Twitch blocks payments to some streamers

Twitch blocks payments to some streamers

Some streamers from Middle Eastern territories are no longer getting paid. To reveal it are the "owners" of the various accounts that have undergone this block. A decidedly paradoxical situation, since the various most important payouts have been blocked and which obviously guarantee to continue working with the platform.

The whole story emerged on Twitter, thanks to a initiative of the streamers, who have documented everything and launched a special hashtag to be able to bring everything to light. The reasons why Twitch has blocked payments? There seems to be problems (never detected before) with the tax return. “Without any kind of warning, the platform blocked Middle Eastern streamers from receiving subs and bit-related payments. The support does not help us and they talk about a discrepancy with certain tax information, ”reads a twitter launched by Ragid Hallak. “It is incorrect that the platform has barred Middle Eastern streamers from receiving payments. It's just not fair, ”another streamer said on Twitter POWR.

Without any notice, @Twitch decided to block Middle Eastern streamers from Subs / Bits payouts. Support is not helping and their reason is "discrepancy with certain tax information". This info has been used for years by streams and never faced an issue. #twitch_arab_streamers

- Ragid Hallak | رغيد حلاق (@RagidHallak) February 19, 2022

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Beyond the information coming from the streamers, Twitch technical support was unable to provide a real reason why payments were blocked. Contacted by Eurogamer, the representatives of the platform did not want to release any statement on the matter, so at least for now it will remain a real mystery.

It's unfair that twitch banned middle East streamers from receiving payment for the subscription and Bits Without any reason and without any excuse

This is unfair .. #twitch_arab_streamers

- POWR OSAMAH (@ iOSAMAA6) February 19, 2022

The news of this block follows other small indiscretions and small facts that have done nothing but increase the public's distrust of the platform: between bans, expulsion, creation of ad hoc categories and a flaw in rather serious security, surely Twitch is not having a golden moment, at least as far as public opinion is concerned. Managers will necessarily have to respond in some way to avoid further blows from the image of the platform, which has been exposed too negatively in recent years.

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