Magic Bestiary # 01: the creatures of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Magic Bestiary # 01: the creatures of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Magic Bestiary # 01

Welcome Magic Bestiary # 01. A few days after the release of the third chapter of the Fantastic Beasts saga, let's take a look at all the creatures that we had the pleasure of seeing come out of the book Fantastic Beasts: Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling and who came to life in the cinema in the first film released in 2016 titled Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Newt Scamander arrives in New York with his faulty magical suitcase and, after mistaking it for Muggle Jacob Kowalski's, finds himself having to chase all the creatures that have freed themselves around the city. Here are the main views in the first movie.

Magic Bestiary # 01: the creatures of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Snaso Crab Occamy Purvincolo Erumpent Demiguise Winged Thunder Celestine Poison Graphorn Mooncalf


Soft and cute, the Snaso (or Niffler in original English) looks like a small platypus crossed with a mole, is attracted to gold and all that glitters. Basically it is a peaceful animal, but it can also create serious inconvenience due to its continuous search for gold and precious, as happened with Newt's little Snose who wanted to steal in a bank and then in a jewelry store. Due to this predisposition to find gold, the Snasi are used by Goblins to dig into the ground in search of treasures.

Fantastic Beasts

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Fantastic Beasts


Widespread mainly in India and the Far East, Occamy is a magical creature with the body of a snake, bipedal and feathered. These beautiful creatures are space adjusters, meaning they can get bigger and smaller in order to fill all the space around them. They are considered aggressive animals, but in reality they only attack to protect their pure silver eggs, which is why poachers prey on their nests.

The Occamys we see in Newt's suitcase actually try to peck Jacob , but they do not demonstrate a dangerous, but suspicious nature.

Fantastic Animals


The Purvincolo (or Murtlap in the original language), is an animal similar to a large rodent that has a pink body and appendages on the back similar to sea anemones . It is not a dangerous animal, but stepping on it, even unintentionally, can lead it to bite the feet of the victim. As we discover thanks to Jacob, the poison of the Purvincolo is rather unpleasant for Muggles (it can cause sweating, tremors and in the most serious cases the expulsion of flames from the anus), while for the Wizards it is almost harmless. The appendages of this animal brined and then eaten increase resistance to spells and curses, but excessive consumption can cause an annoying growth of purple hair from the ears.

The Erumpent we see in the film clearly demonstrates how this creature is not aggressive but can still be dangerous, also because the his thick skin is refractory to almost all spells. Jacob Kowalski can certainly confirm the inherent danger of this animal.

Fantastic Animals


The Demiguise is basically a peaceful animal similar to a silver-furred monkey, with big and languid blue eyes. Its shy herbivore nature makes it shy, which, when added to its ability to become invisible, makes it extremely difficult to catch. Easy to meet in the Far East therefore, it is not as easy to take. Qualities not found elsewhere are attributed to the fur of Demiguise: it is said that they are used to make the Cloaks of Invisibility.

The peaceful nature of this magical creature is evident when we see him babysitting the Occamy who escaped from the Newt's suitcase along with him and the other animals.

Fantastic Beasts

Winged Thunder

The Winged Thunder (Thunderbird in the original) is a huge bird of prey not unlike an eagle, although its golden and silver coloring and its immense size make a great difference. Its large iridescent feathers are often used by American wand makers to make the cores of some wands. Native to the Arizona desert, Winged Thunder senses danger in advance and creates real storms as it flies, causing deafening thunder with the flapping of its wings.

Freed in New York from Newt to make it fly back to its place of origin, this bird helps spread a potion to erase the memory of magical events throughout the city, in the form of raindrops.

Fantastic Beasts


Celestine (or Billywig) is a small insect native to Australia. Small and colorful in a vibrant blue, this insect is not often noticed by either Muggles or Wizards, as it flies so fast it is unnoticeable. Its wings are fixed above the head, while a sting is positioned on the other end of the body. A sting from Celestine causes dizziness and levitation, symptoms that have tempted several generations of young wizards who have tried to get stung on purpose by this little creature. Not a good idea, as too many stings can cause you to levitate for several days in a row.

Fantastic Beasts

Poison Thunder

The Swooping Evil is a creature dangerous to watch your back from. Winged animal with a triangular shape straddling a butterfly and a manta ray, it has sharp fangs thanks to which it feeds on the brain, both of animals and humans. This encephalophagous animal is covered in a spiked armor, it rests crumpled into a green and wrinkled cocoon and its venom has an effect very similar to an Obliviating Spell: it eliminates bad memories from memory. Newt, as a good Magizoologist, is able to get the most out of his Poison Terrier who comes to his aid in various ways, including that of supplying him with Obliviante poison to erase the bad memories of the New York population linked to the magical events that happened.

Fantastic Beasts


Of all those considered, the Graphorn is certainly the most aggressive creature. Native to the mountainous regions of Europe, this fantastic animal is large, purplish-gray, with a hump and two long, sharp horns. Mountain Trolls often try to tame and ride them, in fact it is not uncommon to see a Troll covered by the scars of this beast. The Graphorn we see in Newt's suitcase does not show aggression, but it is by no means to be underestimated, especially since its skin, like that of the Erumpent, is resistant to almost all spells.

Fantastic Beasts


Docile and shy, Mooncalfs have long necks, smooth gray bodies, and big round blue eyes that make them adorable. Their webbed legs are comfortable for dancing under the full moon as a preliminary to mating. Muggles call the tracks left by these creatures "crop circles".

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