to make complicated maneuvers with the pan or other utensils.


Ikohs Create Pizza Maker | Pizza like in a restaurant

The Ikohs Create Pizza Maker electronic oven will allow you to cook pizzas up to 31 cm in size in just 6 minutes, using the non-stick refractory stone of which its base is made. Its greatest peculiarity is that this oven is equipped with a double heat-resistant glass that serves to control the entire preparation process, avoiding opening and checking the oven by letting the heat escape. Its particular design allows it to be positioned vertically once it is used, and it can be easily transported to campsites and caravans given its small size.


Cecotec electric oven | Convenient and versatile

Generic photos The latest product in this particular buying guide is the Cecotec electric oven. It is undoubtedly one of the best around, as it has everything you need to excel at a very low price. It boasts a power of 1800 W, and is therefore able to prepare pizzas, piadas and crepes in no time. It also boasts a timer function up to 30 minutes and 180º opening which gives versatility during preparation. In addition to this, it reaches a maximum temperature of 220º in just 3 minutes of ignition, it is equipped with an adjustable thermostat with four temperature levels.


How to choose the perfect pizza oven?

Choosing the pizza oven may not be as easy as you might think at first, in fact you have to keep in mind numerous factors and elements that obviously depend on the use you wants to make this device.


Many of these pizza ovens take advantage of the double resistance technology, very often circular in shape, which in addition to cooking evenly the foods contained inside the compartment, it also allows cooking in unison from above and below. Sometimes the resistance is not present in the lower part where it is possible to find the…

Refractory Stone

As anticipated, this particular base is found in ovens with only one resistance and allows cooking distributed evenly over its entire surface, even creating a crunchy crust. The presence of this stone also lowers costs, so pay close attention to the solutions that include it.


Some of these pizza ovens are equipped with a porthole in the upper part, a feature simple which, however, allows you to constantly monitor the cooking phases of the food. The presence of a porthole avoids opening the oven continuously, and therefore, dissipating the heat contained inside.


Obviously if your aim is to obtain a valid alternative to oven, this is the key point for you. The capacity of this type of product is an essential factor, because although all of them are born with the purpose of cooking pizza, many of these proposals are able to contain whole trays, and therefore turn into real electric ovens. So pay close attention to the images and internal capacity when reported.


Although it is strange to talk about it at a time like this, we still have to hope that the restrictions will go away in the future and then it will be possible to return to move. In circumstances such as second homes by the sea or camping, the electric oven is an excellent alternative to the fixed, small, practical one that allows you to have a quick dish like pizza in a few minutes.

Time saved

“Turn on the oven while it takes a while to heat up”. Here, with pizza ovens you will be able to forget this sentence! In fact, these devices are perfectly able to heat up in a few minutes and prepare even less delicious dishes with a tasty and crunchy flavor, like in a wood oven.

Simple controls

If with the oven traditional it is important to control the temperature, the time, and looking out to see the state of the dishes becomes a fixed occupation, with pizza ovens these things do not happen. In fact, thanks to their simplified control panel that allows you to perfectly adjust cooking, you will never get burnt or too hard foods.


Last, but not least , one of the greatest advantages that you have by purchasing this type of product is undoubtedly the cleaning after using them. Many of these electric ovens are made from special non-stick materials, so as to avoid creating annoying stains from dripping or grease, and also facilitate cleaning times.

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