Comics push Italian publishing into 2021

Comics push Italian publishing into 2021

The AIE, the Italian Publishers Association, has communicated the data relating to the Italian book market of 2021 in which the exceptional performance of the macro-category in which comics fall that has prompted Italian publishing in 2021 immediately jumps to the attention with a progression of 37.2%, well above the average of 16% of the remaining categories.

The numbers of Italian publishing in 2021

In 2021 the publishing of various Italian printed fiction and non-fiction books sold in physical bookstores, online and large-scale distribution) reaches 1.701 billion euros in sales at cover price, for 115.6 million copies (18 million more than in 2020), up respectively by 16% and 18% compared to the previous year.

Comics push Italian publishing in 2021 The president of the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) Ricardo Franco Levi said:

The data confirm our forecasts for September: Italian publishing has been able to react to the pandemic and, also thanks to the public support policies implemented by the government and parliament, closes 2021 with strong growth, after an already satisfactory 2020. Very good numbers also compared to the performances of other countries in Europe, but the future - he continued - is not without unknowns. On the positive side, the confirmation of public support measures and the wait for the new system law for the book. But there is the paper emergency, in terms of prices and availability, and the heavy impact of piracy remains. In addition, some sectors, such as art publishing and tourism, are still suffering greatly from the effects of the pandemic.

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The positive feedback materializes in an increase in production: in 2021 85,551 novelties were published in print, up by 22.9% compared to the previous year. E-books are decreasing (-5.6%) while audiobooks are growing (+ 14%).

The first purchasing channel for books remains physical bookstores: in terms of market share, they cover 51 , 5% while those online 43.5%, both up by a few decimal points compared to the previous year, while large-scale distribution loses 0.9 percentage points and today covers 5%.

Comics push Italian publishing in 2021

The growth of the market in 2021 is uniform and no longer concerns only bestsellers. It should be emphasized that the 50 best-selling titles weigh on the total market for only 5.4% in cover value and 4.5% in copies: a sign of a market spread over an ever-increasing number of titles, which grows on news (+ 7%) but even more on the catalog (+ 20%).

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The price drops average number of books sold. In 2021 the average cover price of the books sold drops: it is equal to 14.72 euros, down 2.4% compared to the previous year also due to the effect of sales of manga and comics.

Comics push Italian publishing in 2021

The 10 best-selling books in Italy in 2021

Among the 10 best-selling titles in Italy in 2021 there is obviously also a comic, here is the top 10:

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