LEGO presents the first cinematic Speed ​​Champions

LEGO presents the first cinematic Speed ​​Champions

The most roaring theme in the catalog is back to talk about itself with the new LEGO Speed ​​Champions cinematic sets. A few months have passed since the last round of the LEGO Speed ​​Champions 2022 sets arrived on the shelves but the theme returns with two new sets that bring with them an important novelty: for the first time since its presentation back in 2015, even the most loved by car and motoring enthusiasts, it sees the arrival of film sets, that is, licensed not only by the car manufacturer but also by important film franchises.

There are two new sets of the now traditional summer session of LEGO Speed ​​Champions themed products available for purchase from August 1st. Let's find out together.

LEGO Speed ​​Champions # 76911 Aston Martin DB5 (007) LEGO Speed ​​Champions # 76912 Fast & Furious Dodge Charger R / T 1970

LEGO Speed ​​Champions # 76911 Aston Martin DB5 (007)

The set reproduces in LEGO Speed ​​Champions version one of the most famous sports cars in the world. Ideal for play but also and above all for display, this faithful brick replica reproduces the timeless elegance and sophistication of the iconic 1964 British sports car. Perfect as an addition to any collection of LEGO Speed ​​Champions sets, the model includes silver hubcaps and 4 different sets of license plates (to change it as seen in the 007 movies) and the James Bond minifigure played by Pierce Brosnan in the movie Die to Believe. Pieces: 298 pieces. Price: € 19.99. Availability: August 1st.

It is not the first time that the wonderful Aston Martin DB5 is reproduced in bricks. In 2018, again with the "007" license (to build, however, not like the James Bond double zero license that we all know what it's for), LEGO presents the LEGO Creator Expert # 10262 James Bond ™ Aston Martin DB5 set, which goes to join the line of Classic Car vehicles together with the London Bus, the Volkswagen Beetle, the Ferrari F40 etc. Consisting of 1,290 pieces, the set also included the historic technological gadgets that Q, the scientific genius of MI6 had already added to the production car in 1964: bulletproof shield to protect the rear window, ejection seat, "tire cutters" protruding bolts from the wheel hubs, telephone hidden in the driver's side door, radar and machine guns hidden behind the headlights.

LEGO Speed ​​Champions # 76912 Fast & Furious Dodge Charger R / T 1970

The set faithfully reproduces the lines of the iconic muscle car, star of many films in the Fast & Furious franchise together with its driver and owner Dominic “Dom” Toretto. Designed to offer a great building experience and to become an integral part of any LEGO Speed ​​Champions set collection, as well as of course to be used to play 100 octane! The buildable model with the set is full of details ranging from silver hubcaps to the gigantic air intake on the hood. The set also includes a Dominic "Dom" Toretto minifigure, making it even more a collector's item for car enthusiasts and action movie fans. Price: € 19.99. Availability: August 1st.

Even the iconic American muscle car is not new to being reproduced in bricks. In 2020, the undisputed queen of the Fast & Furious franchise's crowded garage was reproduced in LEGO Technic # 42111 Dom's Dodge Charger set, the resulting model of which includes features such as doors, bonnet and opening luggage compartment, working steering and suspension. , Fake engine with movable pistons connected to the transmission and mechanism for the wheelie (the car that rears on the rear wheels as seen in the final scene of the first film of the saga).

Already in 2018, however, the 1970 Dodge Charger R / T had become part of the LEGO Speed ​​Champion theme, paired with its worthy heir Dodge Demon in the LEGO set Speed ​​Champions # 75893 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon & Dodge Charger R / T 1970. Buildable model of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon features a minifigure cockpit, detachable windshield, wheels with 2 sets of rims, rear wing, dual exhaust, original design and decorative stickers. Brick-built version of the 1970 Dodge Charger R / T also features a minifigure cockpit, detachable windshield, wheels with rubber tires, detachable supercharger compressor and reciprocating engine hood, clear headlights, authentic design and decorative stickers.

2021 sees the arrival of a new and further brick version of the famous muscle car, this time as the Ghost Rider hero / anti-hero car in LEGO Marvel # 76173 Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage. The buildable model of this particular version of the Dodge Charger R / T includes detachable canopy, detachable flames so that it can be transformed into an elegant black muscle car, supercharger aspirator with stud shooter loaded with three ammo installed on the hood.

Ready for a summer at full throttle? If you are thinking of purchasing one or both sets, we recommend that you proceed with the purchase by August 31st, because from September 1st onwards the price increases will take effect as communicated by LEGO (shops and / or on )

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