Teamfight Tactics Set 6.5 Preview: Silco is coming!

Teamfight Tactics Set 6.5 Preview: Silco is coming!

Teamfight Tactics Set 6.5 Preview

League of Legends is for many the brand of wonders, a fictional universe that in the last ten years has collected one record after another, managing to remain almost constantly on the crest of the wave.

The success, however, is not to be attributed only to moba, just think of the series Arcane, released just last fall on Netflix, or Teamfight Tactics, the autobattler that since 2019, the year of its publication, has continued to transform itself, expanding its audience more and more and managing to carve out its own fixed space on entertainment channels such as Twitch and Youtube.

Its evolution, similar to League of Legends, is based on the succession of seasons, here called Sets, which represent a useful expedient to transform the game rules, change the samples in rotation and experiment a little, introducing new gameplay dynamics from time to time.

These Sets, in turn, are divided by "half seasons", which are limited to modifying only some aspects. We recently had the chance to preview Set 6.5, the mid-season transition of the current set.

Hextech's is a new trait that grants additional damage and shields to champions who make it. part. Starting with talking about the champions in rotation and the traits available, as expected there are no exaggerated changes. The Academy and Imperial traits have been replaced by Striker, Hextech, and Debonair. The former provides a simple attack bonus to participating champions. The second provides, every five seconds, a protective shield and magic damage applied to basic attacks, only to champions of this type.

Teamfight Tactics Set 6.5

Developer: Riot Games Publisher: Riot Games Availability: PC Tested Version: PC Finally, the third new trait grants bonus life and ability power to all involved champions and introduces the mechanics of the VIP. This is the chance to find a VIP champion, similar to the Chosen One last year, and this gets a bonus ability when the trait is active. For example, Talon deals pure damage or Leona gains bonus life regeneration. Of course, you can only have one VIP champion.

The change to the relationship between Vi and Jinx is also interesting. In Set 6 they got the Sisters trait when both were on the board, which boosted both of them. This has now been replaced by the Rivals trait, which grants two champions a bonus only when one of them is on the field. In short, parallel to the development of their bond in Arcane, the change of the trait reflects their evolution. We were very happy to see the Mercenaries present again, which although they represent a very risky and particularly luck-related style of play, they are certainly one of the most fun traits to play, which at least breaks the monotony a bit.

The mechanics of the VIP are also introduced with the Debonair, ie a champion with additional capabilities. As for the available samples, there have been major replacements, such as the removal of Yone, Urgot, Akali or Janna and the subsequent introduction of Kha'Zix, Corki, Jarvan IV or Irelia, just to name a few. But what everyone was waiting for is the arrival of the new champions costing five coins, which are two: Zeri, with the sniper traits and Debonair, and Silco, the charismatic villain of Arcane, characterized by the Scholar traits and the only Mastermind one.

Unfortunately, due to some problems with organizing the preview event, we weren't able to explore the new samples as much as we would have liked. Fortunately, with the imminent arrival of these new features, and the even closer addition of them to the PBE, we won't have to wait too long to play them a little longer.

On the object front, the only worthy change of note is the introduction of the Edge of Night, which replaces the Guardian Angel. This new item allows the champion wearing it to become invisible, unassailable, and lose all penalties when health drops below half, and subsequently gain a 30% attack speed bonus as soon as you start fighting again.

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In addition to Silco, a second cost 5 champion will also be introduced, namely Zeri, a new entry in the League of Legends roster. One last rather interesting change, especially from a balance point of view, concerns the upgrades this time. The peculiar dynamics of this Set provides that, during the games, each player can get to select a total of three Hextech upgrades, or three changes that in one way or another improve the performance of our units, the quality of the board or grant special skills.

With this update, several have been removed and eighty new ones have been added. Among the most unusual ones have stood out Future Sight, which communicates to the player who the next opponent is, excellent for being able to organize your battlefield in the best way, especially in the early stages, or Tiny Titans, which takes care of our mini champion by thirty-five points and increases its maximum life to one hundred and thirty-five.

Although normally these intermediate Sets do not particularly alter the game dynamics, at least not like the Sets with the whole number, this time we find several interesting changes on the plate, in addition to the much appreciated introduction of Silco with the consequent modification to Vi and Jinx, demonstrating once again how there is a connection between all the productions linked to the Riot Games imagery. We just have to wait a little longer to be able to jump into the action.

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