Gothic 2: two mega mods also coming in Italian, they are as big as the base game

Gothic 2: two mega mods also coming in Italian, they are as big as the base game

Gothic 2

Two mega mods of Gothic 2, more precisely of the total conversion, will soon be usable without linguistic hitches also in our country, since they will be completely translated into Italian thanks to the efforts of the Piranha Bytes Italia community, which is following and taking care of them. These are two mammoth mods, as big as the base game, curated by fans for fans, which accurately follow the history and mythology of the original and the series as a whole.

The first, still in development, is The Story of Khorinis, which boasts exceptional features for a mod such as professional dubbing and the creation of new 3D models. For the rest, the new protagonist stands out, a new area (Vaduz Island), the remaking of areas known to fans such as Khorinis, the Valley of Mines and the Old Mine and many other additions.

Let's read the general information and the plot, taken from the official site:

Myrtana, island of Vaduz, not long before the creation of the barrier and not long after the start of the war against the Orcs. Destiny has it that Lars, who has lived a rather monotonous life so far, finds himself involved in an event that will change the fate of the world. For mysterious reasons, twelve of the kingdom's most powerful wizards arrive on the island, led by the famous Fire Grandmaster, Xardas. Nobody knows what they're doing here. We only know that they will soon resume their journey. Lars, after helping the wizards, will receive the proposal to join them and set sail for the Island of Khorinis. The wizards intend to create a magical barrier, so as to isolate the prisoners from the outside world, or so they say. Our hero will receive various assignments (not only from wizards), which will put the player to the test.

Character and setting

Lars is a young man who works as a blacksmith in a small shop near the city of Vaduz together with his father, a former soldier of the royal army. His father, in addition to having taught him the trade, helps him to train in fights. His dream, however, is that one day his son will find a quiet job and that he will never be on the battlefield. He himself, a veteran of the wars against the Orcs, has not yet managed to overcome the trauma. After the smallpox took his wife away, he started drinking a lot, often ending up in trouble. However, it seems the worst is yet to come ...

The wizards arrive on the island and, after doing a job for them, they offer you to follow them on their journey to Khorinis. What will you find? The old port seen in Gothic 2 will be unrecognizable. The whole area will be filled with dozens of docked ships, sailors, merchants, knights, prisoners and travelers. In addition, the entire city will be revised and extended. Khorinis Island will also be different: all burnt houses and destroyed buildings will be as good as new, there will be more streets, many more people, more houses, hotels and much more.

The Valley of Mines will also have another aspect. Campo Vecchio, once in ruins, will now appear as if it had just been built. The mountain fortress and the collapsed mines will be full of life. There will be a few mines, not only in the Valley, but also in other areas of Khorinis. Obviously, access requires a permission, which is not given to just anyone. You will need a safe conduct.

The second mod, already available in English, Polish and German, but in a few weeks also in Italian, is The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos, which you can download for free from Steam, GOG or ModDB. The guys from Piranha Bytes Italia have translated the beauty of 630989 words, using the Crowdin tool, Also in this case the features are truly exceptional, given that we are talking about 60 hours of gameplay and more, more than 170 missions, more than 200 random events and more than 1400 non-player characters. The Italian translation team is so proud of their work that they even created a special trailer, which you can see below:

Let's read the official description and the plot:

The Kingdom of Myrtana

a country whose foundations are collapsing under the weight of war and turmoil that ravages its lands. Take part in the events that gave rise to the original plot of the series and see for yourself how the creation of the Valley of Mines influenced the lives of people far away from the continent.

Leave your mark in a brutal world, where every decision has a net impact on the lives of those who live there and on their surroundings.


Leave for Archolos, a huge island east of the continent of Myrtana, and explore a never-before-seen region full of vineyards, farms and villages, only mentioned in the first Gothic.

Visit the great city of Archolos and get lost in the cobbled alleys of the largest town ever seen in the Gothic trilogy. | secrets only to the bravest adventurers ...


Play as Marvin, a young man thrown out of his home by the threat of war. However, the reality of Archolos, the place where he hopes to find refuge, is far from his expectations of him. Rich merchants who yearn for nothing but more riches, servants of King Rhobar II who apply ever stricter laws without reservation, hordes of desperate refugees who, just like the protagonist, just want a decent life. Marvin will have to find a way to survive in this land of betrayal, opportunism and conflicting interests.

You are not the hero destined to save the world, you are not the villain. You are a survivor.

Will you take whatever you want by the use of force? Or will you try to help those most in need?

In The Chronicles of Myrtana, you decide your fate.

Of course it is also worth remembering that to play the two mods you must have the Gold version of Gothic 2, which can now be purchased at a very low price, especially during the sales period.

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