eFootball 2022 v1.0.0, we tried the full version of the former PES

eFootball 2022 v1.0.0, we tried the full version of the former PES

eFootball 2022 v1.0.0

We still do not understand the short circuit that there was with eFootball. The heir of PES, after a promising network test and a quick test a few days after launch, has arrived in digital stores in an extremely problematic version. Let's not talk from a technical point of view, despite the terrified faces of Cristiano Ronaldo have long been the emblem of this failure, but above all in terms of gameplay. That is that point that the diehards of the glorious PES continued to emphasize with pride. Konami, however, has chosen to publish a slow game, with rough animations and a deficient artificial intelligence. At that point, the other short circuit: what was supposed to be a sort of live service, with constant updates in both content and gameplay, stalled for months, leaving thousands of players in limbo.

Remote of time the Japanese developer is ready to launch the "full" version of his game. We went to London to try eFootball 2022 version 1.0.0, the game that will arrive in the digital stores of PlayStation, Xbox and PC on April 14th.

Posthumous discoveries

The new kick-off of eFootball The one organized by Konami was a sui generis event, focused only on gameplay. There were no developers to interview, still stuck in Japan due to the pandemic, and information on the launch date and the Dream Team mode we found through the post on the official blog.

Briefly said, Dream Team mode seems to be a cross between FUT and the darling Master League. In other words, not only will you have to assemble your dream team, but this will also have to be trained and shaped according to your needs. How you can change the various parameters and what incentives you will have to enhance your team with the new versions of the cards that will be published on a regular basis we do not yet know.

What Konami told us is that each card it will be unique and not simply an enhanced version of it. There will be both current players and stars of the past (we have seen for example Andrea Pirlo with the Juventus shirt) who will be created both on the basis of performances on the pitches, and on the basis of the "theme" of each season, or periods of two months during which the players will have to compete.

The technical side

The presentation of the eFootball 2022 teams From a technical point of view, the PlayStation 5 version of eFootball 2022 (the only one present at event) made a fine show of itself. Let me be clear, nothing that makes you cry for a miracle, we are still talking about a cross-platform product that also includes publication on iOS and Android, so even in its best capacity it shares an "old generation" backbone with other platforms. But this time the game runs smoothly and without any problems whatsoever, we didn't happen to find weird glitches, problematic uploads or linesmen running in the middle of the field. Even the tackles are cleaner and more precise, a detail that makes the fights more satisfying and the refereeing more consistent.

The polygonal models are well made and move satisfactorily on the pitch (in presentations they seem to limp a little bit, but it's a detail) and especially during the replays they do not exhibit grimaces of pain capable of transfiguring their face.

Ibra's Milan will be in eFootball Indeed, we have also noticed some improvements in the management of shadows and a higher level of detail, two things that make the turf and general atmosphere of the stadium much more convincing.

Being burned by the previous pre-launch presentation (we still don't understand what happened between the presented build and the published one) we want to make a necessary premise: our test took place in a controlled environment with a demo limited in content and in the options. In other words, we were only able to make local friendly matches lasting 5 minutes per time with the usual handful of licensed teams, always with good weather conditions. So we don't know what will happen by modifying these parameters or playing online.

The gameplay

The testimonials of eFootball 2022 As we said, the changes made on paper are the ones you can find on the official website. There you will discover the classic official nomenclatures, always very captivating. What interests us is to know the sensations of the pad test. The developers say they have introduced many of the new features such as partner pressing or more balanced refereeing, based on player feedback.

First of all, the experience is very different from that of FIFA 22, the current one (and only) yardstick. The pace of play is more staid, the movements are less frenetic and there is the need to seek the goal through the maneuver, not with an infinite number of dribbles. Inertia is very present and it will not be possible to make infinite changes of direction in a patch of land in a semi-automatic way. Indeed, the ability to push the ball forward after a stop (by double pressing the trigger) is one of the most useful new moves, especially to speed up the stop phase and try to set up a maneuver a little faster. Also because dribbling seems to be very complex, unless we miss something.

The ball, in fact, if played low to the ground still seems dramatically slow. Things are better on crosses and long balls, but classic ground passes are too slow. So much so that paradoxical situations are created in which on the way the ball could be caught by a teammate who in the meantime has found himself along the trajectory but does not touch it because it is "expected" for another player. Thus giving the idea that sometimes the players on the pitch are not very awake.

The impression is that we have returned to a level similar to that of PES 2019, a game that worked, of course, but in which some animation holes were evident that did not allow the players to behave in a completely coherent manner on the pitch. For example, it is often not possible to kick the ball from before, despite having given the input, there are no interceptions, the movements cannot be interrupted, or the command given is not carried out because it seems that the game has to adapt the "orders" to the animations he has available. It can also be seen from the animations of the postponement with the hands of the goalkeepers, which in some cases are really unnatural.

A game of eFootball 2022 We are however talking about a level of play and cleaning that is much higher than that of the versions of previous eFootball 2022, but this 1.0.0 is in any case and clearly a basis on which a more varied, solid and fun game system will be built (hopefully faster than what has been done so far).

L he intent of the developers seems to be to push players to have more control over their actions. From this first test, in fact, we seemed to notice how the new moves and new skills are designed to put you in front of a choice: try to do things in a hurry giving up a little precision or do things to a standard cruising speed, but with a higher degree of accuracy? In eFootball 2022, in fact, you do not always have to keep the shutter button pressed: not only will the players get tired faster, but they will also kick the ball in a "sensational" way, that is, they will try a more complex play, but which will potentially pay greater dividends. This means that it will be better to use a "normal" shot or a precision shot to score goals, while in more desperate situations you can look for a spin and hope for the technical skills of your player.

È a system that, if deepened, could have potential, especially in making clearer the differences in strength between the various players. The good ones, in fact, will know how and when to use certain shots, the more random ones will play in a ... well more casual way.

The South American teams will be in eFootball The basics, therefore, seem to be there, the problem is that , when it comes to Konami and the PES Team, it is not known how, but especially when the various improvements will be introduced. 2 years to go from PES to the disastrous eFootball, 8 months to go from the initial version to 1.0.0 are not a good calling card for a series that is gradually losing the trust of even its most avid fans, as well as its grip on licenses. most prestigious and the esports community that has formed around it.

eFootball 1.0.0, therefore, is a new beginning, but it is not yet the game that everyone was waiting for. Some more time will have to pass for that, an element that is starting to run out in order not to definitively lose the confidence of PES fans.

The 1.0.0 version of eFootball 2022 finally arrives on consoles and PCs. This is the version that Konami should have published last year, but which, for some reason, took a long time to wait. It is a good interpretation of football, with some potential, but also some shadow cones. If from a technical point of view it finally seems to be a complete product, eFootball still has everything to prove in terms of contents and the ability to evolve over time. The road is still long, time is running out, but at least now there seems to be a game at the base. Will it be enough?


Technically solid Some interesting gameplay solutions It's a good base from which to start DOUBT Slow balloon and limited gameplay We haven't tried Dream Team and online Konami will keep its promises ? Have you noticed any errors?

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