Jon Watts (Spider-Man: No Way Home) could direct a Star Wars series

Jon Watts (Spider-Man: No Way Home) could direct a Star Wars series

Jon Watts (Spider-Man

Following the staggering success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, director Jon Watts may now direct a Star Wars series. After starting its serial dimension with The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian, the universe of the distant galaxy continues to expand on the level of seriality, which will soon be enriched by the adventures of Obi-Wan Kenobi. In future plans for this continued expansion, then, Jon Watts could direct a Star Wars series.

After Spider-Man: No Way Home, Jon Watts could direct a Star Wars series

At the moment there is no confirmation on this intriguing possibility, but what is evident is how the name of Jon Watts is particularly appreciated within the Disney circles. To value the work of the director is above all Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios and the mastermind behind the Marvel Cineamtic Universe, who valued the excellent work done by Watts with his Spider-Man trilogy:

“What honors me about working at Marvel Studios is to be able to watch storytellers, whether they're actors or directors, writers or other creative producers, grow, change and evolve over the years, and Jon Watts is a perfect example of that. He had made a great film, Cop Car, focused on the characters that brought him to our attention, for Homecoming and seeing him now grow from Homecoming to Far From Home and finally now with No Way Home, which to date is the most ambitious film ever. filmed on Spider-Man, seeing how he went from being an excited rookie to an enthusiastic expert is thrilling. He now manages to handle those incredible action scenes with an expertise that other directors are watching and hoping to learn. "

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Spider-Man Director Jon Watts Reportedly in Talks to Helm New Star Wars Series

Spider-Man: No Way Home helmer Jon Watts is rumored to be in talks to direct at least one episode of a new mystery Star Wars series for Disney Plus.

According to a report from Discussing Film, Watts has been invited to sit in the director's chair for at least one episode of the upcoming Star Wars series that is apparently operating under the working title of 'Grammar Rodeo.' Watts' involvement in the project is said to be dependent on his busy schedule, given that he's also helming Marvel's Fantastic Four.

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Jon Favreau is reportedly attached to executive produce following his most recent stint as a writer and executive producer on both The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. It is currently unknown who will be writing this new series but more details are expected to emerge as it nears production, with cameras currently scheduled to start rolling this summer.

Cinelinx first reported on the series, describing it as a 'Stranger Things in space' with a story that focuses on a 'younger generation of heroes' during the High Republic era. The Acolyte, another upcoming Disney+ Star Wars series, will be set during the final days of this same period, in connection with the publishing initiative launched by Disney and Lucasfilm in 2020.

The Acolyte is currently in pre-production with Russian Doll writer Leslye Headland overseeing the series, and Amandla Stenberg eyed for the lead role. Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy previously teased the story, saying it will 'take us into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emergent dark side powers,' 200 years before the events of the Star Wars prequels.

As the galaxy far, far away expands, the star-studded roster of talent working to tell these tales grows along with it. Watts could be the next high-profile name to secure a slot on a Star Wars project, though he does have a busy time ahead with Final Destination 6 coming up, and an untitled thriller for Apple TV+ starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt also in the mix.

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