Jimmy HW10 | Review

Jimmy HW10 | Review

Jimmy HW10 is the latest addition to the home appliance manufacturer, which bases its success on offering a good relationship between price and performance. HW10 not only focuses on maintaining this good economic ratio, but also adds flexibility of use by incorporating three products into a single design: a modular vacuum cleaner, a floor cleaner, sometimes even a "handheld vacuum cleaner", in short, a small appliance that you can easily handle and use it on various surfaces. Jimmy achieves this with a completely modular design, able to make all components work together, while maintaining separate circuits which directly benefit the ease of maintenance.

How it is done

Inside the package, as well as additional accessories such as different spouts for the handheld vacuum cleaner, the floor cleaner or the additional brush for carpets. There are 4 main components: the scrubber brush and vacuum cleaner, two separate elements but enclosed in the same body; the motor which also incorporates the dirt basket, the battery and the handle with the various control buttons. All components snap onto each other.

The battery is easily removable by pressing a button, a solution that also allows you to extend the autonomy of use, if you get additional batteries. The same can be said for the motor, which is in all respects the portable vacuum cleaner that can be used separately or added to the rest of the components to give power to the scrubber and add suction power to the main body.

The buttons are positioned on the handle and allow you to change modes: passing from the mop mode to the vacuum mode, carpet vacuum, maximum power or an automatic mode that works at medium power or, if necessary, switches to maximum power.

Vacuum Cleaner Mode

The collection basket of the dirt is not particularly large, in fact it can contain only 0.2 liters of solids. It depends on how you want to use it, in any case you will not be able to count on too many days of use, a situation that has its advantage: by emptying it often you will avoid the onset of bad smells. Emptying is simple since it opens at the press of a button and all the contents will end up directly in the bin you have placed it on.

Of course, if you are mainly looking for a vacuum cleaner, the disadvantage of HW10 is directly related to its weight, which is on average with a floor cleaner, but higher than a simple vacuum cleaner. The suction head, having to accommodate also the necessary to wash the floors, is quite bulky and you will have to keep the handle always inclined to be able to direct it correctly.

The suction efficiency is good, the floor remains clean after the passage, even with fairly large solids and you will not have to pass over the same area several times.

Mopping mode

Jimmy has chosen to leave the choice of water quantity to the user to be deposited on the floor, by inserting a button on the handle that activates a pump, which sprays water in front of the washing head. We do not mind as a solution, since it is a feature that allows you to dose the water where it is really needed. The clean water tank was moved directly to the washing head, after all there was no more space available in the main body. Although at a glance it may seem smaller than other more traditional solutions, it can actually contain half a liter of water, a quantity no different than competing scrubbers.

It is intelligent the separation of the three tanks: the vacuum cleaner conveys the solid waste into a tank, while the suction channel that works together with the floor cleaner conveys the dirty water into a separate tank. Although it is impossible to separate liquids and solids in a clean way, the system works quite well and avoids spending too many unpleasant minutes washing the tanks. you want to wash and how often you want to use it. There are two recurring problems in this type of device, also found on HW10: the washing brush does not reach flush with the walls, always leaving a couple of centimeters untreated; the two rear wheels, in plastic, which support the structure, leave potential halos on the surface.

These defects are very visible if you want to wash dark and reflective surfaces, such as a semi-gloss or glossy walnut parquet, or a ceramic dark glossy. On this type of surface the halos and areas that the brush does not reach will be clearly visible when illuminated by direct light. On the contrary, if you want to treat lighter or opaque surfaces, these defects will remain invisible, and the only real problem will be the edges not reached by the brush.


Autonomy battery, for a product of this kind it is difficult to evaluate. We should distinguish autonomy as a portable vacuum cleaner, as a normal vacuum cleaner, as a floor cleaner and a carpet cleaner. The simplest way not to give false hope is to indicate an autonomy of between 20 and 40 minutes, based on the power. In short, about 30 minutes of autonomy with normal use for cleaning and washing the floors of the house are guaranteed, more if you only want to use the portable vacuum cleaner.

Who should buy it?

HW10 is not ideal for those looking only for a modular vacuum cleaner or a floor cleaner, but it is an interesting purchase if you want these features together. For example, if you are not satisfied with the current vacuum cleaners you have at home, and you thought of buying a floor cleaner, perhaps with HW10 you will be able to solve two or more needs with a single, and cheaper, purchase.

To not have disappointments, however, you will have to consider some additional features related to the house you live in. If you want to clean an apartment with a maximum size of 120/150 square meters (considering that the floor area will be about half or a little more), then the autonomy will be sufficient, and you will not have to have dark and shiny wooden or ceramic floors, otherwise it will be difficult. you will be satisfied with the visual result of the floor cleaner.

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