Valentine's Day 2022 Amazon: many gift ideas for him and her!

Valentine's Day 2022 Amazon: many gift ideas for him and her!

Valentine's Day 2022 Amazon


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Valentine's Day is now around the corner and, as always these days, many stores are scrambling to offer us their ideas about the Lovers' Day, with discounted items, last-minute deals and a multitude of advice for purchases, for those who just do not know what to give to their partner on the occasion of February 14th.

Among these, of course, there is no lack of Amazon which, for the occasion, has even created an entire page of its site, all focused on gift proposals for your sweetheart, with many royal ideas suitable for all pockets and all needs.

Of course, it should be specified that, as often happens for these holidays, the proposals are not always on sale, and the selection of the shop is limited to mostly ranging from ideas and suggestions, however the catalog is really a lot extended and - great news - also includes a series of advice for "side" purchases, that is, relating to those products that do not directly constitute gifts, but serve more than anything else to create atmosphere.

We are talking, therefore, not only about classic chocolates, but also about table furnishings, candles and anything else that can help create a perfect evening dedicated to lovers in the home, which, let's face it, given the times that still exist, it will be the option of all the couples in our country.

But how to orient yourself in such a vast choice? To do this we have prepared for you a list of articles recommended for purchase, valid for both him and her, which is in addition to those that we have already proposed to you in the last few days and thanks to which, instead, you will have comfortable reference points calibrated on different price ranges.

Obviously, in addition to our wide selection of gift ideas, the suggestion is also and above all to consult the main Amazon page dedicated to offers, so as not to get lost not even one of the promotions in progress in these first days of February, without forgetting to also consult the section of our portal dedicated to Valentine's Day, which you can easily reach both at these coordinates and via the banner in the center of the article.

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Bear of roses

Among the romantic ideas par excellence, the bear of roses is one of those gifts that finds its absolute meaning on Valentine's Day, acting as a splendid gift idea for anyone who wants to make their loved one feel special. Obviously do not expect real roses, this bear is in fact made with fake roses, in soft plastic, glued properly on a polystyrene shape. The final effect is of sure impact, and the fact that it is packaged in a transparent package, complete with a gift bow, only makes this bear even more cute and captivating. Approximately 25 cm tall and available in various colors, including red, blue, pink and white, this "floral" bear costs just 28 euros, which is not much for a product that is as flashy as it is pretty.


Our adventure book

You will surely know the Disney Pixar movie Up, a sweet and touching story, in which however a lot of melancholy is hidden. However, Up is also the love story between Carl, the elderly and grumpy protagonist, and his wife Ellie, who passed away a few years earlier. A romantic and sad love story, told very well in the very first minutes of the film and which has consecrated the concept of "Adventure book" in the collective imagination, that is, a colorful and fun photo album in which to keep your couple photos. After the film, many reproductions have appeared on the net, but the one we recommend is this one produced by Pootack which not only comes in a sober but pleasant gift box, but also includes many accessories such as postcards, stickers and colored pens to start immediately. fill in the album of your couple's adventure.


Necklace for couples

Whether you are a man or a woman, an accessory can always be a welcome gift, especially if you are normally willing to wear necklaces, rings or the like. If for a woman the choice is (relatively) simple, giving a jewel to a man can be particularly thorny and difficult. Valentine's Day, however, can be an excellent opportunity for a nice themed gift, combining the gift with a healthy dose of tender romance. In this sense, it is always a good idea to opt for a “couple's” jewel, that is an accessory generally sold in two matching variants, specially designed to be worn by him and her. Our proposal? This Oidea necklace with crown-shaped pendants, one black for him and one rose for her, is a stylish and fun alternative to the usual rings that can be found online. It won't be Cartiere, but trust me, it's the perfect idea for all the "king and queen" out there, all for less than € 20!


Roll keychain photographic

Here is a customizable gift idea a little different from the usual, but of sure impact for anyone who wants to surprise their partner with a small but fascinating object. In fact, we are talking about a keychain, but not a common product, because this one made by Moorcowry is in the shape of a camera roll, and can contain a minimum of 5 personalized photos, complete with small photographic text. It is a simple but really captivating gadget, with which you can give your partner the opportunity to always carry sweet memories with you. Obviously this is a made-to-order product, which requires a minimum of work before being delivered and, for this reason, we suggest you place your order as soon as possible, net of this is undoubtedly a delightful gift that, after taking the right photos, would melt anyone's heart!


Where to go when

What could be better for a couple than a nice romantic trip to one of the many memorable destinations on the planet? Probably nothing, but we often run into the problem of having to choose, among the many places, the perfect one, especially as regards costs and… climate. For couples who love to travel, therefore, we recommend purchasing this splendid book from the Lonely Planet label, which has always specialized in creating excellent guides to the various capitals of the planet (and beyond). With "Where to go when", you will have the possibility to plan your trips according to your preferences and the climate, so that your holiday is perfect regardless of the month of the year!


Customizable scratch cards

If you are looking for a fancy idea with which to accompany a more "consistent" gift, then you can't help but take a look at this delicious "scratch card" sheet , to be customized at will and to give to your loved one. Basically it is a poster in A3 format, with 24 white boxes on which you can write at will. Once the customization operation is complete, 24 gold and scratch-resistant labels can then be glued on the boxes, which will hide the phrases you have marked. An excellent and tasty gift to surprise your loved one, especially if you are armed not only with good feelings, but also with a minimum of imagination.


Aperitif set with beers

If as a couple you do not despise a "domestic" aperitif from time to time, and are looking for new ideas for a glass with friends, then this set for a beer based aperitif is definitely the right gift for both! Produced by Aperi Snack, it includes 4 artisanal beers, a selection of savory snacks chosen to best accompany the beer tasting, and a truly stylish and captivating packaging, complete with a themed placemat and coasters! A simple but tasty gift idea, available for only € 39.00.


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