The new and expiring TV series in March 2022

The new and expiring TV series in March 2022

Here is a rundown on the new and expiring TV series in March 2022 of the main streaming platforms: Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Sky / NOW, Infinity + and TIMVision. Of note is the debut of Moon Knight, the new Marvel / Disney series, the second season of Bridgerton and The Boys Presents: Diabolical.

The new and expiring TV series in March 2022

Netflix Disney Plus Amazon Prime Video Sky / NOW Infinity +, TimVision


Impossible roommates Season 1 - March 1

Netflix news for March 2022 From Blumhouse Television, The new five-part docuseries Impossible Roommates focuses on four seemingly harmless roommates who turn into real nightmares for their unsuspecting victims, revealing bad intentions, sometimes even violent ones. These disturbing true stories document the masked threats that can lurk within the home.

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In a quiet town in Georgia, an act of gratuitous violence causes an unexpected chain of events for 30-year-old Andy Oliver and his mother Laura. Desperate to get answers, Andy sets out on a perilous journey across the United States, getting closer and closer to his family's dark and hidden heart.

There will be only 1 left: tragicomic improvisation contest Season 1 - March 8

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Queer Eye: Germany Season 1 - March 9

Queer Eye: Germany is the first international transposition of the successful reality show born in the United States. Experts Leni Bolt, David Jakobs, Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke, Aljosha Muttardi and Ayan Yuruk open the doors to a better existence for contestants over the course of five episodes, in which the Fantastic 5 encourage their "everyday heroes. ”To introduce positive changes in their lives. Among the stories presented we will see the coming out of a young football manager, a single father who gets back into the game and the path of a stressed young woman who returns to enjoy life. Really gorgeous!

Life After Death With Tyler Henry - March 11

Tyler Henry is a world-renowned clairvoyant with a waiting list of over 300,000 people. After years of being Hollywood's trusted medium, Tyler begins touring the United States to help more people on his waiting list, giving them the hope and consolation they need. This revealing and moving series offers concrete answers, demonstrating that there is much more to the world than what we see and that our loved ones do not abandon us. Over the course of the season we will witness the strength of Tyler's readings, we will get an idea of ​​what it means to have his special gifts and we will follow his personal path through a family mystery that will reveal his origins.

Team Zenko Go - March 15th

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Bad Vegan: Fame, Fraud and Fugitives - March 16

Netflix news for March 2022 From Chris Smith, executive producer of Tiger King and director of FYRE: The Most great party never happened, BAD VEGAN arrives: FAME, FRAUD AND FUGITIVES, an absurd four-part docuseries about the famous restaurateur Sarma Melngailis, who from the queen of vegan cuisine has gone down in history as "the fugitive vegan". Founder of the glittering New York club Pure Food and Wine, in 2011 Melngailis began to dent the restaurant's finances after meeting a man named Shane Fox on Twitter. Fox makes her believe he can make all of her dreams come true, from expanding her food empire to ... making her beloved pit bull immortal. In return Melngailis will have to obey him without question. A few years later the two got married, stole nearly $ 2 million from the restaurant and staff, and are on the run when the police store them in a Tennessee motel. Their downfall? A Domino's pizza for Anthony Strangis, Fox's real name. BAD VEGAN: FAME, FRAUD AND ESCAPE accompanies the audience through the events of a true story that far exceeds fiction.

Soil Season 1 - March 17

Netflix news for March 2022 Alessandro Cattelan: A Simple Question - March 18

Alessandro Cattelan: A Simple Question is the Netflix docu-show in 6 episodes. Roberto Baggio, Geppi Cucciari, Elio, Francesco Mandelli, Paolo Sorrentino and Gianluca Vialli, will be protagonists with Cattelan in the 6 episodes of the show: the great sports icons and the prestigious names of cinema, music and TV, in each episode, each dedicated to a different theme, will help Alessandro answer the apparently simple question of his daughter Nina: “Dad, how can you be happy?”. To answer this "simple question" Cattelan traveled, in Italy and abroad, comparing and sharing unique experiences with his travel companions, giving life to a story about the elements that characterize happiness for each of us. Leaving the television studio, with an original construction, Cattelan thus experiments with new languages ​​and, above all, gets involved by showing a part of himself that has never been seen before.

Human Resources Season 1 - March 18th

From the creative minds behind the popular and award-winning animated series for adults Big Mouth comes Human Resources, an even more edgy and provocative series. The spinoff reveals the secrets of the daily lives of creatures such as Hormone Monsters, Kitty Depression, Spirit of Shame and many others that accompany humans in all stages of life, from puberty to parenting to advanced age. It soon becomes clear that while the protagonists are creatures, they also show a great human side. The excellent vocal cast of the original version includes Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph and David Thewlis once again in the roles played in Big Mouth, as well as Aidy Bryant, Brandon Kyle Goodman, Keke Palmer and Randall Park among others. Human Resources is not about a typical day in the office. The series is co-created by Kelly Galuska, Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin, who are also executive producing.

Drôle - Comedians in Paris Season 1 - March 18th

Aïssatou, Nezir, Bling and Apolline come from completely different backgrounds, but they share the same dream: to break through in Paris.

Bridgerton Season 2 - March 25th

From Shondaland and creator Chris Van Dusen, Bridgerton follows the story of the eldest daughter of the powerful Bridgerton family, Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor), and her debut in the competitive London marriage market in the age of the Regency. Daphne wants to follow in her parents' footsteps and find true love, and her hopes seem well placed at first. But when her older brother begins to discard some eligible suitors, the scandal reports spread by the mysterious Lady Whistledown risk putting her in a bad light. The charming and rebellious Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page) also enters the company, a convinced bachelor and a good match who captures the attention of all the mothers of the debutantes. Daphne and the duke say they have nothing to offer, but their attraction is undeniable. Involved in a battle of cunning and sentiments, they will have to deal with the expectations of high society for their future.

Johnny Hallyday: a rock legend - March 29

Johnny Hallyday tells himself: "Johnny Hallyday: a rock legend" portrays the life and career of the French rock giant closely with archival footage and personal testimonies.

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Disney Plus

Moon Knight - March 30th

This is the synopsis of the series released by Disney Plus:

The series follows Steven Grant, a quiet employee of a souvenir shop , who is struck by memory lapses and memories from another life. Steven discovers he has a dissociative identity disorder and shares his body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven / Marc's enemies approach, the two must investigate their complex identities as they delve into a deadly mystery among the mighty gods of Egypt.

Subscribe now to Disney + for € 8.99 per month or € 89.90 per year 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 3 - March 9

The drama series 9-1 -1: Lone Star, starring Rob Lowe and Gina Torres, returns with new rescue stories. In the third season, after the events of the finale of the second, the 126 is closed and the team members split. The storyline of the first episodes tells of a massive and unexpected Arctic front that hits Austin with an ice storm, creating chaos for the whole city. Will the captain, Owen Strand and Tommy Vega not only save the city but also find a way to revive and reunite the 126?

Better Things Season 3 - March 2

Better Things Season 4 - March 30

Bob's Burgers Season 11 - March 23

Star Season 1 - 2 March

Bless This Mess Season 1 - March 2

Amazon Prime Video

The Boys Presents: Diabolical - March 4

The Boys Presents: Diabolical is the eight-episode animated anthology series set in the universe of The Boys. The Boys. The episodes - in a mini-format lasting 12-14 minutes and each featuring their own style of animation - will reveal unedited stories set in the universe of The Boys, brought to life by some of the most creative and brilliant minds in entertainment. today, including Awkwafina, Garth Ennis, Eliot Glazer and Ilana Glazer, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, Simon Racioppa, Justin Roiland and Ben Bayouth, Andy Samberg and Aisha Tyler.

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Series due March 2022 on Amazon Prime Video

Sky / Now

Infinity +, TimVision

Killing Eve Season 4 - on TimVision from February 28th

Killing Eve Preview Killing Eve 4, the final chapter of the exciting series that revived the canons of the spy-thriller, will be available in exclusive preview only on TimVision from February 28, a few hours after on air in the USA. After their last tumultuous encounter on Tower Bridge at the end of season 3, Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) try to break through their obsessive bond in this latest chapter. Eve embarks on a vindictive mission, while Villanelle tries to enter a spiritual community to free herself from her reputation.

Bates Motel - March 1st

The complete Bates Motel series is available from March 1st. Inspired by Psycho, it tells the story of Norman Bates' adolescence and the relationship with his mother Norma, entering the darkness of their personality and the bond that unites them. With Freddie Highmore (The Good Doctor, Leonardo, Spiderwick) and Vera Farmiga (The Conjuring, In the clouds).

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