Battlefield 2042 hasn't convinced even a former DICE

Battlefield 2042 hasn't convinced even a former DICE

Battlefield 2042 doesn't seem to be able to get out of the limbo it ended up in. Between postponed content and users unhappy with the gameplay and the state of the game in general, there are many who are also trying to push Electronic Arts and DICE to allocate refunds for all those who bought the title on day one. Beyond the community, however, even a former developer of the series was not satisfied with this chapter.

David Goldfarb is a former lead designer, who has worked on two titles in the series and who has not yet had way to play Battlefield 2042. Despite this, Goldfarb came into contact with a YouTube video that criticized some aspects of it, and basically found himself in agreement. “I have some questions about the product. I'm really trying to understand how they were able to approve these design solutions, "Goldfarb said.

" Was there anyone at the quality control? Who thought such choices could honor the Battlefield sandbox experience and carry it forward? I am really amazed by the many mistakes and shortcomings made ”, continued Goldfarb. In short, for the former designer of the series, the new game in the series simply does not work.

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somewhere I even wrote a few potential openings for BC3 .. need to find where

- David Goldfarb #BlackLivesMatter (@ locust9) February 2, 2022

Goldbard left DICE in 2012 to work with Overkill on Payday 2. Goldfarb continues to work in the video game industry and who knows if all the love he has for the franchise and the current situation of Battlefield 2042 may not push Vince Zampella (formerly Respawn Entertainment and now head of the series) to call him back so that we can work together again. We're fantasizing, of course, but in this market never say never, right?

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