Elden Ring | Where to find the 3 Keys of the Magic Stone Sword

Elden Ring | Where to find the 3 Keys of the Magic Stone Sword

If you have thoroughly explored the map of Liurnia Lacustre in Elden Ring, you will surely have noticed that there is an area called the Four Bell Towers with portals that must be activated. These teleporters open the way to some of the more advanced areas of the game and to activate them you will need a special item called the Magic Stone Sword Key. There are 3 in total and in this guide we see where to find them and where the portals lead.

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The location of the Magic Stone Sword Keys

ELDEN RING ..._ 20220228000548 Magic Stone Sword Key 1: you can find it at the top of the last bell tower inside a chest. Key of the magic stone sword 2: in the Academy of Raya Lucaria at the upper pine of the Church of the Cuckoo. Here you will find all the exact information to reach it quickly (Optional Point 3). Magic Stone Sword Key 3: East of Caelid (the region east of Sepulcris) in the town of Sellia. You will have to light the fires on the roofs of the place to make the magical seals of the city disappear. The Key is located in the central street behind one of these seals.

Where do the Quattro Campanili portals lead?

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All the photos of the complete Elden Ring guide Each portal leads to a different place, except for the Precipice of Waiting, we recommend that you face the others in the endgame phase.

Precipice of Waiting: Returning to the place at the beginning of the game is possible and you can do it thanks to this portal that will lead you to the Waiting Chapel. Even if there doesn't seem to be anything particularly interesting, you can find a corpse to continue in the secondary mission of Varré. Friable Lands: an area to be faced in the endgame phase because this portal leads to a particular secret section of Farum Azula (where a very high level is required to survive). Incessant Night Sky: A quick way to visit Nokron, the Eternal City and face one of the hidden Crucible Knights in the game.

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