Sifu: Most players fail the second boss

Sifu: Most players fail the second boss


Sifu has been out for a short time and therefore it is too early to make reliable evaluations on the parameters of use, but according to what emerged based on the trophies unlocked it seems that most of the players are unable to overcome the second boss.

Obviously the figure is influenced by the fact that the game only came out this week and it takes more time simply to be able to complete it, but the percentage of achievement of the various trophies of Sifu is interesting to understand the challenge rate represented by the game. and it could also explain the Sloclap team's willingness to introduce new difficulty levels with upcoming updates.

While the prologue is completed by 97% of the players (also because it doesn't allow you to actually die), the first boss was beaten by 80% of players so far. Not a bad result but one that makes even more evident the drop in performance of most of the users from then on.

The trophy linked to the defeat of the second boss is currently still considered "rare" as it has been conquered only by 27% of players. The subsequent levels obviously continue and accentuate this trend, with percentages that go down to the single digit for the following bosses:

Conclude the Prologue - common, 97% Defeat the first boss - common, 80% Defeat the second boss - rare, 27% Defeat the third boss - very rare, 11% Defeat the fourth boss - very rare, 7% Defeat the fifth boss - ultra rare, 3%

Among the rare trophies there are others as well, among which obviously Platinum which at the moment has only been achieved by 0.3% of players:

Platinum Trophy - Ultra Rare, 0.3% Finish the game at age 50 or less - Ultra Rare, 1% Finish the game at age 25 or less - Ultra Rare, 0.6%

According to the particular rogue-lite-style mechanics of the game, a lower age at the end of the game means that fewer KOs have been suffered during the run, so trophies related to the lower age are very rare. On the other hand, the difficulty rate is one of the elements that emerge with greater importance in Sifu and it is also responsible for a mixed evaluation of the game, between those who liked it very much and those much less. According to our review of Sifu, Aligi Comandini seems to have appreciated it very much.

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Sifu may be getting difficulty modes after all

The team will 'announce something to that end pretty soon'.

Sloclap has committed to improving the accessibility of its new fighting game, Sifu.

Talking to accessibility advocate and blind gamer Steve Saylor on a recent Twitch Gaming stream, Sloclap co-founder Pierre Tarno said that Sifu will be getting accessibility updates post-launch, including improved captioning, a high contrast mode for PS4/5 as well as PC, and difficulty modes (thanks, Can I Play That?).

The commitment to introducing difficulty modes is an interesting one, and contradicts the studio's previous claims that instead of easier modes, the team wanted the game 'to challenge players and encourage them to learn'.

'We want Sifu to challenge players and to encourage them to learn, improve and adapt,' Tarno said back in November. 'The ability to rise up from death will help new players by allowing them to fail and try again multiple times when they face difficulty. But the price of mistakes will rapidly increase, and in order to fully complete the game they will have to master the combat system.'

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Although Tarno stopped short of detailing when the accessibility features will be implemented, they said the team is 'considering and planning for' difficulty modes, and will 'announce something to that end pretty soon'.

Some players are responding to the news exactly as you may well expect. 'Easy mode shouldn't have a Platinum trophy route IMO. Get Gud', insisted one Twitterer said in response to Saylor's tweet, whilst another opined: 'Having an easy mode defeats the idea of learning and adapting, I hope they rethink this, and keep the difficulty intact'.

'Sifu is a brilliant, eccentric fighting game,' Eurogamer's Edwin said in his Recommended Sifu review. 'It expects close attention and patience, and rewards you with scuffles of incredible intensity.

'Its campaign structure is bizarre but engaging, coaxing you to replay levels not just for additional moves or to shed a few decades, but to enjoy what you've painstakingly committed to muscle memory.'

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