A4-H20 is DAN and Lian Li's new case for compact and powerful systems

A4-H20 is DAN and Lian Li's new case for compact and powerful systems

Although many like to have a large case full of space for the installation of components and, why not, quite eye-catching aesthetically and full of RGB LEDs, houses with reduced form factor have become increasingly popular, which however allow you to cram your own internal CPU and GPU also powerful. Obviously, this is not an easy task and often compromises have to be made to get the best result.

Photo Credit: Lian Li Well-known Taiwanese manufacturer Lian Li recently unveiled his new A4-H20, case 11-liter bottle with an elegant and minimalist design created in collaboration with DAN Cases. Inside this box measuring 326x140x244mm you can also cram liquid cooling systems with 240mm radiators and a generous three-slot graphics card with a maximum length of 322mm.

Lian Li A4-H20 is featuring a durable steel frame, accompanied by perforated anodized and sandblasted aluminum brushes to maximize airflow and heat dissipation. The panels are fixed with snap pins, so as to proceed with their removal in a simple and fast way, as essential as you want to change some component, for example the graphics card. The case allows the installation of motherboards in mini ITX format and SFX or SFX-L power supplies, while in the lower part there is an area for mounting a 2.5 "SSD using special rubber pads.

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Yesterday, we talked about the new version of NZXT H1, another very interesting small case. For more details, we recommend reading our previous dedicated article.

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