New gaming monitors with glossy display for more vivid colors are coming

New gaming monitors with glossy display for more vivid colors are coming

Currently, most monitors designed for gaming have an anti-glare treatment designed to minimize any visual discomfort for gamers. However, it seems that users are also clamoring for the ability to purchase a glossy panel which, while it can lead to potential reflections, generally allows for more garish colors and deeper blacks. To meet these needs, Eve has announced, through an article on her blog, two new monitors of the Spectrum line: one 4K at 144Hz and the other QHD at 280Hz.

Photo Credit: Eve Switching from the production of matte to glossy panels is not easy. Eve asked LG Display to "recalibrate its fully automated LCD assembly line and change the certification process, as well as tune color adjustment and conduct durability tests." These changes, however, come at a cost that is hardly justifiable for low-end products.

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Photo Credit: Eve TFTCentral colleagues carried out some preliminary tests on a first sample of the 27 ″ Spectrum 4K and stated:

The clarity of text and sharpness of the original 4K Spectrum were already very good, being a 27 ″ 4K model with a high pixel density. But side by side it could be seen that the glossy edition offered an improvement to the sharpness of the text. We measured the same color space on both screens, and apart from a few small differences in setting (the glossy version we tested still had to go through a factory calibration process), the data shows that the two screens behave the same way. . However, the glossy coating makes the colors appear a little more vivid, and they stand out more, which improves the user experience.

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