Minecraft: the 10 best mods | July 2022

Minecraft: the 10 best mods | July 2022


New month, new wave of mods from the Minecraft community. The community has always indulged in the creation of original content for the already infinite sandbox, and thanks to them we can have new challenges in which to try if the basic version of the game is starting to become monotonous. And after seeing the best mods for June, let's see what July 2022 has in store for us.

In the following paragraphs you will find a list of 10 mods released throughout July that we believe are the best. We have tried to collect the most varied mods between them, so as to be able to provide you with more freedom of choice. So you just have to try the ones that interest you the most!

In this article there will be both mods for Forge and mods for Fabric (or both). If you are not familiar with installing mods on Minecraft and need a little help, we leave you our special guide for downloading mods below.

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The mod obviously is not limited only to implementing new biomes: as already mentioned in the previous paragraph, also adds new mobs and animals, each of which has a very specific function. If for example the larvae act as an enemy, there will be opal turtles that can be ridden instead. There are also many new decorative objects and new types of trees (which means even more decorative objects), and even a new piece of armor. We would also like to specify that the mod is still being updated, and therefore new content is definitely on the way.

# 2 - More Frogs

Modloader: Forge / Fabric Version: 1.9 File add-ons: no Release date: July 12, 2022
Minecraft This mod is also easy to understand from the title: More Frogs takes advantage of the brand new animals added in the latest Minecraft update, namely frogs, and makes them even more interesting. At the moment, in fact, in the original version of the game there are only 3 variants of frogs, while this mod adds 9 more! All of these will be different based on the biome of origin, and at the moment there are different types of frogs for all cold biomes, those of the Nether and even for the End.

Each of the new frogs also has diets different and can drop different items, just like the ones in the original game. Jungle frogs, for example, eat small slimes and drop cocoa, or frogs in cold biomes eat small slimes and drop ice. These hopping little animals therefore blend perfectly within Minecraft, and almost seem an integral part of the vanilla version of the sandbox.

# 3 - Spellbound Weapons

Modloader: Fabric Versions: 1.19 / 1.19 .1 Additional files: Fabric API Release date: July 1, 2022
Minecraft This new mod implements many new weapons within Minecraft, which totally change the fighting style. There are currently 21 new weapons and include swords, crossbows, magic wands, scythes, knives and more. All of these weapons can be found around your world, for example in a chest of a dungeon, a village, temples and other locations.

Weapons, which are already very cool aesthetically, are not they are limited to being simple reskins of the original game's swords. These not only feature original designs, but also add a set of new skills. For example, there are weapons that apply the Wither effect to enemies, others that fire a piercing beam, that attract or push mobs or even use explosive arrows. And these are just some of the effects present, so just imagine what else this mod might have in store!

# 4 - Immersive Paintings

Modloader: Forge / Fabric Versions: 1.19 / 1.18.2 / 1.16.5 Additional files: Fabric API (for Fabric) Release date: July 3, 2022

Minecraft If you are looking for a mod that can make in-game paintings a little bit more interesting, this is the suitable option. Immersive Paintings introduces a single crafting to the game to create a very special painting: this can in fact be customized with many different images already present with the add-on, allowing the player to decorate the house with many different paintings. In addition, most importantly, it is also possible to upload your own images, both from your PC and from the web via link.

The customization offered by this mod does not end here: it is also possible to choose the resolution, the size, color depth and zoom of each image uploaded by the player. And last but not least, the frame can also be modified with more than 20 different designs inspired by the existing blocks within Minecraft. In short, the mod proves to be a fantastic ally for those who love to decorate the walls of their buildings with originality and creativity.

# 5 - Apollo's Additional Structures

Modloader: Forge / Fabric Versions: 1.19 / 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: July 5, 2022 Minecraft Are the Minecraft worlds starting to bore you? This mod was born with the intention of adding something more during exploration, so it could be for you. Apollo's Additional Structures is a very simple add-on that implements small structures scattered throughout the game world and that you can find at any time during your journey, and why not, even use them as temporary residences.

The structures added by this mod are well studied for each biome, so there will be no risk of running into something as absurd as an ice house in the desert. Each structure is in fact designed for a different biome, and each of these has different characteristics. You might run into wells, plantations, bonfires or small houses, the latter also equipped with crafting stations. And who knows, maybe you will find just the furnace you needed during your exploration!

Minecraft is available on all major consoles, and you can buy it on Amazon.

# 6 - Flower Patch

Modloader: Forge / Fabric Versions: 1.19.1 / 1.19 / 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: July 8, 2022

Minecraft The Flower Patch is a very simple mod that implements a small but perfect mechanics for those who, during the decoration of their structures, always pay close attention to paying attention to detail. If you have always wanted to place more than one flower on a single block, this add-on has finally fulfilled your wish.

The mod allows the player to place up to 4 flowers on the same block. Unfortunately it is not possible to mix the types of flowers, and it is therefore possible to accumulate only those of the same genus on a single block. However, being able to place more flowers together is already enough to be able to further unleash our creativity, even if only slightly.

# 7 - Spice of Life: Sweet Potato Edition

Modloader : Forge Version: 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: July 11, 2022

Minecraft This mod is undoubtedly one of the most interesting of the month. The add-on introduces a mechanic to the game that can be extremely useful during our adventure, and which, in addition, can make the hunger system intriguing again. In fact, if at a certain point in the game getting food to survive becomes all too simple, with this mod the process becomes stimulating again.

The mod encourages the inclusion of different foods in the player's diet. How does it do it? Simple: by eating different foods you can get different bonuses, ranging from additional hearts to buffs to strength, regeneration and other statistics. Reaching these bonuses, however, is not so easy: it is not enough, in fact, to simply eat different foods in one go, but you need to actively maintain a variety in your diet, otherwise the points collected for each buff will be lost. So if you thought you could get away with steaks cooked forever, this mod will instead try to challenge you by making the process more arduous.

# 8 - Nock Enough Arrows

Modloader: Forge Versions: 1.19 / 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: July 11, 2022

Minecraft Just like the sword, for some even bows and crossbows can quickly get boring within Minecraft, even after trying them with different spells and arrows. What if it were possible to have even more different arrows, in addition to those already present? The Nock Enough Arrows does just that: with the addition of over 20 arrows totally different from each other, ranged combat in the sandbox has never been so exciting.

Arrows can be created from the Fletching Table, which thanks to this mod then finally gets a concrete utility, and you can really create all kinds of them. From those that explode to those that bounce, to those more powerful in the water and those that can pass through walls; these are just some of these new arrows, which implement a myriad of interesting mechanics and make the gameplay much more intriguing and interesting.

# 9 - Transparent Armor

Modloader: Fabric Version: 1.19 Additional files: Fabric API Release date: July 6, 2022

Minecraft It is assumed that armor in Minecraft is extremely essential to be able to enter your game world without problems, but there are those who would prefer find a middle ground for not having to cover his skin. This very simple mod will surely please many of these players: with the Transparent Armor it is in fact possible to make our armor totally invisible, obviously without affecting the defense values.

With this mod the Transparent Ingot is introduced , obtainable by cooking the glass in a simple furnace. To obtain an invisible armor, simply put the armor piece inside a forging bench together with a Transparent Ingot, and this will become transparent once worn. It is obviously possible to do this with any type of armor (even with a turtle shell), and as mentioned previously these will not be affected in any way, except for the aesthetic side.

# 10 - Caveopolis Mod

Modloader: Forge Version: 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: July 2, 2022

Minecraft The latest mod on this list adds a large amount of new decorative blocks. In particular, it implements all the colors of the game also to the stone blocks, with attached steps and slabs. This add-on is therefore the dream of many builders, who can now indulge themselves in their constructions even with this type of blocks.

The mod focuses precisely on making stone blocks more interesting for construction, but the additions do not end there: there are other objects that are implemented by this mod, such as torches, crafting tables and other objects of this kind in stone. A mod therefore focused on the aesthetic side, which can help make your structures much more lively.

This was our top 10 of the most interesting mods for the month of July. Did you already know any of them? Or will you try them too? Let us know with a comment, and in the meantime we will see you next month!

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