Titan Quest: Eternal Embers available, is the new expansion of the historic game

Titan Quest: Eternal Embers available, is the new expansion of the historic game

Titan Quest

THQ Nordic has released Titan Quest: Eternal Embers, the new expansion of the historic action RPG reborn thanks to the Anniversary Edition. To celebrate, he also released the classic launch trailer, which shows the new adventure in action:

Summoned by the legendary Emperor Yao, the Hero must return to the East to deal with a demonic threat that is ravaging the lands since the killing of Telkine. After tracking down the ancient peril, Qiong Qi, the Hero and his companions understand that his appearance is not just a coincidence. There is something much more sinister at work ...

Titan Quest: Eternal Embers is an expansion designed for veteran players. It offers a new campaign divided into four acts, with therefore side missions playable only on Legendary difficulty.

The player will explore breathtaking oriental landscapes as they scale the Celestial Kingdom and traverse the labyrinths of the Dragon King's realm. The player will navigate ethereal peaks, burning sands and ancient Egyptian ruins, but only fate knows where his journey will end.

Read more features of Titan Quest: Eternal Embers:

New Eleventh Mastery

Become a master Neidan, a mystical alchemist who uses concoctions and lethal abilities to destroy enemies

Using the legendary powers of the ancient masters Neidan, ultimate possessors of Chi, the player will unleash his latent potential to wipe out any enemy that stands before his fate. The player will have elemental powers, demigod blessings and the will of ancient emperors at his disposal.

Over 30 new enemies and bosses

Exotic beasts of Far Eastern legends, proud and vain gods ... Many enemies will put you to the test in battle

New weapons and equipment

Discover new and powerful equipment: from exquisite oriental armor, to weapons capable of taking down even the gods

New relics and talismans to upgrade your equipment even more

New gameplay mechanics

7 new types of potions to boost your stats and give you an edge in battle: all share a cooldown time independent of potions and scrolls

Technical improvements

Improved rendering and performance

Enhanced zone loads near dungeons

Controller support

Improved TQ tools

Ability to resize objects directly in the editor, improved object selection, improved rotation and replacement tools, fixed problems with the palette

Ability to render shadows, activate or deactivate collisions directly in the editor

Sound and music system improved, new types of sound objects with range dynamic sound distance, ability to preview music / sound files in the editor

Improved Art Manager stability, improved user interface, new shortcuts

Lots of small improvements

Titan Quest: Eternal Embers requires the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition base game.

Have you noticed any errors?

Classic action RPG Titan Quest has a new expansion that goes back to China

With the dangerous creatures of the far east starting acting a fool, there's only one person Emperor Yao will call: The protagonist of Titan Quest, who is very good at killing any and all troublesome mythological beasts you can find. The fourth expansion for Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition is called Eternal Embers, and it's out now. Here's your official description:

'Action-RPG Titan Quest is getting a new expansion! In Eternal Embers, players will set foot in the mystic realms of the Far East. Legendary entities from Asian mythology like the Jade Emperor, the Ten Suns, and the Dragon King of the Four Seas are part of an epic storyline, spanning four new acts. Over 30 different types of enemies and bosses are standing in the player's path and a new mastery becomes available. With the legendary powers of the ancient Neidan masters, the blessings of demigods, and the will of ancient emperors, all the power is at the player’s fingertips.'

Sure, this is a 15 year old game, with the original Titan Quest released in 2006, but the clearly-beloved action RPG has gotten three expansions since its Anniversary Edition revival in 2016. First taking the protagonist to Ragnarok, then Atlantis, and now back to China. (You go to China in the last bits of the original Titan Quest, if you'd forgotten.)

I'm honestly kind of interested in what kind of nonsense the designers got up to with Neidan alchemy. Can you create powerful potions? Cultivate your breath to fly? Become a weird pseudo-immortal? I won't lie to you, I kind of want to go full Wuxia on some ancient Greek and Egyptian baddies.

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