Blade: a new game in development at Ubisoft? Here is the official answer (updated)

Blade: a new game in development at Ubisoft? Here is the official answer (updated)


A new rumor is mounting in these hours on the internet, which would like a new Blade game in development at Ubisoft, through a series of clues that could be interpreted in this way, indeed.

Update at 2pm: 36 of 22 August: Ubisoft denied the rumors in a Twitter post, stating that it isa> not working on a game starring Blade.

"We're sorry to dampen the rumors, we are not working on a game on Blade. , but we can't wait to find out what our friends at Marvel Studios are preparing for next year's film! "

The original news follows.

Obviously there is nothing official about it, but there are some photos that seem to relate to a motion capture session for a title in development at Ubisoft, which may have something to do with the Blade series, which remains for a long time it has stopped both on the cinematographic and videogame front.

A detail of the photo in question The vampire hunter is actually quite a cult character and a lot of people ask for an adaptation worthy of his name.

The clues are spread over several days: at the end of July, the actor Edwin Gaffney had posted some images, on Instagram, which portrayed him in a motion capture suit. Among these images it was possible to see the name "Marvel", indicating that the project is linked to one of the publisher's licenses.

The photos also show Ubisoft badges, so it seems to be a collaborative project between the two companies. Other details emerge from the "clapperboard" that is held in the hand by the actor in one of the photos: in this we read the name "B. Tariq" as director, which should correspond to the director of the next Blade film in production at Marvel Studios.

Even the fact that the two actors are shown holding weapons similar to swords and katanas could fuel the idea that it may be something related to Blade, but of course at the moment it is only conjecture.

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Ubisoft shoots down Blade game rumours

It turns out Ubisoft isn't working on a new Blade game for Marvel after all. 

The developer has taken to Twitter to pour cold water over recent speculation that a new title featuring the vampire slayer is underway at one of its studios, saying 'Sorry to slice up the rumours, we're not making a Blade game but we can't wait to see what our friends at Marvel are cooking up for next year's movie!'

Tongues were sent wagging (opens in new tab) earlier this week when YouTube channel JorRaptor (opens in new tab) flagged that Detroit: Become Human actor Edwin Gaffney posted a few images to social media alongside fellow actor Alex Martin that feature Ubisoft's logo on some mocap suits. 

“That’s a wrap,” Gaffney wrote at the time. “It is always a pleasure working on great projects but what makes it even better is working with great people! Thank you Alex Martin for the talent and energy you bring to the set, you rock!”

The post constrains several hashtags – naturally – with one saying “UbisoftGames”. That’s pretty innocent in isolation, but the other images contain the two actors posing with swords and a clapperboard with the words “Marvel” and “Bassam Tariq”, who is directing the upcoming Marvel film that’s set for next year. 

Ubisoft hasn’t clarified what the posts mean – hey, maybe the duo are just Blade fans – though Marvel and Disney are holding a games-focused showcase next month as part of the D23 Expo. 

Alongside “all-new announcements”, we’re getting updates on Disney Dreamlight Valley, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Sage, and “a sneak peek at the upcoming Marvel ensemble game from Skydance New Media”. Either way, you’ll hopefully have your fill of Marvel games soon enough. 

You'll get some Blade gameplay sooner than you know when Marvel's Midnight Suns releases next year.

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