Marvel relaunches Savage Avengers

Marvel relaunches Savage Avengers

Marvel announces the relaunch of Savage Avengers under The All New, All Different umbrella. An aegis that will not fail to send some shivers down the spine of Marvel readers by reminding them of the period in which the publishing house was led by Alex Alonso, one of the least loved editor-in-chiefs of the House of Ideas.

Marvel relaunches Savage Avengers

Marvel relaunches Savage Avengers, details

After closing the previous series that lasted 28 issues and marked the unusual team-up between a group of heroes (and Marvel anti-heroes) with Conan The Barbarian, Marvel has decided to relaunch Savage Avengers with a new lineup and a new creative team. Leading the series, which kicks off next May in the United States, will be newcomer David Pepose in his first Marvel assignment while the pencils will be by Carlos Magno.

The new line-up also underlines the change of pace of the series, the new Savage Avengers in fact will be Conan, Daredevil, Anti-Venom, Black Knight, Cloak and Dagger, Weapon H (Hulkverine).

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Ever since he was exiled from the Hyborian age in the Marvel Universe, Conan has defeated all the most formidable enemies that stood before him. But what if the mighty Cimmerian were faced with Deathlok, the unstoppable cyber soldier from the future? With insufficient firepower and cornered, Conan will join a group of loners, assassins and reluctant heroes in hopes of survival. Will the new Savage Avengers be able to defeat Deathlok or will they end up in his lethal sights?

Pepose said:

Not only do I get the chance to write Conan, one of the most important sword and sorcery characters of all time, but I get the chance to put together an incredibly rich team of personality and potential. I can't wait for you to read and see the sparks that will spark at the first battle between Conan and Deathlok. Get ready because it will be a battle between barbarians and cyborgs and only the wildest will survive.

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