Herbert Diess on Reddit talks about Volkswagen's future

Herbert Diess on Reddit talks about Volkswagen's future

Do you know the AMAs? The acronym stands for 'Ask Me Anything', and refers to a sort of public interview that more or less famous people can decide to organize online, on platforms such as Reddit: in the past few hours, an AMA took place on Reddit. starring Herbert Diess, the CEO of the Volkswagen Group, who made himself available to answer users' questions, especially by answering questions about the electric cars that will arrive in the near future.

One of the most interesting topics of discussion among those facing is certainly that of the "entry level" electric car that Volkswagen would be working on: according to Diess's words, the project has already started and the declared intent is to be able to fix the price around 20,000 euros, while offering a respectable range - we are talking about 300 miles, equal to 480 km. The CEO of the Volkswagen Group focused on the topic, underlining that the biggest challenge is to keep the price low, due to the high cost of batteries.

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Given the importance of this AMA, there were really a lot of questions: among the topics discussed, we talked about ID. Space Vizzion, the electric sedan already spotted some time ago disguised as the new ID. Buzz now almost ready for the market, and a possible convertible version of the ID.3. Precisely in this regard, Diess commented by saying: "we are working on a new idea", without going into too specific.

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Speaking of the most upcoming news, Herbert Diess underlined the latest OTA software update released on the ID.3 and ID.4 models, which allows to increase the charging power and has activated - at least on the models with 77 kWh battery - the bidirectional charging function, so that the car can supply electricity to your home system.

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