Fortnite: patch 19.30 available, news and changes between gyroscope, startup and more

Fortnite: patch 19.30 available, news and changes between gyroscope, startup and more


Epic Games has announced that it has concluded the maintenance period foreseen for the application of the update v19.30 of Fortnite, which is now available for all players and brings with it some interesting news and changes.

How to reported by the development team, these changes concern the battle royale mode of the famous game, introducing in particular the gyroscopic controls and other innovations that aim to improve the gaming experience, also meeting some requests from the huge community of players committed to Fortnite.

In collaboration with Julian "Jibb" Smart, an input specialist and creator of the "flick stick", the rapid movement of the lever, Epic Games has announced that it has added optional gyro controls to Fortnite on platforms that support the gyroscope, expanding its support in addition to Nintendo Switch and Android also on PS4, PS5 and PC and also introducing the flick stick.

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With gyro controls, you will be able to control the camera by turning the controller. Enable or disable the gyro controls on Fortnite in the "Touch and Motion" tab of the settings. Gyro controls can offer greater accuracy than standard aiming with the stick, but they don't have to replace it completely. (With the flick stick, for example, moving the right stick in a certain direction quickly moves the camera in that direction.)

With version 19.30, Epic Games also removed the initial game screen (which appeared on PlayStation, Xbox and PC) which allowed you to initially choose the game mode between Save the World, Battle Royale or Creative. With the patch you now start directly from the lobby, from which you can join the game group directly.

With this change, the Creative and Save the World modes are now located within the "Discover" screen, to which can be accessed by clicking the "CHANGE" button above "PLAY!" This change clearly reflects the desire to give even more prominence and centrality to the Battle Royale mode, which has now become the main focus of Fortnite.

Finally, among the changes and corrections made, we note the removal of the armored walls from the loot of supply drops in competitive playlists, the fix to an issue that caused two Tent slots to be available instead of three, the bug fix with building pieces not being placed after players double-tapped their icon and that of Spider-Man web shooters released by eliminated players who were again receiving 20 shots available.

Recently, we saw trailers and images of the Uncharted characters for Fortnite and the fact that a Steam Deck version is not is part of the plans at the moment.

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Fortnite Update: 19.30 Patch Notes Detail Motion Controls On New Platforms

Fortnite is in motion with the 19.30 patch notes--literally. With the new update, players on new platforms can use motion controls previously seen only on Switch and Android platforms. Gyroscopic aiming and 'flick stick' controls, created by input specialist Julian “Jibb” Smart, are now playable for the first time on PS4, PS5, and PC and improved on Switch and Android. Here's more on those new accessibility features and everything else in the 19.30 patch.

Fortnite 19.30 patch notes

The optional motion controls can be found in Fortnite's 'Touch and Motion' page in the options menu. With these features enabled, players turn the controller to adjust the camera on their screen--think of it like lining up a bow shot in Breath of the Wild. The flick stick was made by Smart when he proposed to Epic that he could make Fortnite's motion controls better. Epic liked the idea, and so here it is. All platforms previously with motion control options have received these updates as well.

With the flick stick controls enabled, gyroscopic motion controls can be supplemented with a flick of the right stick that works to quickly reset the camera in a way that is meant to give players a best-of-both-worlds element to their controller scheme--the precision of gyro controls with the snappy flick stick. You can learn more about how these controls work from the creator himself.

In addition to the new accessibility features, Epic has also removed the traditional landing page from Fortnite. No longer will players have to select Save The World, battle royale, or creative mode when they enter the game. Thanks to the improved discovery page that debuted last year, Epic is now comfortable throwing players right into the lobby, and from there, players can load into any game mode of their choice while defaulting to their most recently played mode.

Bug fixes

The 19.30 patch also fixes a few things in-game. Here's the full list:

  • Fixed an issue involving some players only having two Tent slots available, as opposed to the intended three.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile involving build pieces not being placed after players double-tapped the associated icon.
  • Fixed an issue--occurring in competitive playlists only--involving Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters dropping from eliminated players with the full 20 uses even if they didn’t have the full 20 before the player was eliminated.
  • It's sure to be another busy week in Fortnite thanks to the upcoming Fortnite Uncharted skins.

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