The Game Awards 2021: what can we expect between confirmed games and rumors

The Game Awards 2021: what can we expect between confirmed games and rumors

The Game Awards 2021

On the night between 9 and 10 December, precisely Friday 10 December from 2 to 5 in the morning, the evening of The Game Awards 2021 will be held and promises to be one of the most important events of the entire videogame year. In fact, considering the progressive downsizing that the large and historic fairs of this market have undergone, such as E3 and Gamescom, we can safely consider Geoff Keighley's broadcast as one of the greatest events ever in the videogame landscape, if not the largest, if we are talking about a single show.

Combining this with the remarkable ability shown by the organization to avoid any type of leak, the expectations for the Game Awards evening are always very high and the curiosity enormous, also because the concentration of unpublished announcements and presentations - the famous "World Premiere", obviously said with the classic voice of the speaker - is always remarkable.

We are talking about no less than 40-50 games present, 10 absolute reveal and true next-gen: obviously there is a bit to weigh the words of Keighley who obviously aims to create a disproportionate hype, but it is It is highly probable that he does not lie about the numbers and that this is a night to really remember, moreover in anticipation of a year - 2022 - which promises to be really full of great news.

So let's make an overview of all the possible announcements and presentations that could take place during the Game Awards 2021, starting from the most probable ones, as confirmed by the official teasers, to get to the wildest rumors that have characterized these days of waiting. Remembering, of course, the appointment with the marathon live here on, which will start at 15 to get to comment on everything that will be shown on the night between 9 and 10 December 2021.


The Matrix Awakens, a first scene of the app Some news are practically certain, as confirmed by the developers or publishers themselves or indicated with rather explicit teasers by Geoff Keighley himself . For this reason we can, therefore, collect in this first paragraph the games that we can expect to see at The Game Awards 2021. We start with The Matrix Awakens which, to be honest, we do not yet know what it is, or if it is a real game or some more or less interactive multimedia initiative linked to the new film The Matrix: Resurrections. Its presence is certain, made official by Epic Games, the game is built entirely on Unreal Engine 5, and will therefore represent one of the first tangible examples of use of the new graphics engine. The app has already popped up on PlayStation Store and Xbox Store, but will only activate during the Game Awards 2021 and will only work on next gen consoles.

ARC Raiders is perhaps the only new game we know is coming. presented during the Game Awards 2021: the Swedish team Embark Studios has already published a teaser on this interesting title that clearly refers to the presentation scheduled for December 9, probably with an extended trailer that will be shown during the event.

ARC Raiders looks like a sci-fi game, waiting for a clearer trailer From what you can see, it looks like a sort of action in a sci-fi setting whose visible glimpses suggest something very interesting. Another certainty is the announcement of four other games that will be launched on day one on Xbox Game Pass for PC: in this case, another email from the usual "Melissa McGamepass" who, as usual, left to escape something too much, however properly censoring the salient information. However, we can easily see how four games have been added to the Xbox Game Pass for PC program for the next few months as they launch directly into the service catalog.

Among the real confirmations is The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, the new stealth game from Daedalic on the famous license of JRR Tolkien, whose presence has been confirmed by the Twitter account of The Game Awards, and we also include the new game from the Improbable team, with Aaryn Flynn who has specifically announced the presentation of their new project during the Game Awards 2021, of which absolutely nothing is known and we just don't know what to expect.

The Lords of the Rings: Gollum, one of the first images of the game Finally, the presence of Sonic the Hedgehog in some form has been practically confirmed: in addition to the various sightings on Sonic Frontiers, which could be the new chapter of the main Sega series, there was just a curious exchange of tweets on Twitter between Geoff Keighley and the official Sonic account, to make it clear that the character in question will have a confirmed space at the event, even if it is difficult to say what it could translate into, considering the different projects in which it could appear.

Sonic the Movie 2, the second Sonic movie has an official poster and will be shown with a trailer at the Game Awards 2021. shown in the evening, complete with the poster shown above.

The odds

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2, in the image, is among the games that appear most often in TGA rumors 2021 It is difficult to talk about more or less reliable rumors, since these are rumors, but we can make a selection of those that have stood out for their greater insistence, perhaps supported by a certain logic that could characterize the presence of the games in question. In any case, this is always speculation, as none of the following games have received any confirmation in terms of attendance at the event, but let's try to put together a list of those that seem likely to us.

Let's start with Hellblade 2, certainly the most present in the rumors accumulated in recent weeks: various insiders are betting everything on the presence of the Ninja Theory game at the event and it could actually be a good time to show it, perhaps with some gameplay, given the time that has passed since its first presentation, which took place during the 2019 Game Awards.

Another game that could be present in some form is Elden Ring: after hosting the gameplay trailer, yes can say that Keighley has a preferential relationship with From Software and considering that the game will be out soon this could be a good opportunity to show it again. There is no shortage of rumors about it, with a lot of possible announcement of a new beta that could arrive at the Game Awards.

Elden Ring could be another candidate for a presence at TGA 2021 Another game that would make sense in this context it is Horizon Forbidden West: this too is expected in February and there are no other large occasions to be able to show it, obviously beyond Sony's State of Play which still remain the main vehicle for transmitting this information, but the moment could be propitious to return to see it, also considering the intensification of the communication on the game that we are observing in recent weeks.

A possible concrete clue on the possible presence has also come from CrossfireX, the first-time shooter Smilegate and Remedy person who recently disseminated clues about possible announcements coming up in these days, which lead us to think about a possible presentation on Friday.

Returning to the "sensible" ideas, so to speak, this could be the right time for Final Fantasy 16, considering that it has not been seen for several months, although perhaps the major suspect is Forspoken, destined to go out first. Finally, we can never exclude the possible presence of Hideo Kojima: considering the link that historically binds him to Keighley and the fact that the game designer certainly has something to announce, some news from Kojima Productions could be predicted, with all the conditionals of the case.

Rumor Savages

Avowed, Obsidian's new RPG, could be at TGA 2021, according to someone The amount of titles we could put in the guest nominees of the 2021 Game Awards according to to the wildest and most uncontrolled rumors it is huge, therefore we must still make a selection by choosing those that may seem more interesting. Avowed, the new Obsidian RPG, has long been present in several rumors about the upcoming event: it still seems early to be able to see it in action, but there may have been time and a way for a trailer built a little ad hoc for the occasion and undoubtedly it would be a game of great interest, being one of the most anticipated among those in development at Xbox Game Studios. Staying precisely in this area, a rumor has recently emerged about a mysterious Prey 2: Neuroshock, which should be the sequel to the excellent Arkane title, which honestly seems very unlikely, considering also how the team is already busy on Redfall, but who knows. Curiously, the latter could be another possible candidate for a presentation at TGA 2021. The presence of Perfect Dark is difficult, even if the first teaser arrived a year ago in the last edition of the event could have created an interesting precedent.

BioShock 4 has appeared several times among the rumors. , or what will be the title of the new chapter of the series: its existence has not been confirmed, but rumors about the game in question appear on a rather regular basis, which leads us to think that there may be something true.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, in the image, is always the subject of rumors in the vicinity of some important event. Among the most anticipated titles of all is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and we could not fail to include it in a large mesh list like this, although it is unlikely that Nintendo has chosen the event in question for a new presentation of its flagship game.

For various reasons we could also think of a possible presence of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake, which so far has only been shown in a very short teaser trailer, or Marvel's Spider-Man 2, considering that the proximity of the new movie Spider-Man: No Way Home could provide an interesting assist at the presentation of the game Insomniac.

What will not be there

The new Dragon Age will not be present at the Game Awards 2021, BioWare said There are also at least some officially reported milestones that lead us to exclude some titles, although these are very few compared to all the possibilities that could emerge during the course of the evening. In fact, very few have confirmed the absence of particular teams or titles, also because the fact of talking about the games through rumors still represents a form of promotion. In any case, if nothing else, BioWare and EA have already clarified that Dragon Age 4 will not be present at the Game Awards 2021, which therefore makes us confidently exclude the new RPG expected for several years now, but this does not exclude the possible presence. of the new Mass Effect, in fact, so we will see if this lack can be replaced by something of equal value.

The other absences are those related to Activision Blizzard: Geoff Keighley has clearly said that there will be no room for the company within the evening of the Game Awards, following the well-known cases of abuse and unhealthy conduct within the publisher. This, in fact, excludes a significant amount of potential titles, even if many of these were still unlikely within the event: on the other hand, the new Call of Duty Vanguard has just come out and, on the Blizzard side, the chaos that still impera would still have probably prevented the presentation of something concrete, even if the Diablo 4 hypothesis could have been there. Nothing, however: Activision Blizzard has been "banned" from the Game Awards 2021.

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