Ferrari F1-75 2022, the Cavallino single-seater makes its debut

Ferrari F1-75 2022, the Cavallino single-seater makes its debut

Ferrari F1-75 2022

A few hours ago, Ferrari unveiled its Formula 1 single-seater for the 2022 season; Known as F1-75 and driven by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, the team's new car should allow it to revive the brand and allow it to reach more interesting positions than in the past. In fact, we recall that last season Ferrari managed to finish only third in the Constructors' Championship, after a disappointing sixth place obtained two years ago.

Of all the 2022 single-seaters shown so far, the Ferrari F1-75 is definitely the most singular interpretation announced following the new technical regulation. The novelties of the single-seater include an extremely aerodynamic nose, a practically curved rear wing, a triangular central air intake and an enormously sized fin, perhaps the largest currently available on Formula 1 cars. Also, like Aston Martin , Ferrari has gone the way of a larger footprint body with air intakes on top rather than a tight, shrink body design like the Williams. However, unlike the Aston Martin, or any other car of its kind, the side appendages of the F1-75 create a concave space between the outside edge of the car and the engine cover.

if (jQuery ("# ​​crm_srl-th_motorlabs_d_mh2_1"). is (": visible")) {console.log ("Edinet ADV adding zone: tag crm_srl-th_motorlabs_d_mh2_1 slot id: th_motorlabs_d_mh2"); } Another novelty for 2022 is the livery design. The car features glossy red paint and black accents, meaning it is the first F1 Ferrari since 2017 not to benefit from an all-red livery. In some ways, the new F1-75 recalls the historic 641, captained by Prost and Mansell, a car so beautiful that it entered the Museum of Modern Art. The 641 managed to take Ferrari to second place in the Constructors' Championship when racing during the 1990 season; perhaps, with the F1-75, Ferrari will achieve an equal or higher position, which is what the team would like to achieve after narrowly securing third place last season.

Now there are only two teams left that must yet unveil their cars for the 2022 season:

Alpine A522 - February 22 Alfa Romeo C42 - February 27

Ferrari unveil 'innovative' F1-75 car for 2022 season

Ferrari unveil their new livery

Charles Leclerc said Ferrari's expectations were 'very, very high' for the new season as they launched their 2022 car, the F1-75.

Team principal Mattia Binotto said Ferrari had taken an 'innovative approach' to the revolutionary new regulations introduced by Formula 1 this season.

'This is what I would call a brave Ferrari,' Binotto said.

'We have interpreted the rules thinking out of the box.'

He added: 'We hope it will uphold the honour and tradition of the team.'

Ferrari enter 2022 on the back of two difficult seasons, although they recovered from a dire 2020, their worst season for 40 years, to finish third last season.

Binotto said: 'In recent years, the results have not lived up to the Ferrari name. It has made the team stronger. This car is the perfect expression of all our efforts.'

Leclerc said: 'Expectations are high because we are Ferrari. We are expecting to win all the time.

'What gives me confidence is the work I have seen the last few months. It has been a long time we have been working on it and I can see how well we have been working.

'It is never easy to know where you are until you are on track. But the feeling is good, everyone is extremely motivated.'

His team-mate Carlos Sainz added: 'It's the time to take the team to another level and as a team and as drivers we want more success in 2022.'

Binotto said he would be happy as long as the team were competitive. 'Competitive means being back to winning races and I will be happy if we arena that position,' he said.

The F1-75 has been given its name to mark the 75th anniversary of the first car to carry the Ferrari name.

It features a number of innovations not seen on the cars launched so far, the McLaren, Aston Martin, Williams and Haas. Red Bull have also revealed a car, but many in F1 believe it was not their real 2022 challenger.

Among the striking aspects of the Ferrari are a needle-shaped nose tip, much narrower than seen on any car so far, and unusually shaped side pods which are higher at their outside edge than towards the centre of the car in order to better channel airflow to the rear.

Ferrari have also produced a brand new engine for 2022, to go with the updated hybrid unit they introduced in the final few races of last season.

Binotto said: 'There are sort of non-conventional shapes in terms of aero choices. The power-unit we put a lot of effort into design. I am not nervous because I know the team and I know how good they are.'

The drivers said that the team had told them there was no number one or two at this stage and each would have equal treatment.

Leclerc said: 'We are free to fight obviously without taking any stupid risks because we re fighting for the team and the ultimate goal is to bring Ferrari to the top.'

Leclerc is contracted to Ferrari until the end of 2024. Sainz's deal runs out this season, but the Spaniard said he was discussing an extension with the team.

'We are in the middle of discussions,' the Spaniard said. 'It is pretty clear Ferrari and me are happy with the situation and we want to continue working together.'

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