Kirby and the Lost Land: the Bocchromorph revolution through memes

Kirby and the Lost Land: the Bocchromorph revolution through memes

Kirby and the Lost Land

Kirby and the Lost Land will not be the usual Kirby. HAL Laboratory's little pink vacuum cleaner is as cute as ever, of course, but this new adventure for the Nintendo Switch will bring a breath of fresh air to the series.

The reason is obvious: bowel morph. A mechanic that takes up the traditional voracity of Kirby and declines it in a context that closely resembles what we have seen in Super Mario Odyssey. Novello Cappy, in fact, our hero can now devour not only enemies, but also objects of higher dimensions, thus acquiring abilities never seen before. To be used in a way that can change our approach to gameplay like no other power. In addition, it has stimulated the imagination of the fans, who have already created some really extraordinary mash-ups.

Follow us as we tell you why the mouth morph and all the news shown in the latest Nintendo Direct can represent a revolution for the series. . And if you already know, stay with us anyway, because below you will find some of the craziest fanarts created in recent days.

Bocchromorph: the revolution passes from the diet

Kirby and the lost land, the bowel morph Let's start by explaining what this "bowel morph" is. Boccomorph is a new feature in Kirby and the Lost Land, which allows the protagonist to devour, and absorb, objects. In fact, until now we had seen him use his prodigious stomach only to absorb the powers of his enemies; with mouth morph, Kirby will be able to eat cars, vending machines, cones and much more. All while gaining new skills.

If Kirby absorbs a car, he gains the Morfoauto power: it expands like a tarp and can scurry around the stage, running over enemies and moving faster. The Morph Dispenser is a combat ability, which allows a square and clumsy Kirby like a dispenser to shoot cans; by absorbing a signal cone, he obtains the morphocone and can use its tip to break pipes and exploit the geyser. The Load Morpho stretches Kirby out of all proportion; the Morfoanello shapes his body so that he can channel the air and blow it to push something; the Morfoarco allows him to fly; the Morfolampadina allows you to illuminate the dark stages, while the Morfopalloncino makes it become a sort of Super Liquidator. And we're sure the list won't end there. All these skills will be useful not only to speed up or modify the approach to the single level, but also to overcome real environmental puzzles, perhaps to reach collectibles and secret areas.

This new mechanic then goes alongside at the Waddle Dee Armory. Here we will be able to spend some resources to evolve Kirby's characteristic powers into more powerful versions, which also change its appearance. For example Lama transforms into Lama chakram, who fires two blades instead of one; Fire becomes Volcano Fire, with greater range and offensive power, and so on. Certain powers have even more than one evolutionary form and some seem truly devastating.


Kirby and the Lost Land Thanks to all these new features, our hero will be able to save all the Waddles Kidnapped goddesses and to restore peace to this mysterious new world? We will find out on March 25, the release date of Kirby and the lost land on Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, the mouth morph is already a success on social media. Fans have in fact created a series of crazy castings, some truly exceptional and curious.

Some have created a dedicated animation: User Mulamanca has merged it with a star and other trinkets. : A Brazilian user imagined the morfoauto with the most common vans in his country: Someone rewrote the conspiracy theories on terrapiattismo in key ... Kirbypiattista: Haltman even merged it with the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: Someone has come to imagine Kirby eating Mc Donald's. Whole: Missypie created a series of London themed mouth morphs: Aldafera noticed the similarity to Jerry's (Tom and Jerry's) ability to eat whole slices of cheese:

Kirby and the lost land Finally, the studio behind the creation of Tetris Effect, Enhance has created the morphotetramino:

And you, which creation did you like the most? Please let us know in the comments below.

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