Why is eSports getting more gamers into sportsbooks?


It’s fair to say that eSports is a huge industry that’s expanded massively over recent years. While watching teams of pro players battle it out online or at real-life events might once have been fairly niche, it’s becoming more widely accepted around the world now. This meant revenue for this sector surpassed $1 billion in 2020 and many predict it will rise further in coming years.


Naturally, this sees more eSports fans around the world than when the industry first started. As you’d expect, gamers are a large proportion of this and enjoy the way the sector combines pro sports/gaming. One thing that’s started to happen recently is more gamers getting into betting at sportsbooks through following eSports.


Why is this happening?


Why is eSports helping more gamers get into sportsbooks?


One of the biggest reasons why eSports is getting more gamers into sportsbooks is sponsorship. If you take a quick look around the eSports industry, corporate sponsorship is a big money maker. While this involves companies like BMW and Red Bull, it also sees big sports betting brands back eSports teams or events financially.


This high-level sponsorship puts the sportsbooks these brands offer in front of a new gaming audience and in turn sees more gamers give the sportsbooks a try. This might be gamers who have never thought about betting before or didn’t even know you could bet on sporting events.


The second big reason for eSports getting more gamers into sportsbooks lies in how accessible betting on this sport is now. As this BetMGM sportsbook review shows, many top betting platforms online now offer eSports to wager on. This improved accessibility made it easier for gamers to find events to bet on and made them more likely to use sportsbooks.


Why else might gamers be starting to bet at sportsbooks?


To help explain why more gamers are starting to bet at sportsbooks now, it pays to take a more general view of what betting on sports online delivers. This could be for eSports events which gamers might first be drawn to, but also for betting on other sports digitally.


To begin with, betting on things like eSports is lots of fun. For gamers, it can give a similar thrill to completing a game or getting past a tough level. This is appealing to those who play games and the enjoyment sports betting can give is a big reason sportsbooks continue to attract more followers.


Online sports betting is also convenient. Due to the nature of how betting this way works, you can do it from home. This means you can integrate betting with playing games or watching an eSports event online in your bedroom, without any hassle. Mobile betting is also possible and makes it easy to bet on sports when not at home. This can come in handy if you are watching an event away from the home and suddenly fancy wagering on it.


Bonuses and greater personal connection help


Another reason why people love to bet at sportsbooks on things like eSports is the bonuses available. Pretty much all decent sportsbooks now offer special bonuses to players when they sign-up. This could be anything from odds boost tokens to free bets or a matched deposit bonus. Most sportsbooks will give existing players regular rewards for betting with them. This helps to make betting on things like eSports more appealing to gamers.


You also have to factor in the greater personal investment you have in a sporting event when you bet on it. In terms of eSports, betting on a team to win a tournament simply makes it more exciting to watch. This also helps explain why gamers are flocking to bet at sportsbooks online.


eSports have shown gamers more about betting online


When you look at the highest earning eSports players and how exciting it is to watch these events, you can see why the sector has grown to its current size. In many ways, the growth of this industry also mirrors gaming’s recent growth. Gaming as a whole has become not only more diverse in recent years, but also more integrated. You no longer have the distinct separation between video gaming and online casino gaming. Lots of gamers will enjoy both in the modern world and many won’t draw a line between watching eSports and betting on it. This has helped more gamers use sportsbooks lately and get into betting through eSports.



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