Pokémon Arceus legends: how to catch Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus

Pokémon Arceus legends: how to catch Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus

Pokémon Arceus legends

In this Arceus Pokémon Legends guide we will explain where to find and how to catch Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus and a new legendary from Hisui, thus completing Optional Request 94, "The Gods of Hisui".

The endgame of Hisui Pokémon Legends Arceus allows you to add to your collection a large number of Legendary and mysterious Pokémon and among these there are also the "Forces of Nature", or the Unova trio formed by Tornadus, Thundurs and Landorus. In addition, in Pokémon Arceus Legends the formation of legendary geniuses is enriched by a new member, which we do not mention at the beginning so as not to spoil the surprise. If you don't want any spoilers, therefore, we advise against reading beyond the paragraph dedicated to the capture of Thundurus.

The gods of Hisui, how to unlock and complete Request 94

Arceus Pokémon legends, Thundurus, Landorus and Tornadus, the three gods You can only capture Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus after starting Request 94, "The gods of Hisui". You will unlock this optional assignment once main mission 25 is completed, therefore in the heart of the Arceus Pokémon Legends endgame. If you have met this requirement, go to the Team Galaxy headquarters in the Jubilation Village to start the quest.

Noesis will ask you to capture and complete the Pokédex pages of the three Pokémon known as "gods", namely Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus, offering you clues as to where to meet them. The first appears in the White Ice, Thundurus in the Overseas Coast and finally Landorus in the Obsidian Valley.

The precise location of the three legendary geniuses, however, is not marked on the map and in some cases certain weather conditions are required to meet them. As we will explain later, capturing the trio will be much more difficult than the other Legendary Pokémon you have faced so far, but it is by no means an impossible task, especially if you follow these tips:

Disable the automatic save and manually save the game before facing each of the three gods. This will speed things up in the unfortunate event you have to knock them out. without capturing them. Stock up on Palle Orbe, at least forty. This throwing tool creates a smokescreen and makes it tremendously easy to capture Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. You can create them using a Smoky Potato and a Felcetonda, or buy them from the shopkeeper Choi for the price of 400 Pokédollars each. All the gods are level 70, so assemble a team with Pokémon of about the same level. Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus, they beat like blacksmiths, but at the same time they are not very resistant. Bring a Pokémon with Ice moves with you and you'll have an easy time, as all three are weak to this type, but be careful not to KO them. Bring one or more Pokémon with moves capable of inflicting sleep or paralysis, such as Hypnosis, Thunder Wave, Paralyzing, Sleeping Pill and so on, in order to significantly increase the chances of capture. Oh and of course don't forget to stock up on Ultra Balls.

How to catch Landorus in Pokémon Legends Arceus

Pokémon Legends Arceus, Landorus. As for the other gods, using the Orbe Balls will be child's play Landorus is undoubtedly the easiest Pokémon to catch of the three gods, as it does not require particular weather conditions. Also in the place where it appears there are several areas of grass to hide and a few hostile Pokémon. In short, an excellent tutorial, before facing the other two legendary geniuses, much more difficult to catch.

Landours appears in the Obsidian Valley and more specifically in the Rosa Rugosa Island, which is located in the southern part of the map. The Pokémon does not remain stationary in a single point, but wanders all over the island.

As with other legendaries you have faced previously, even in the case of the three gods it will not be possible to capture them or engage them in a fight with your Pokémon if you don't first stun them by getting rid of their barrier, represented by a whirlwind that surrounds them. To do this, just throw a Pokéball with your Pokémon or a throwing tool in it, such as balls of mud, snow and so on. To stun them it will be necessary to break their shield three times.

Landorus, like his fellows, has very sensitive sight and hearing. If he sees you he will start to escape moving in a zigzag and if you try to get close he will attack you with insidious and lethal whirlwinds. It only takes a few hits to knock you out. and send you back to base camp, so be careful and be ready to dodge. In all this you will not be inside an arena or a limited area, which means that in the worst case you will have to chase it for several minutes, having to dodge its attacks and those of the other Pokémon in the area in the meantime. In this regard, if you are unlucky you may be forced to face Landorus in battle together with one or more wild monsters, therefore outnumbered. Particularly in the Rosa Rugosa Island you will have to pay particular attention to the Infernape alpha that roams in the central area.

In short, capturing the gods is not a walk at all, but it is not an impossible task either, especially if You will take advantage of the stealth mechanics of Arceus Pokémon Legends and the Orb Balls that we suggested you bring with you earlier.

First, get rid of or capture the Infernape alpha that is in the area so that it won't disturb you while you try to capture Landorus. Fortunately, all the other Pokémon in the area are not very aggressive and therefore shouldn't give you any major problems.

Now that you have free rein, you are ready to face Landorus. Take advantage of the areas with tall grass to hide from its view as you approach and if this is not possible throw the Orb Balls in front of you as you advance, thus creating a path made of smoke. In this way, the Pokémon will not be able to see you and will remain completely motionless, giving you all the time you need to approach, take aim, and calmly clear its barrier. Once this is done, Landorus will go on a rampage, reset the barrier, and walk away from you again. You will therefore have to repeat this process two more times.

Once the barrier is broken for the third time, the Pokémon will be stunned for a few seconds. At this point you have two options: attempt a direct capture, possibly throwing an Ultra Ball behind him (thus increasing the chances of capture), or field your Pokémon to start the fight. As tempting as the idea of ​​capturing the genius without even facing him in battle is, we highly recommend the latter option. In fact, the chances of capture are not very high and if it fails Landorus will restore his barrier and you will have to repeat the whole process from scratch.

As mentioned above, the trio of the "Forces of Nature" "is weak to the Ice element (particularly Landorus, as he takes four times the damage from the dual Flying / Ground type). Keep in mind that they are Pokémon with high offensive parameters, but they don't have great stamina, so don't push your hand too hard if you don't want to risk zeroing their HP. We again suggest that you inflict sleep or paralysis status to significantly increase the chances of capture.

In the unfortunate event that you knock out the Pokémon, do not worry, just leave the area and re-enter to make it reappear. Or, more simply, reload the save, if you followed our advice to manually save the game before the fight.

How to catch Tornadus in Arceus Pokémon Legends

Arceus Pokémon Legends Tornadus To catch Tornadus in Pokémon Arceus Legends you will have to head to the White Ice. Unlike Landorus, the Pokémon Whirlwind will appear only and exclusively during a blizzard, not to be confused with simple snowfall. To quickly change the weather in the area, simply rest at the Snow Base until a full blown snowstorm arrives.

Having fulfilled this requirement, you will find Tornadus in the Polar Expanse, just north of the aforementioned encampment. To catch the Pokèmon the same advice as in the previous section applies. However, compared to Landorus, things now get more complicated. First of all, you will not have any grass areas to hide in, so it becomes of fundamental importance to take advantage of the Orbe Balls. Additionally, Tornadus roams an area full of Glalie, complete with alpha specimens, and other aggressive Pokémon that attack the player on sight, sometimes even while in the blanket of a Orb Ball. So the advice is to clean up as quickly as possible the hassle nearby (especially the Glalie alfa) before focusing on Tornadus.

As for the other gods, once the barrier is broken three times the Pokémon will remain stunned for a few seconds and therefore you can try to capture it directly or engage it in battle. Tornadus has the Flying monotype, so even in this case you can get by with Ice moves, as well as Electric ones.

How to catch Thundurus in Pokémon Arceus Legends

Pokémon Legends Arceus, Thundurus To catch Thundurus in Pokémon Arceus Legends you have to head to the Overseas Coast. The Legendary Electric / Flying-type genius will only appear during a storm (on the map represented by a cloud with thunder), so rest at the Coast Base until such weather conditions arise.

Thundurus is at sea , north of the Hand of Sand, shortly after the two gigantic rock spikes emerging from the water. Among the three gods, it is undoubtedly the most difficult to catch. Finding yourself in the water, in fact, you will have to move in the saddle of Basculegion and therefore you will not be able to perform the classic dodges with the Y key. due to the poor visibility caused by the storm. Given the premises, this time we advise you not to waste time cleaning up the area from threats (too large the area to cover and too many Pokémon), but rather to rely exclusively on Orb Balls. If you have followed our advice before, you will have mastered the art of concealment with smoke bombs by now.

As with the other legendary geniuses, once you break Thundurus' barrier three times, you can face it in battle or attempting direct capture. Given the double Electric / Flying type, the Pokémon is particularly susceptible to Ice and Rock moves, take advantage of it to get the better of it, but avoid KO Thundurus

Once you have captured Landorus, Tornadus and Thundurus, to advance in the Request 94 need to raise their Pokédex research level to 10. To do this, just go to the Obsidian Valley and use the unique moves of the trio of legendary geniuses with powerful and rapid technique against the poor Bidoof and Starly who roam the initial area. It will take a maximum of 5 minutes.

Once this step is complete, go to the Far Abode and talk to Neosis who, surprisingly, will ask you to catch a fourth brand new Legendary Pokémon.

How to catch Enamorus in Legends Pokémon Arceus

Enamorus, the new Legendary Pokémon from Pokémon Arceus Noesis will ask you to capture Enamorus, the fourth member of the Forces of Nature who represents spring and a brand new legendary introduced in Pokémon Arceus Legends.

To catch Enamorus in Arceus Pokémon Legends you will need to go to the Vermilion Marsh, specifically in the Purple Swamp area. In this case, fortunately, there are no specific weather requirements to respect.

As usual, the area where Enamorus roams is teeming with aggressive Pokémon that could annoy you during the hunt, while the swampy areas will slow down the movements of the your character. That said, the modus operandi for capturing the god of spring remains the same and by now you will have become an expert with Orbe Balls. So, as usual, advance by hiding in the smoke bombs and break the Pokémon's wind barrier three times to be able to engage it in battle or try your luck with a direct capture.

Enamorus has the double Fairy / Flying type, so beyond to attacks Ice is also weak to those of Steel, Electric, Rock and Poison, use these weaknesses to your advantage.

Once you have captured the last legendary genius as well, all you have to do is add Enemorus to your team and have him perform his exclusive move and quick / powerful techniques to bring his research level to 10. Once this is done, return to Noesis to complete request 94 of Pokémon Arceus Legends. As a reward you will receive 4 Experience Candies L and a special item, the Mirror Mirror.

You can activate the Mirror Mirror from the Purse menu, from the Basic Tools section. Using it on Thundurus, Tornadus, Landorous and Enamorus you can change their basic form (called "Incarnation Form") into the original one (called "Totem Form") and vice versa. Apart from the appearance, this change does not lead to any advantage / disadvantage in terms of stats, moves or anything else, so feel free to choose the shape that you like best aesthetically.

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