5 fan made video games that (maybe) you didn't know

5 fan made video games that (maybe) you didn't know

Does it still make sense to label the video game as something innovative? From a certain point of view, let's be honest, the answer is no. And not because things aren't changing, with the videogame medium that is actually evolving more and more with new technologies and truly impressive new concepts. It is simply a more than consolidated tool, with a reputation and a reputation that is truly known to all.

An evolution that has been going on for almost sixty years now, with brilliant ideas and concepts to be discovered. And part of the credit for all this also goes to us: the players, who with our support have made this sector an increasingly solid reality from every point of view. However, someone manages to go even further, giving life to something that is not an exaggeration to define exceptional. We are talking about fan made games: projects born and driven by a strong passion for a product, and which aim to enrich its narrative structure in a unique way.

What we want to do today is to celebrate this type of experience : here are 5 fan made video games that (perhaps) you did not know but which, we assure you, are absolutely worth keeping an eye on. Happy reading!

Installation 01

What is it?

Let's start with a fan game dedicated to one of the most popular sagas of all time: Halo. Installation 01 is a truly exceptional project, born in 2014 and designed exclusively as a multiplayer adventure to be experienced on PC. Developed by the guys of Soon Studios using the Unity engine, the game gained a lot of popularity at the time of the announcement: the first teasers of the work have in fact hinted at a product that, in all the smallest details that compose it, manage to evoke the wonderful atmospheres that Halo has accustomed us to.| ); }

At what point is Industries 01?

On the web it is possible to admire trailers and images that show the incredible work done by the team, still at work in creating an ambitious product from many points of view. On the official website it is possible to access a detailed roadmap where, step by step, the progress of the works is told: follow it to stay up to date, many interesting news are on the way.

Pokémon: Uranium

What is it?

Where is Pokémon: Uranium?

After release in 2016, the download of the game was put on hiatus by the developers following requests from Nintendo. The various DMCA takedown notices have in fact led the team to act in this direction, reserving the official forum only for the release of periodic patches and updates.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z

What is it?

All embellished with an incredibly effective retro graphic style, and able to evoke all the emotions from the manga of Akira Toriyama. Finally, there is also a large community, complete with a dedicated Discord server: a place to find many fans with whom to share such an exceptional title.

Where is Hyper Dragon Ball Z?

As mentioned, the game is available for free, and on the official website there is a link to download the latest version: the team is always working on new content, so we invite you to consult the website of this very interesting project often.

Goldeneye: Source

What is it?

It was 1997 when GoldenEye 007 was released, probably one of the most important shooters in history. Published exclusively on Nintendo 64, the title has the merit of having revolutionized a trend with many small tricks that are still able to influence the genre today.

Being a product released on a console several years ago, recover it it may not be easy: here, therefore, a group of enthusiasts gives life to a really interesting project. Goldeneye: Source is in fact a version of the classic Rare designed for PC players, adapted for the new generations with a whole series of improvements in terms of graphics and gameplay. An opportunity not to be missed to (re) discover one of the titles that have marked the history of this medium.

Where is Goldeneye: Source?

Released in 2010, the game it has been continuously updated since then and can also count on a large community of users to populate the spectacular multiplayer mode. You can download it for free from the official website, where you can follow the project and its many evolutions step by step.


What is it?

We close with one of the most ambitious projects that the fan made video game scene has ever witnessed. Skywind was born with the aim of giving new life to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind ... Through the Skyrim game engine. Not bad, right?

The third chapter of the saga is restored here with new graphics and a new sound sector, with the latter embellished with an entire cast of voice actors to make the work even more incredible. Without forgetting in any case to maintain all those atmospheres that have made Morrowind a unique experience in the history of the videogame.

At what point is Skywind?

Skywind is today a construction site with many work in progress: the project is proceeding one step at a time, and is also looking for volunteers willing to give their contribution in any way possible. Over the years, several truly spectacular teaser trailers have been published, useful to give an idea of ​​how big this project wants to be: you can follow the roadmap on the official website, always full of updates on the continuation of the works.

And these were just 5 fan games to keep an eye on, capable of giving new life or a new point of view on some much loved franchises in the history of entertainment in general. Experiences that, just for the simple fact of existing, are extraordinary and full of that charm that only true fans are able to transmit: this is the very essence of a fan made title, isn't it?

Vi let us invite you to tell us yours, telling us experiences and anecdotes about your encounters with the fantastic world of fan made projects: did you already know these 5 titles? And what are your absolute favorites?

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