The books to read: the releases of December 2021

The books to read: the releases of December 2021

The books to read

What are the books and Ebooks coming out in December 2021 to keep under control and bring to their libraries and Ebook Readers? Christmas is upon us, so what's better than relaxing with a good read, perhaps thinking of some interesting gift? So here are the books and Ebooks that will be released in December 2021 or that have already been released that we recommend you to read or give to friends and relatives.

Books December 2021

I wanted to be Vincent Gallo

Release: December 1, 2021

Have you ever met the five-foot-eight boy who grew up like a dog? And have you heard of the freak show completely covered in hair and with very short arms? Or parents who called their son "Gucci Louis Vuitton"? Or the guy who wants to look like Vincent Gallo in every way? Or Rusty Nail Eric's last gig with the Sidekicks? In this collection of sixteen stories in which everyday life and surrealism interpenetrate continuously, protagonists out of the world let themselves be obsessed with smallness, anomalies and a real fetishism of objects: kaleidoscopes, glass fish, neon lights, gummy candies, fluorescent colors . With "I wanted to be Vincent Gallo", Sergio Oricci explores incommunicability with the world and in couple relationships, through psychedelic writing and an abundance of dialogues, realistic and spontaneous in their rambling, between bewildered characters, outcasts and freak phenomena .

Author: Sergio Oricci Publisher: Pidgin Edizioni Series: Ruggine Genre: Modern and contemporary fiction I wanted to be Vincent Gallo is available for online purchase

The nuclear fairy tale of the child man

Release: 2 December 2021

In the carriage of a train that runs across the boundless and monotonous Kazakh steppe, a traveler encounters a salesman who masterfully plays the violin. His name is Erzhan and, despite being a young adult, he still looks like a child. To pass the time, the passenger begs him to talk about his story. Thus unravels the mysterious story of the child man, born in the years of the Cold War in a remote village, near a small transit station. Erzhan grew up in a small community, in a microcosm marked by magical rites and remote beliefs, with the rigid education of his grandfather and always in love with his little neighbor, Ajsulu. A serene childhood on which a single threatening shadow is concentrated, the one that projects from the Zone, an impenetrable fenced area in the middle of the steppe. Intermittent detonations darken the sky and shake the earth, causing violent hurricanes and generating fear in the village of Erzhan. Violating the family's recommendations, one day the child dives into Dead Lake, an emerald basin that was formed following a nuclear explosion. And it stops growing.

Author: Hamid Ismailov Publisher: Utopia Editore Series: Literary Foreign Genre: Modern and contemporary fiction The nuclear tale of the child man is available for online purchase

The library of whispers

Released: December 2, 2021

On the outskirts of Turin, there is a house on the river where everything is done as loudly as possible: the pots rattle on the stove, footsteps echo in the corridors, the radio croaks, the furniture creaks. We are in the seventies and little Dora lives in this noisy environment with her whole family, among which her eccentric great-aunt stands out. One day, however, this bizarre but comforting balance is cracked by mourning; the house suddenly becomes sad and silent and, just as suddenly, Dora begins to hear sinister noises. To escape this oppressive atmosphere, the girl finds refuge in a place where silence reigns supreme but is not an expression of melancholy but of respect and meditation: the library. Here Dora will meet the "centenary reader", the lawyer Ferro, who has dedicated his entire life to books and who decides to take the girl under her wing to educate her on the pleasure of reading. In Dora's life, however, unexpected events continue to follow one another; her family inevitably splits up and the house on the river becomes just a memory. It will be thanks to the teachings of the lawyer Ferro and the great love for books that Dora will decide to make peace with her past to reconnect with those she loves most.

Author: Desy Icardi Publisher: Fazi Series: Le Strade Genre: Modern and contemporary fiction The library of whispers is available for online purchase

All about me!

Release: 2 December 2021

Under arms in the Second World War or during his first jobs as a teenager, the young Mel collects anecdotes, characters, situations in search of the perfect joke. After his TV debut, he begins collaborating with some of the greatest brilliant authors of all time: Woody Allen, Carl Reiner, Neil Simon, Larry Gelbart. A laboratory of irreverent comedy that inspires his successes in cinema and on Broadway, with titles that have become unmissable classics such as Please don't touch the old ladies, Frankenstein Junior, The crazy story of the world, Spaceballs, Robin Hood - A man in tights. Mel Brooks reveals behind the scenes of a legendary career, retraces the successes and disappointments, friendships in Hollywood, collaborations with Sid Caesar, Gene Wilder, Madeleine Kahn, Alfred Hitchcock, and the encounter with the great love of his life , actress Anne Bancroft. An autobiography, enriched by dozens of unpublished photographs, which flows to the rhythm of a comedy by Mel Brooks - funny, corrosive, full of surprises - to tell the film of the life of an unattainable showman.

Author: Mel Brooks Publisher: The ship of Theseus Series: Oceani Genre: Biography All about me! is available for online purchase

The secret of Medusa

Released: 2 December 2021

Radiant, innocent, the purest of Athena's priestesses. The beauty of Medusa goes far beyond that of mere mortals. For this reason, when the gaze full of lust of the god Poseidon falls on her, the only place where she hopes to find refuge is the sacred temple of the protector of the Greeks. But no one can escape a god. And the divine Athena, mistress of arts and war, will have no mercy for the one who profaned her house. It matters little that Medusa, violated in body and spirit against her will, begs her forgiveness. From this moment the evil that was inflicted on her will become her armor and she will embrace the darkness, in exile, because everyone else has turned their backs on her. She will turn into the monster that others have decided she should be. Meanwhile, a young man named Perseus is preparing to leave with the mission to kill Medusa. The story of the hero Perseus and the monster Medusa has been told many times. This is another story.

Author: Hannah Lynn Publisher: Newton Compton Editori Series: 3.0 Genre: Mythology The Secret of Medusa is available for online purchase

The Paper House. The Academy

Release: 2 December 2021

Sergio Marquina, known as the "Professor", author of the biggest robbery the world remembers, is back. An advertisement, which appeared in the most famous newspaper in Spain, has put the police in check and given hope to the many who would like to change their destiny. The Professor, in fact, is expanding his band and to do so he has decided to challenge the brightest minds in the country in a secret place, the Academy. The Academy has the appearance of an abandoned factory, an industrial wreck with a gray and abandoned air. Inside, a small group of ordinary-looking men and women are seated at the desks and look around cautiously. But this is not a school, and would-be robbers know it well. Complex enigmas to solve and puzzles to decipher await them within the walls of the building, designed to test their wits and courage. And as always, when the Professor comes into play, the stakes are high, very high. To complete the mission it will not be necessary to be the strongest, the most intelligent or the fastest, it will be necessary to demonstrate that you are willing to do anything.

Author: - Publisher: Magazzini Salani Series: - Genre: Mystery, Thriller The House of Paper. The Academy is available for online purchase

A holiday for Christmas

Release: 2 December 2021

Christmas is not an easy time for Lila Evans. She reminds her of the harrowing days she lost her father. No wonder she decided this year to escape Nashville, to enjoy a short vacation away from home with her closest friends. And a countryside retreat seems to be the perfect place to keep bad memories at bay. But the delightful village of Pinewood Hills, tucked away in the snow-capped mountains of Tennessee, offers them a welcome that is anything but warm: the cottage they will stay in is a dilapidated construction and Theo Perry, the grumpy owner of the local coffee shop, reserves for Lila an icy welcome, which causes her to carefully avoid it. In such a small country, however, it is almost impossible not to meet. And Lila starts bumping into him - and his piercing blue eyes - all the time… And finally she realizes that even an unbearable man like Theo can smile. So Lila makes a decision: she will try to melt some of the frost from which Theo seems to be enveloped. Should she also take a Christmas miracle, she is determined to succeed. Who knows if this year destiny doesn't have the most precious gift of all in store for her.

Author: Jenny Hale Publisher: Newton Compton Editori Series: Anagramma Genre: Rosa A holiday for Christmas is available for online purchase

12 puppies for Christmas

Release: December 2, 2021

Pine Hollow Village has everything Ally Gilmore could want from a vacation spot. The snow falls softly, covering the roofs, as she spends time with the people she loves. There's only one problem: a local Grinch has cut the funds at his family's shelter, which has been providing a safe place for animals in distress for years. And Ally has only four weeks to find a home for the twelve remaining puppies. She has no intention of giving up easily, to the point that she decides to face the cause of everything face to face: Ben West, the charming and insufferable city councilor responsible for cutting the funds. As the full-time guardian of his dog-obsessed 10-year-old granddaughter, Ben has no time to worry about his reputation. But he feels guilty about the closure of the shelter. So he proposes a truce to Ally, agreeing to help her find a master for all of her puppies. Who knows that the two do not find that they get along more than they could have imagined.

Author: Lizzie Shane Publisher: Newton Compton Editori Series: Anagramma Gender: Rosa 12 puppies for Christmas is available for online purchase

Underdog. Stories of underdogs and other wonderful fairy tales

Release: December 2, 2021

In a millennium in which the models have been (and continue to be) Federer, Nadal, LeBron, Hamilton, Cristiano Ronaldo and the Messi, perhaps we have lost the habit of celebrating "the others". Those who do not reach victory or who arrive despite the inconstancy, marking the wall of the winners with their own name when no one expects it: that is, the underdogs, the eternal underdogs. In this book the authors tell wonderful "tales" (twelve in all) taken from the world of sport such as the football victories of Otto Rehhagel's little Kaiserslautern and Claudio Ranieri's Leicester, Ivanisevic's tennis exploits at Wimbledon, Greg's cycling one. LeMond at the Tour de France in 1986, up to Villanova's incredible exploit in College Basketball.

Author: Matteo Munno, Marco Munno, Luigi Di Maso Publisher: Battaglia Series: Cosmic kite Genre : Modern and contemporary fiction Underdog. Stories of underdogs and other wonderful fairy tales is available for purchase online

On the seashore

Release: December 9, 2021

65-year-old Saleh Omar is a merchant of Zanzibar, asylum seeker in England. Present-day Sindbad, Omar leaves a land where the evil genius has incarnated as thieving rulers equipped with all forms of modern political violence: concentration camps, weapons, and a bevy of courtiers. Upon his arrival in London, at Gatwick airport, Omar shows an invalid visa, issued at home by his relative and arch enemy, Rajab Shaaban Mahmud. Omar had been suggested to show that he did not understand a word of English, so the social worker who took charge of his case was forced to seek the advice of an expert from Kiswahili, one of the East African dialects: ironically, the interpreter is Latif Mahmud, the son of Rajab, Omar's archenemy. The man has crossed all bridges with his family of origin since the 1960s, when he asked for asylum as a refugee in England, where he lives in nostalgia for his homeland. Now, Omar comes face to face with Latif in an English seaside town. Both refugees, with a common origin and destiny. The son of Omar's persecutor is also the person who can save him and finally give him a new life. From the Nobel Prize for Literature Abdulrazak Gurnah, a novel about two men who bet everything to change their lives, an implacable literary look at the forgotten legacy of the postcolonial world.

Author: Abdulrazak Gurnah Publisher: La Nave di Teseo Series: Oceani Genre: Modern and contemporary fiction On the seashore is available for online purchase

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