Handheld vacuum cleaner | The best of 2022

Handheld vacuum cleaner | The best of 2022

While numerous cordless vacuums have the ability to transform into portable cleaners, buying a small handheld vacuum might make sense. This type of household appliance, in fact, is perfect for those who need a tool capable of sucking up only the crumbs or in any case everything that belongs to small and medium household cleaning, where the typical power of a vacuum cleaner is not needed.

Read also: Robot vacuum cleaner | The best of 2021 A handheld vacuum cleaner, for example, is great for those who don't want to get rid of their traditional vacuum cleaner, dedicating the right product to every kind of cleaning. Small, light and easy to handle, handheld vacuum cleaners are therefore very useful appliances in everyday life, capable of relieving fatigue when removing dust on furniture and sofas, in the interior of your car and in places where a traditional vacuum cleaner cannot reach and obviously to clean the table of crumbs.

Being less sophisticated than vacuum cleaners, the average cost of a handheld vacuum cleaner is around € 50, reaching around € 100 for the more powerful models, which are those shown in this item. If you need an excellent handheld vacuum cleaner, keep an eye on our product selection because we have made sure that those we recommend are really the best you can buy right now. The choice was made taking into account numerous factors, which we will analyze in the second part of the article. In the meantime, let's find out which are the best handheld vacuum cleaners that you can buy on the main e-commerce sites.

The best handheld vacuum cleaners

Black + Decker DVA325JP07 Black + Decker NVC215WA Rowenta AC4769 Extenso Cyclonic Electrolux ZB6106WDB Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini

Black + Decker DVA325JP07

Among the best handheld vacuum cleaners , the Black + Decker DVA325JP07 certainly stands at the top of the list, thanks to the presence of a motorized brush, effective on all soft surfaces. You can also remove dust from rigid and smooth surfaces, thanks to the crevice nozzle included in the package. Lightweight, handy and compact, with the Black + Decker DVA325JP07 it will be much easier to keep your furniture clean. The integrated scented filter will also help you relax and keep your mood high. Finally, the 500 ml tank will allow you to collect a good quantity of powder before you have to empty the container.


Black + Decker NVC215WA

With a compact design and a practical wall mount, the Black + Decker NVC215WA is an excellent alternative to its big brother and will allow you to save several tens of euros without giving up too much suction power. Even the container boasts few compromises, since the capacity is still 385 ml, enough to capture dust from any surface. The double filtering system will ensure that dirt remains trapped in the dedicated container, while the ergonomic handle will allow you to use it with ease, thanks also to the weight of only 690 grams. Several accessories are included in the package and among these we find an extendable crevice nozzle, a brush and a fixed crevice nozzle.


Rowenta AC4769 Extenso Cyclonic

Rowenta is among the best producers of this kind of appliances and, consequently, its AC4769 Extenso Cyclonic is a high performance handheld vacuum cleaner. The cyclonic system separates clean air from dust, making the suction phase very efficient. The 375ml container is average and will allow you to collect a good amount of dust before you need to empty it. Removing the captured dust will be child's play, as the filter and compartment are removed with extreme ease.


Electrolux ZB6106WDB

With an al Lithium TurboPower HP from 7.2V, Electrolux ZB6106WDB is undoubtedly a more than valid handheld vacuum cleaner. This specific model also differs from the competition for the presence of 2 comfortable front wheels, which will help you slide the appliance better on smooth surfaces, as well as protect the latter from any scratches caused by the front nozzle. Too bad the absence of accessories, otherwise it would have been the perfect handheld vacuum cleaner.


Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini

Although the manufacturer advertises it as a portable vacuum cleaner , the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini is an excellent handheld vacuum cleaner, with an autonomy of 30 minutes and washable HEPA filter. The narrow and elongated structure and the weight of only 500 grams make it probably the most compact and lightest vacuum cleaner among those selected. This design allows it to fit into the corners or between the cracks of the sofa and chairs in a perhaps even easier way than the other solutions. In short, with the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini dirt will no longer have a place to hide!


How to choose a handheld vacuum cleaner

Aesthetically, the handheld vacuum cleaner almost all look identical and this could lead to a wrong purchase if the right attention is not paid. You have to dig through the technical characteristics of the product to understand if you are facing a valid model or not, which is not always done due to the fact that you do not know what to look for. And this is where we come to your aid, giving below all the information you need to make an excellent purchase.

Suction power

The handheld vacuum cleaner, as you know, is used to vacuum up crumbs. scattered around the house and the dirt that usually remains on the table after eating, therefore the appliance must have sufficient power to vacuum all this. Potency, therefore, is the first factor to consider when purchasing this type of product. This is expressed in Volt (V), accompanied in rare cases by Wh, the unit of measurement of electrical energy, defined as the total energy supplied when an electrical power of one watt is maintained for one hour.

Depending on the number of Volts, you can get an idea of ​​the power of the handheld vacuum cleaner. Anyway, most have a 7V motor, enough to suck up a little bit of everything, but in top-of-the-range models such as the Black + Decker DVA325JP07 it exceeds 10V. In addition, manufacturers could report the power of handheld vacuum cleaners in the form of AirWatt (AW). In this case, the thresholds to be taken into consideration to have a minimum certainty that the model you are evaluating is actually valid are between 10 and 20 AW.


The accessories in a handheld vacuum cleaner play a very important role, since with them it will be much easier and faster to remove dirt in specific points or on certain surfaces. By accessories we mean the nozzles, that is those that are applied to the front of the device, where the dirt is captured and then reaches the container.

There are various types of nozzles and it is strongly recommended that these are included in the package. so that the handheld vacuum cleaner is as versatile as possible, allowing you to vacuum dirt on various surfaces and perhaps allow you to do without the vacuum cleaner. These accessories, as mentioned, are different and the ones you might find included in the price are the following:

Brush nozzle: useful for removing dust and animal hair from sofas and carpets. Although it is present in almost all models, it is still worth checking for its presence, especially if you are used to cleaning soft surfaces. Crevice nozzle: Although the structure of a handheld vacuum cleaner allows you to capture dirt everywhere, a crevice nozzle will help you reach awkward spaces even more easily. Think for example of the corners of furniture and walls or those of drawers, where you need a very narrow tip to catch the dirt between the cracks. Telescopic nozzle: perfect for vacuuming the highest points, as it allows you to increase the length of the nozzle. This, however, is rarely found included in the package, forcing you to buy it later. Nozzle with tube: similar speech applies to the aforementioned nozzle, since manufacturers hardly implement it in their solutions. Its usefulness is to reach the highest areas of the house by sucking, for example, a spider web under the ceiling, but with the advantage of attaching other vents to the end of the handheld vacuum cleaner.


Although handheld vacuum cleaners have sufficient autonomy for occasional cleaning, most will allow you to use them for about 15 minutes. However, some models, not necessarily high-end, have sufficient autonomy to clean an entire car. Greater autonomy can be useful, but it must be considered that, usually, it is the less powerful models that offer the best duration of operation. This is because it also depends a lot on the size of the battery which, in such compact appliances, cannot be generous in size.

Furthermore, since a handheld vacuum cleaner should be as comfortable as possible, we recommend not to rely too much on models they implement large batteries because, as mentioned, it could prove to be a double-edged sword. Even if you have the habit of keeping the vacuum cleaner fully charged, an indicator that indicates the status of the battery can come in handy. Charging time also varies by model; some take only 3 hours to charge, others can take up to 16 hours.


In order to avoid having to empty the dust container every time, we recommend purchasing models that have at least a 0.3 liter container. Nowadays, however, it is really difficult to come across smaller models, so the problems shouldn't exist from this point of view. Unlike autonomy, however, the larger the container, the better, since you will have the ability to vacuum even various solid waste. For your information, the largest handheld vacuum cleaners can have a container of up to half a liter.

Battery or electric handheld vacuum?

Although most modern handhelds are battery operated, who is concerned of the low autonomy of the latter could consider an electric model. However, except to solve the problem of low autonomy, an electric model does not bring noteworthy advantages. Even the suction power, in fact, is no different from a battery-powered solution, not to mention the annoyance caused by the wires. All these reasons lead us to advise against the purchase.

Handheld vacuum cleaners or handheld vacuum cleaners?

In recent years, so-called handheld vacuum cleaners have arrived on the market which, rightly, could send the buyer in confusion, since the structure is almost identical to the handheld vacuum cleaner. Portable vacuum cleaners often come in very compact forms, which negatively affect the power. The latter are good for vacuuming up small to medium sized debris, such as crumbs or coffee grounds, but have difficulty picking up finer particles such as dust and flour.

The main advantage of handheld vacuum cleaners is which are easy to store on a countertop, bathroom or other places with limited space. As mentioned, they are perfect for quickly cleaning crumbs on a coffee table, but we recommend putting them aside because the more compact size compared to a handheld vacuum does not justify the lower power.

How to store a handheld vacuum ?

There are several ways to keep a handheld vacuum in good condition. Our advice is to choose a model with a wall support, so that you can keep the device away from the floor or unwanted hands. Without a dedicated wall bracket, you can store it in a cupboard or pantry.

How long do a handheld vacuum cleaner last?

On average, a handheld vacuum cleaner lasts between 2 and 3 years, even if there are some precautions that will allow you to extend the life of the appliance. First, make sure you buy a handheld vacuum from a reputable brand. Clean the filters regularly and replace them if necessary. Empty the dust container before it is completely full so as not to cause it to become tangled. Finally, make sure it is not exposed to sudden changes in temperature, which could compromise internal components.

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