PS Plus: An error may have unveiled one of the March games

PS Plus: An error may have unveiled one of the March games

PS Plus

In just a few days, Sony is expected to unveil the next wave of games reserved for PS Plus subscribers. However, one of the new titles may have already been unveiled by the PlayStation Store, which has added the service icon of the Japanese giant next to the digital cover of the game, well in advance of the alleged scheduled times.

As reported by Techradar, in fact, several users who have purchased Sifu for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 have noticed the PS Plus icon right next to the cover. This is obviously the same symbol that is found next to the games distributed for free through the Sony service, such as Dirt 5 and it is actually a bit strange to see this kind of icon on a title that has just been released and which, among other things, has had a huge success, with over 500,000 players who have decided to buy Sloclap's latest title.

if (jQuery ("# ​​crm_srl-th_gamedivision_d_mh2_1"). is (": visible")) {console.log ("Edinet ADV adding zone: tag crm_srl-th_gamedivision_d_mh2_1 slot id: th_gamedivision_d_mh2"); } There are a couple of reasons why Sifu could join Sony's subscription service. The first obviously concerns the life cycle of the game, which may already have run out as an independent title. The second, however, could be Sony's answer to Xbox Game Pass: it is not excluded that the Japanese giant has in mind to distribute some exclusives for free not on day one, but after a few weeks. Finally, of course, we cannot also rule out the error: the PlayStation Store has often shown errors of this kind, including the inclusion of PlayStation 3 games which has fueled rumors of alleged backwards compatibility in the past.

We invite you to take (as always in these cases) this news with a grain of salt. Whether Sifu is really going to be one of the next PS Plus games on the home straight in March we will know over the next few days, probably around the end of the month. Keep following for all the news and announcements coming from the world of video games.

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PlayStation Plus Making One of the Most Popular Games Ever Free Next Month

PlayStation Plus subscribers are being treated to one of the most popular games of all time next month. Sony has yet to reveal March's free PS Plus games. Unfortunately, PS4 and PS5 players are going to have to wait until the end of the month to find out what March is packing. After an underwhelming February, PS Plus subscribers will be hopeful for a bounce back. That said, in the meantime, there's one game that PlayStation Plus subscribers will be getting for the third month of 2022, and it's one of the most played games of all time. 

Take-Two Interactive and its subsidiary Rockstar Games recently confirmed that GTA 5 is coming to PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X on March 15. This means GTA Online is also coming to these platforms on March 15. And when GTA Online arrives on PS5, it will be made free to PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS5 for three months. Unfortunately, the PS5 version of GTA 5 is not included in this deal. So, if you want to play the single-player campaign of Grand Theft Auto V, you will need to buy it, but if you just want to play the online component of Grand Theft Auto V on PS5, you can do it for 'free' via PlayStation Plus. 

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear if this will be additive to the normal PlayStation Plus lineup. In other words, it's unclear if subscribers should expect to get an additional PS5 game in March or if the PS5 version of GTA Online will be March's PS5 offer. It will probably be the former, but this hasn't been confirmed. That said, and as always, we will keep you updated as more information is provided. Chances are though PS Plus subscribers will need to wait until the full lineup reveal later this month for this clarification.

PlayStation Plus is available on PS4 and PS5 at various rates, with its cheapest rate being $60 for a 12-month subscription. For more coverage on the subscription service and all things PlayStation -- including not just the latest official news, but all of the latest unofficial rumors, leaks, and speculation, click here.

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