Andor will show the rise of the Empire through ordinary people

Andor will show the rise of the Empire through ordinary people

Accustomed to the more heroic aspect of Star Wars, the series dedicated to the rebel agent Cassian Andor could represent a change of perspective that could greatly benefit the franchise. Recent proposals such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Book of Boba Fett seem to have failed to thrill longtime fans, who have been shown to have suffered from the partial rewriting of the typical traits of beloved figures in the saga. With a not-so-top-notch protagonist like Cassian, the new series has the opportunity to explore new atmospheres of Star Wars continuity, allowing Andor to show the rise of the Empire from the point of view of ordinary people.

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Andor: the Rise of the Empire from the point of view of ordinary people

Since the first Star Wars movie we have seen how figures such as Luke, Han or Leila were anything but ordinary people, a nature of promising heroism that easily led them to be the darlings of the public. The first experiment in presenting a more everyday dimension, and therefore easily influenced in negative terms by imperial power, was attempted in Rogue One, a film by Gareth Edwards in which one of the first, tragic plans of the Rebel Alliance was presented, opening us to the first time the gates of the gloomy was known as the Rise of the Empire on the big screen.

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“Our series will be focused on ordinary people, those behind the scene, those who will build the road to true revolution. With these characters it's like being in the kitchen, our characters are there washing the dishes, so that the canon can take shape even away from the main scene, but what happens to them is completely different. Every day, our aspiration to make everything turn out real was breathed in every area, in every costume, in every weapon "

This choice to give more prominence to ordinary people in Andor also goes to the definition of a a typical element of Star Wars long scratched and only touched upon in various media, from comics to animation, but never fully explored: the birth of the Rebel Alliance. This central moment of continuity will be presented by moving within precise political and social dynamics, with attention on fundamental figures such as Mon Mothma, who will be one of the leading characters of the series:

"Our goal is to have as much variety as possible, and Mon Mothma will have its rebellion. People will finally find out a lot about her as the series continues, because there will be a lot of interesting things that we will tell about her. We're not going to modify the Canon or anything like that, we're just going to tell you things you don't even know about, and maybe you won't even fully understand. ”

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