DOTA - Dragon's Blood: Book 3, review of a good series that is not surprising

DOTA - Dragon's Blood: Book 3, review of a good series that is not surprising

DOTA - Dragon's Blood

Finally available on Netflix DOTA - Dragon's Blood: Book 3, the new season of the animated series based on DOTA 2, a free MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) based on a special Warcraft 3 map released by Valve Corporation in 2013. The Netflix series is made by Studio MIR, a Korean animation studio that is also the creator of the animated film The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, of which you can read our review here.

Like the previous two seasons, this too is made up of a total of 8 episodes lasting about 26-28 minutes each. This season is characterized by a slightly more complex weave and a very attractive graphic design. However, the fact that the narrative topoi employed have already been seen countless more times in iterations like this one can be a problem for discerning viewers. But let's proceed in order.

DOTA - Dragon's Blood: Book 3: a compelling story, even if…

DOTA - Dragon's Blood: Book 3 picks up the story from where it ended in the previous season, of which you can find our review here. For this very reason, it might be very useful to review Book 2 of the series as well. In Book 3 you will notice how other characters will play a very important role alongside the main protagonist Davion, such as the Invoker, voiced in English by Troy Baker, a well-known name in the world of dubbing and video games.

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Of course, this detail does not affect the vision or the general quality of this Book 3, but it is appropriate for us to talk about it here, since it is an aspect that could lead to certain developments that are sometimes predictable or, in any case, not always successful.

Character growth in DOTA - Dragon's Blood: Book 3

Clashes and battles are an integral part of the cruel world represented in the series, and their rawness shines through thanks to the excellent rendering final visual. The clash between good and evil, between black and white, is tinged with new colors in this Book 3 of DOTA - Dragon's Blood, as you will discover several new facets of the character of characters already well known to viewers of the series. >

DOTA: Dragon's Blood You will see, therefore, how the characters have grown, matured and, in some cases, even changed, and sometimes pushed to take extreme actions to avoid greater damage or for their own gain personal. In this sense, therefore, we can say that the psychological investigation of the characters is a trait that is more in-depth this season than in the previous ones.

The importance of the visual aspect

One of the points in favor of the series in general is the good general realization, managed, as we have already said, by Studio MIR. The scarce scenes in which computer graphics are used to create a three-dimensional effect do not blend perfectly with the two-dimensional backgrounds, but it is a small mole in a truly admirable creation, both from the graphic point of view and the animations. In this latest season of DOTA - Dragon's Blood there are several battles, some of which involve entire armies. Correctly rendering such dynamic scenes such as battles is not an easy task, especially if wizards also take part in these battles, with their colorful explosions of magic, and mammoth mythological beings such as dragons.

DOTA: Dragon's Blood From a visual point of view, therefore, not only were the expectations not met at all but, on the contrary, we are facing an even better job, compared to the previous seasons of the series. And there is also a little gem, a sort of Easter Egg, if you want: as you can also see in the trailer that you find at the top of this article, we can see an army made up of almost evanescent supernatural creatures, green in color: the scene recalls very closely the epic Battle of Helm's Deep, from The Lord of the Rings (the scene is present in the second film of the film trilogy directed by Peter Jackson, namely The Two Towers).

DOTA: Dragon's Blood


Technically well crafted and visually impressive, the third Book of DOTA - Dragon's Blood is a season that will certainly entertain fans in a pleasant way. Thanks to the introduction of some completely new narrative elements, the narrative rhythm is well supported, and the many scenes of epic fights will amaze you in a very pleasant way.

At the moment, there is no official news yet regarding a new one. season of the series; after all, however, it should also be added that Netflix has not even announced its cancellation. Although the current narrative arc ends with DOTA - Dragon's Blood: Book 3, in fact, the fantasy world in which the series is set can still offer several other narrative ideas that could prove to be interesting and that could make us know even better the world and the individuals who inhabit it.

All 8 episodes of DOTA - Dragon's Blood: Book 3 are available for viewing starting August 11th exclusively on Netflix. You can find this season and the previous ones at this link. Also, to turn your TV into a smart TV, you can buy the Fire Stick TV here on Amazon.

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