Nvidia Leak: Who's Missing?

Nvidia Leak: Who's Missing?

Nvidia Leak

On a quiet day in September, the internet was shaken by the arrival of a gigantic leak that counted so many games arriving on PC that it was not even referable in a precise manner at the moment: it was a list of games from a database. , a sort of list of the streaming service Nvidia GeForce Now, containing a large amount of titles that had not even been announced yet, expected to be arriving on the Windows platform.

This has caused a certain uproar, but among the many rumors that crowd the videogame environment every day it was difficult to take as pure gold, so much so that shortly thereafter a sort of official denial came from Nvidia, which recognized the list as coming from the GeForce service Now, but mostly made up of "supposed" titles or in any case positioned within it as placeholders awaiting any announcements or confirmations, to be used for "tracking or testing in terno ". In short, the most classic of "circular, there is nothing to see".

Yet, soon afterwards confirmations began to arrive, some of them rather bizarre, given the incredible correspondence between perfectly successful titles even if not yet announced. One of the first was Actraiser Renaissance announced on the 23rd of the same month, honestly unpredictable even as a subject of rumor, then the remake of Destroy All Humans 2, the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Definitive Edition collection, Street Fighter 6, the Chrono remaster Cross and the PC versions of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves and God of War, which seemed like nonsense at the time, as well as Crysis 4, Sniper Elite 5 and many others. In short, in the space of a few months what seemed to be a bizarre unreliable list seems to have become practically the mother of all videogame leaks, with confirmations that continue to arrive, as evidenced also by the recent Kingdom Hearts 4, so let's try to see which games they could be the next to be announced.

The obvious, the probable and the impossible

God of War on PC was one of the biggest confirmations from the leak The story starts on September 12, 2021, when a Ukrainian developer called Ighor July (at least on social networks) reports having received in May of the same year a sort of "ghost list" with thousands of games that seemed destined for the Nvidia GeForce Now service. By tinkering with the backend of the streaming service, July obtains this mysterious list which is later published on Github, becoming public domain. Nvidia moves directly a couple of days later and removes the list, claiming that it is an "unauthorized" list for internal use, but in fact without denying the information, merely arguing that the list in question is "hypothetical" yes based on assumptions. In fact, many titles seem to be dictated simply by common sense: the existence of a Street Fighter 6, later actually confirmed by Capcom, does not really require a stroke of genius to be imagined, as does a Kingdom Hearts 4, although less evident, however, there were also many more suspicious elements, which suggest links to real information.

Removing those titles that seem absolutely out of place, such as those related to Nintendo Switch - Bayonetta 3, Shin Megami Tensei V and Mario + Rabbids appear on the list as expected on PC, but they look downright unlikely - there are various elements that make the list plausible.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is the most recent of the confirmations from the list For example, the presence of God of War and other Sony titles was not entirely absurd, considering that Horizon Zero Dawn was already released on PC at era of the leak, but the fact that only some titles appear in the list suggests that there was a sensible selection in the list, beyond simply importing all the games present in the catalogs of the various publishers.

Even the presence of Crysis 4, confirmed just a short time ago by Crytek herself, was not exactly predictable, considering the time passed since the last chapter and the uncertain situation of the team, but this too represented a further point in favor of the leak. So let's try to make an overview of some of the most interesting games to emerge from the list, exploring it in publisher order.

Sony and Microsoft

Fable could be Microsoft's mysterious "Project Holland" , in the Nvidia list Let's start the overview of the titles in the list from the two producers that probably arouse more curiosity, also given the size. As for Microsoft, the forecasts are much more concrete and plausible: the Xbox house has long embraced a cross-platform approach that considers Windows as part of its ecosystem, so it is clear that all Xbox Game Studios' first party games will also arrive on PC, which makes us take for good almost all the titles present in the leak. The interesting thing, however, is that the code names of the projects shown in the document seem to actually match the names used by Microsoft teams, as has also been confirmed by Windows Central and other sources. Beyond the new Avowed, Halo 5 (whose arrival on PC was however denied by 343 Industries) and the probable Gears 6, the others are still to be connected in a precise way: Project Holland seems to be Fable, also according to Jez Corden, as well as Project Typhoon appears to be Contraband, announced by Avalanche, while Project Woodstock has to do with Forza Motorsport. The other titles are all to be understood: The Initiative's game is probably Perfect Dark, Indus could be the strategy of Oxide Games and Gravity does not yet have a precise explanation.

On the Sony front, the question arises even more curious, given the recent opening of the publisher to the PC area, on which, however, we still proceed with extreme caution. God of War and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves have already been confirmed by Sony as coming, while various others are yet to be revealed, although the absence of titles like Spider-Man, Bloodborne and Last of Us suggests that Sony has no intention. to transfer the entire catalog, which makes the leak even more realistic.

Ghost of Tsushima could be coming to PC, according to the Nvidia leak. and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, all yet to be confirmed. With a view to a strategic expansion on PC, such as the one declared by Sony, it is a list that makes a certain sense, because it leaves out some games of great appeal such as The Last of Us and Spider-Man, leaving them tied exclusively to the PlayStation consoles. , but at the same time trying to conquer a new audience with titles of sure impact. With Horizon Zero Dawn already out, the arrival of the next chapter is likely, as would the launch of Gran Turismo 7 in the PC world and also of an action like Ghost of Tsushima.

Square Enix , Capcom and Bandai Namco

Kingdom Hearts IV The representation of Square Enix in the list is remarkable, with some titles later announced that have helped to cement the fame of the leak: in particular Chrono Cross Remaster, later known as Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamer Edition, and Kingdom Hearts 4 which was confirmed in recent days by the publisher. To these are added Final Fantasy 7 Remake, already known on PC, and Final Fantasy 16 which will arrive later in these parts. A new Tomb Raider has been announced by Crystal Dynamics, developed on Unreal Engine 5, although it does not seem to be the chapter that was supposed to come out for the anniversary at this point, while very interesting is the presence of a mysterious Final Fantasy 9 Remake that would certainly be welcomed by fans, as well as the possible Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster, which could instead be the still unknown Tactics Ogre Reborn whose trademark has been registered recently.

As for Capcom, the leak he went pretty safe by firing a Street Fighter 6 that seemed pretty obvious, and was in fact confirmed by the publisher just recently. A Resident Evil 4 Remake is also possible, given that - following the order seen so far - it could be the next chapter to get the modern reworking carried out on the classic games of the series. More imaginative, but still suggestive and awaiting possible confirmation, the presence of Dragon's Dogma 2 and Monster Hunter 6. Little to discuss on the Bandai Namco side, from which substantially only one game emerges clearly placed: Tekken 8, which is moreover probable since the publisher is unlikely to continue the fighting game series which has reached its seventh chapter so far.

Take Two, EA and Valve

BioShock, an image of the remastered version The short list of Take Two is one of those that received confirmation a few months after the leak, with the announcement of Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: Definitive Edition, given that a collection of the three remastered titles was present in the initial list. Even one of the other games mentioned, or a mysterious new BioShock, could be probable, given that a new chapter in the series periodically appears among the rumors and, according to several of these, it should be in development for next gen platforms. Little stuff also regarding the other colossal publisher in North America: EA was not very represented within the Nvidia leak, but those three titles that emerged still deserve to be mentioned, also because one is practically confirmed and the other quite likely. We are talking about Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2, which is in development at Respawn even if it has not yet been officially announced, and Titanfall 3, of which there is absolutely no news but which many hope really exists in the team's studios.

Even Valve has an extremely limited presence in the leak, as there is practically only one game mentioned, but that alone can be worth a lot: it would in fact be a new version of Half-Life 2, a remaster or a remake, not better identified. There is no confirmation of such a project by the company, but on the other hand this is known for the secrecy maintained on its games in development, so we cannot even rule it out a priori. Having now abandoned the hopes of seeing Half-Life 3, a reinterpretation of the second chapter could be a viable option, considering how the game continues to be significant and enjoyable even in its original state, with a technical reworking that could work well even with an effort not extreme production.

Konami, Sega, Atlus and Warner Bros

Metal Gear Solid 3 HD, an image of the game that could return The presence of the Japanese publishers and teams at the inside the list, with various more or less plausible titles that traditionally belong more to the console area and for this reason they are interesting. As for Sega, the list includes Endless Legend 2, of which there is currently no news, and Shin Megami Tensei 5, which is currently an exclusive Nintendo Switch and therefore is unlikely on PC, but it is also true that the two platforms in question are sharing the lineup more and more often, so who knows. For the rest, Judgment is possible and Total War 9 a very concrete probability, it is just a matter of waiting for the official announcement by The Creative Assembly. As for Atlus, the leak also contains traces of Catherine Full Body which could be another possible title.

Konami is present in the document only with Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 HD, two titles that currently seem quite unlikely: it is true that the company seems to want to revitalize its historical brands, but the recovery of the series in question appears difficult at the moment, especially following the divorce with Hideo Kojima. The leaks on Warner Bros. are more likely: from the American company they could arrive in the future Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall, which apart from the subtitle is a very probable game, given the success of the previous ones and the importance of the license, and Mortal Kombat 12 , another decidedly safe bet, given the high probability of a next chapter in the very long NetherRealm fighting game series. More strange but still fascinating is the Batman: Arkham Knight remaster with ray tracing applied, but it is not a hypothesis to be ruled out a priori.

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