ColorOS 13: tried out the Oppo update, here are all the news

ColorOS 13: tried out the Oppo update, here are all the news

ColorOS 13

Android 13 was finally made official by Google during this week but it has been for several months that it has been possible to preview the brand new operating system update on Pixel smartphones and, in the AOSP version, also on some other third-party brand devices.

Now, after just a few days ago getting our hands on the version of the OS customized by Samsung, we could also try ColorOS 13, the skin created by Oppo, on board the most recent flagship of the brand, i.e. Find X5 Pro. What's different? How will your smartphone change after receiving the update?


An important update What changes in ColorOS 13? A whole new design “Pen and paper” Better interaction even when the screen is off Home screen and quick settings Productivity is achieved across multiple devices Goodbye bad habits Privacy and security When will ColorOS 13 be available? Which smartphones are compatible with ColorOS 13?

An important update

Proof of the fact that this is a "work in progress" software is the amount of ColorOS 13 Beta updates received by our smartphone during the trial period, which today has reached about two weeks .

We went from Android 12 to Android 13 with a package weighing 5.29GB and build number CPH2305_11_C.o4, to then receive a new 4.90GB update version CPH2305_11_C.o8 and finally one last 352.97MB OTA which brought us to the current build CPH2305_11_C.o9. Here are the various changelogs:

A whole new design

The first novelty that certainly immediately catches the eye is the introduction of a completely new aesthetic language that Oppo calls Aquamorphic Design and that was already presented to us at the launch of OxygenOS 13, OnePlus skin that derives directly from this ColorOS 13.

“To counteract this feeling of tiredness and to bring some vitality into everyday life, we have renewed ColorOS 13 with a surprising design inspired by one of nature's greatest gifts… l 'water. In all cultures, water is considered a symbol of hope and vitality. And water, it seems, is just how we imagine our technology: peaceful, vibrant, omnipresent, but with a silent impact on our lives, ”said Xi Zeng, director of software engineering at Oppo.

The new Oppo skin has been renewed with new color palettes, even more fluid and pleasant animations and a layout that can adapt to the device on which the update is installed. This last reference obviously goes to the tablets of the brand which are not yet available in our country but which we are sure will not be long in coming in the future.

The previously blank spaces of the operating system, as well as the screens loading the pre-installed apps, they were filled with illustrations and animations that include stylized drawings of different people, modern objects in common use such as smartwatches and smartphones, but also historical images such as Dali's watches and Vermeer's “Girl with a turban”.

“Pen and paper”

The various settings and in general all the menus scattered around the interface are now enclosed in tabs that make it easier to understand at a glance the belonging to different categories. With tabs of different sizes that sort and classify information based on content type, this feature helps users see all key information instantly. Oppo calls this subdivision in "cards" Card-styled Layout, precisely.

The system fonts also change, in general slightly thicker where it counts, practically bold, and with retouched dimensions that help a better readability in all languages ​​supported by ColorOS 13.

Better interaction even when the screen is off

Many improvements have also been made to the Always-on Display, now more information is provided with reduced energy consumption. For example, it is possible to quickly check Spotify when the screen is locked but also other applications such as those dedicated to home delivery of food, even if the latter functionality we have not been able to try and according to Oppo it will depend on the various global markets.

Bitmoji and Insight Always-On Display have been taken from the OnePlus skin and integrated into ColorOS 13. Also introduced three new animated AODs called Homeland, which represent a polar bear, a penguin and a clownfish that reveal changes in homes these animals live in, based on daily temperature variations.

Main screen and quick settings

Completely revised icon pack default, which is based on the design already seen in ColorOS 12 but improves its visibility with brighter colors and greater contrasts.

Several changes have also been introduced that we have already seen in others previously proprietary skins: for example the folders that can be enlarged and with which you can interact without opening them, already appeared on the recent Nothing phone (1) but already present in HarmonyOS for some time from which the new ColorOS seems to have taken inspiration for the Center control.

The area dedicated to switches for quick settings now shows two larger cards dedicated to Wi-Fi and data network connectivity, as well as an even more extensive “widget” dedicated to multimedia playback control.

Shelf functionality has also been migrated from OxygenOS, allowing quick access to some widgets in a dedicated tab separate from the Home. On this issue, as much as we really appreciate the beautiful new widgets that have been designed by Oppo for this update, we find it confusing that the widgets of third-party apps are separate from those of system applications, reachable from two different points of the UI. .

We are definitely not saying that these ideas, while not entirely original, are bad though. We appreciate when brands recognize the usefulness of the changes introduced by competitors and integrate them into their software in order to improve the user experience of their users.

A new animated wallpaper called Blossom has also been introduced. it evolves with the use of the device and as the day progresses. The background reproduces a plant that blooms completely when users reach the daily time limit imposed for the use of smartphones with digital wellbeing features. Subsequently, the plant begins to transform into a metallic work of art if the limit is exceeded. Meanwhile, the color of the plant changes according to the most used app in the last hour.

Productivity is achieved on multiple devices

With ColorOS 13 Oppo has also expanded the Multi functionality -Screen Connect, especially as regards the connection with the PC. Users can view up to three windows from their phone simultaneously on a Windows PC, one for screen mirroring and two for other applications.

This feature increases productivity by eliminating the need to switch between devices. more for using the apps. Multi-Screen Connect also allows a quick passage of files (such as photos, videos, documents, music and more) between various devices without wasting internet bandwidth, using a proprietary technology that manages the connection directly.

ColorOS also integrates the multi-device features designed by Google for Android 13, such as Nearby Share, integration with Chrome OS and Fast Pair.

Goodbye bad habits

The space included in ColorOS and dedicated to children, called Kid Space, with the new update introduces a system that monitors the habits of those who are using the smartphone and offers advice on how to use the smartphone safely.

For example:

“Who turned off the light? Find a brighter place! ““ Always remember: good posture helps keep your eyes and back healthy! "" Whoa, you're a little too close! Try to keep the phone further away “

Privacy and security

Obviously there is no shortage of the usual updates regarding the privacy and security of users. ColorOS 13 is able to protect a personal folder using AES encryption, in order to guarantee users that no one can access certain private contents, and it is possible to automatically "pixelate" the sensitive information contained in the screenshots of the conversations we want to share, such as the name and profile photo of the chat participants.

When will ColorOS 13 be available?

ColorOS 13 will immediately be available for Oppo Find X5 and Oppo Find X5 Pro in China , to then reach further markets and devices later. The update is expected to reach all compatible models between the second half of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, according to the company.

The precise release timetable for the various models has not yet been announced for the European market.

Which smartphones are compatible with ColorOS 13?

As mentioned above, ColorOS 13 will be available immediately on Find X5 Pro and Find X5 smartphones. The roll-out will then continue gradually on a wider range of devices. Oppo, in fact, plans to update 35 smartphone models, covering more than 60 countries and 160 million users, creating what it calls “the largest update plan ever implemented in the history of ColorOS“.

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