Fiido X, the fully legal high autonomy eBike | Review

Fiido X, the fully legal high autonomy eBike | Review

Fiido X

We have already reviewed several models of Fiido eBikes, a Chinese manufacturer that has models for every need, from the super compact Fiido L3, through the M1 Pro fat bike to the more classic D1.

The latest addition, Fiido X , is probably the most interesting city eBike developed to date, as it not only offers an innovative power system, but is also perfectly legal. Let us try to better explain this last statement: the Italian law, for electric bicycles, provides for the use of a motor with a maximum power of 250 watts and a maximum speed limited to 25 km / h. Any eBike that exceeds these characteristics cannot circulate on roads in which the highway code is in force, but should only be usable in private contexts or, in any case, in areas where the aforementioned regulations do not apply. Alternatively, it is possible to circulate with vehicles that have superior characteristics but should be treated in the same way as mopeds, therefore with plates, used with a helmet, need for insurance, they cannot circulate in the ZTL, etc.

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Quickly summarizing the features, Fiido X is a compact eBike, with magnesium alloy frame, 250 watt motor (there is also the model with 350 watt motor for countries that allow it), maximum speed of 25 km / h, front and rear lights, seven-speed gearbox and disc brakes, front and rear.

The magnesium alloy frame weighs around 3kg, but the motor, battery and everything else contributes to a total weight of just under 20kg, a weight in line with that of other bicycles. It is not a lot but not a little, so you will be able to load it in a car or on a public transport without particular problems, but it is not advisable to travel over long distances. Folded on itself it occupies a volume of about 80 x 80 cm, for a width of 35 cm, so it is compatible with any trunk. To fold it you have to lower the seat, fold the handlebar and fold the frame back on itself, using a single hook. It's a simple and affordable operation.

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Right behind the saddle, near the hook that locks and engages the contacts, there is a numeric keypad that is used to unlock the saddle; in fact, once the tube is inserted into the appropriate housing it will be secured by a padlock to prevent someone from "stealing" the battery / saddle. The numeric keypad is also used to turn on the bicycle: turn on the power, insert the pin you have chosen and click on the power button, and then you can start pedaling. Turning on the small on-board computer on the handlebar will indicate the operation of the bicycle.

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Fiido speaks of a maximum range of 130 km. We cannot confirm this autonomy and the winter season is not particularly comfortable to ascertain this data, but after several tens of kilometers spent in the saddle - as well as the experience with other models - we can say that it is possible to reach this distance only with pedal assistance. lowest level, therefore with minimal engine intervention. At the second or third level, therefore with maximum speeds - which often correspond to those of cruising for many kilometers, at about 20 and 25 km, the maximum road that can be traveled should be between 80 and 100 kilometers.

Fiido X is available for pre-order on the official website at a discounted price of just under 1,400 euros, the first shipments are scheduled for the month of February. We will update the article as soon as the eBike is also available on Amazon.

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