Hawkman's origins and Dr. Fate's charisma in the words of the Black Adam director

Hawkman's origins and Dr. Fate's charisma in the words of the Black Adam director

Interviewed by Vanity Fair, Jaume Collett-Serra, the director of Black Adam, talked about Hawkman and Dr. Fate that we will see in the film with differences and similarities compared to their paper counterparts with some interesting reflections.

Hawkman's origins and Dr. Fate's charisma

Aldis Hodge (Leverage, Hidden Figures, Straight Outta Compton, Underground) who will play Hawkman in the film. One of the most colorful, and complicated, characters in DC mythology was created by Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville debuting in 1941 in Flash Comics # 1. We also know that Hawkman possesses the characteristic winged uniform made of NTH metal and that in the comics, the character not only has connections with ancient Egypt but also with Black Adam himself.

Collett-Serra in this sense is state very specific:

In comics it often happens that [Hawkman] says stuff like “Yeah, I remember this thing happened 5,000 years ago” well in the movie we can't do that, it would cause too much confusion. Clearly Hawkman's reincarnations will be there but what do you remember every time you reincarnate? They are those rules that you don't want to make manifest until you give the character an identity.

On the film version of Hawkman instead he said:

Our Hawkman shuns Black Adam's tactics but is as stubborn as he is. He is convinced that he is on the right side, he is a leader. He wants to put this team of heroes together and bring peace to the world. He has a very clear moral compass that will be severely tested by Black Adam.| ); }
Italian trailer of Black Adam The mystical Dr. Fate, distinguished by the gold-colored helmet, instead the director says that he will clash with Black Adam on another level:

His superpower, beyond magic, it is charisma. Fate can't physically beat Adam but he can talk to him. A special actor is needed to play such a character, a legend. Dr. Fate is very powerful and only an actor like Pierce Brosnan can play someone powerful without overdoing it. He did it in a really subtle way. I mean he's one of the coolest people in the world, it was James Bond! As a person he is magnetic, fascinating. - th_culturapop_d_mh3_1 slot id: th_culturapop_d_mh3 "); } Italian trailer of Black Adam

About Black Adam

We present the trailer of Black Adam shown at San Diego ComiCon 2022:

This is the plot:

Almost 5,000 years after he is bestowed with the almighty powers of ancient gods, and imprisoned just as quickly, Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) is freed from his earthly grave, ready to unleash his unique form of justice in the modern world.

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