How to transport cats and dogs by motorbike: rules and advice

How to transport cats and dogs by motorbike: rules and advice

How to transport cats and dogs by motorbike

Sometimes it is really difficult to separate from your pet, whether it is for a holiday period or even just for a weekend out of town aboard your motorbike: how to reconcile the desire not to separate from your pet with the want to ride a motorcycle? Article 170 of the Highway Code explains to us that it is possible to transport a dog or a cat (or even other animals) on two-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles or scooters, the important thing is to respect the rules imposed by paragraph 5 of the the aforementioned article.

On the vehicles referred to in paragraph 1, it is forbidden to carry objects that are not solidly secured, that protrude laterally with respect to the vehicle axis or longitudinally with respect to its shape more than fifty centimeters, or prevent or limit the driver's visibility. Within the aforementioned limits, the transport of animals is allowed as long as they are kept in a special cage or container.

In this sense, the Highway Code is very clear, it expressly mentions the possibility of transporting animals as long as they are kept in a special cage or container that must comply with precise measures, thus avoiding protruding laterally or limiting visibility to the driver of the motorbike.

As long as the cage or container in which the animal is transported is carefully fixed to the motorbike and prevents the animal from moving freely, the only measure to be respected is that of the total 50cm protrusion, lateral or longitudinal with respect to the silhouette of the motorcycle.

In case of transport carried out in an inappropriate way, the Highway Code provides for the deduction of 1 point from the driving license and an economic sanction that can vary between 83 and 333 euros; a fair penalty, but commensurate with the potential danger that can be created to oneself, to one's animal, or even to other road users if something should go wrong.| ); }

Andrew Shiau via Unsplash As with all new activities that are potentially stressful for an animal, it is good to start gradually; therefore it is not advisable to buy a cage or a backpack for transport close to a motorcycle ride to distant destinations, much better to get your 4-legged friend accustomed with short and quiet rides, during which it will be important to observe the reactions of the animal, to understand if he is possibly uncomfortable due to the noise or sudden movements to which he is subjected during the acceleration and braking phases. Another aspect to take into consideration is that of our clothing: often on a motorbike, we dress fully in clothes that make us bigger and "strange" in the eyes of our animal, which may not recognize us immediately - the adaptation phase includes also this aspect.

The motorcycle accessories market has also thought about those who care about their health animal in the event of an accident: you can buy helmets, protective goggles, winter coats or other clothing to protect them if something does not go according to plan. There are many types, from the lighter and simpler ones like the old "bowl" that we humans can no longer use today, to the more opaque ones with a large protective visor, and there are even those who make full-face helmets for dogs - although it remains to be seen if the dog will be willing to wear it! If your dog should be particularly hostile to the idea of ​​wearing a helmet, it is always advisable to protect his eyes and ears from insects and from the strong noise of the wind to which he will be exposed during the march. , in the event of a motorcycle accident with your dog it is also of fundamental importance to have unhooked the leash from the dog's collar - which is however "forced" inside the cage or the dedicated backpack - so as to prevent the animal from being throttle or get stuck somewhere.

It goes without saying how common sense is the main ally in these cases: transporting an animal on a two-wheeled vehicle can become complicated and dangerous if the animal, the vehicle and even the driver are not adequately prepared - if the animal is too large, the situation becomes very complicated, even if in recent years, solutions specifically designed for large dogs have been born (on the web you can easily find examples of motorcyclists who carry their German shepherd around without particular difficulties) but in these cases it is important that the dog has been trained to go on a motorcycle since he was a puppy, otherwise carrying a large dog on a motorcycle can turn into a painful situation for all parties involved.

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