Sonic Frontiers, everything we know about the new Blue Hedgehog game

Sonic Frontiers, everything we know about the new Blue Hedgehog game

Sonic Frontiers

Among the many announcements of the evening dedicated to The Game Awards, the blue hedgehog of SEGA has carved out a larger space because it has even had two. Let's say that Sonic hasn't been in great shape lately. The last game that tried to reinvent it in 3D was Sonic Forces, which didn't do as well as we hoped, and its 2D counterpart, Sonic Mania, turned out to be a good title, but too derivative.

It went better, however, on the multimedia front. After a daring start - the producers had to redesign Sonic in computer graphics after the first reactions on the web had been decidedly negative - Jeff Fowler's film arrived in theaters in early 2020, just before the health emergency and, contrary to every prediction turned out to be a fun and curated film, thanks also to the over-the-top interpretation of Jim Carrey in the role of Doctor Robotnik. For this reason, the first trailer of the new film, in cinemas from next April, was positively received especially because it features some beloved characters ...

In this double preview of Sonic Frontiers and Sonic - The film 2 we will see what we have discovered and what we can expect from the new videogame and cinematic adventures of the Blue Hedgehog.

Sonic - The movie 2

Sonic - The movie 2, a scene from the trailer The trailer released on the occasion of The Game Awards he immediately confirmed practically all the cast of the previous film: James Marsden and Tika Sumpter return in the roles of the spouses Tom and Maddie Wachowski; Jim Carrey's doctor Ivo Robotnik obviously returns, whom we had left on a planet full of mushrooms to meditate revenge against Sonic, and then his assistant Stone, played by Lee Majdoub, also returns.

After the events of the first film, we find our protagonist acting as a vigilante on the streets of Green Hills with a teenage nature that causes many problems to his human guardians. Dr. Robotnik, meanwhile, has returned to Earth and discovered the existence of an artifact, the Chaos Emerald, which could give him even more power. Sonic will then have to stop the mad scientist and his army of sophisticated drones, but will have to deal with two new arrivals.

The first is Tails. Miles Prower at the extraterrestrial registry, we had already seen him arrive on Earth at the very end of the previous film in a stinger that anticipated the sequel. Now it's time for Sonic to meet him and the trailer teases some iconic features of this character who first appeared in 1992's Sonic The Hedgehog 2 game: Tails can fly by twirling his tails like a helicopter, he's super fast and he can even fly an airplane. In the film he will be Sonic's main ally in the battle against Robotnik, who, for his part, has brought reinforcements: Sonic - The film 2 introduces a live action version of Knuckles, the red echidna appeared for the first time in Sonic The Hedgeghog 3 from 1994.

Initially a rival and then a faithful companion of Sonic in the various video games of the series, Knuckles will probably follow the same path in the film as well. Dubbed in English by none other than Idris Elba, Knuckles shows off his videogame characteristics in the trailers: he is massive and possesses an extraordinary strength that allows him to keep up with Sonic's super speed.

Sonic - The movie 2, Knuckles in a scene from the trailer Knuckles is supposed to belong to the same tribe of alien echidnas that seem to have gotten the better of Longclaw, Sonic's keeper, in the introductory flashback to the first film. If so, the sequel could strike up an important antagonism between the two characters, only to then resolve it in the inevitable reconciliation and alliance that will overturn Robotnik's plans. The latter, meanwhile, has armed himself with drones and hovercraft that seem to come out of video games: it is precisely this kind of attention to detail that fans of the SEGA series will like and that bodes well for the success of a sequel that, at judging by the action-packed trailer and familiar locations, it would seem to be an even better film than the previous one.

Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers, a scene from the trailer We all wonder if Sonic Frontiers, out in 2022 on all platforms, it will be able to set a new standard for the Sonic 3D series, but the truth is that we know very little about the new game in development at the Sonic Team. The trailer released during the evening of The Game Awards shows us Sonic running at breakneck speed in a natural setting, chased by strange drones or torpedoes that put him on the spot.

The official site informs us that the game will take place in the Starfall Islands, an archipelago made up of the most varied biomes that will allow Sonic to move at great speed, and in every direction: we are talking about "open zones" which it doesn't necessarily mean "open world". Our idea is that Sonic Frontiers could recall the structure of the old but beloved Sonic Adventure, in which maps were alternated to explore freely as in a third-person RPG with much more linear stages in which Sonic could unleash his iconic speed. br>
We don't know, however, if Sonic is the only playable character in Sonic Frontiers. In Sonic Adventure you could control several characters, but the little information available on Frontiers does not suggest that there are others besides the protagonist, but after all not even the opposite. Takashi Iizuka, Creative Officer at the US Sonic Team, spoke of a real evolution in the gameplay of the series which, however, should meet the approval of both old fans and new players.

On the narrative front Instead, we have another strong name, and that is Ian Flynn: this writer has been working on Sonic's comic stories since 2006, first for Archie's editorial course and then for the even more popular IDW course. Flynn will write the story of Frontiers and what little we know is that the Blue Hedgehog will have to contend with a mysterious new technology that has gotten out of the control of Dr. Robotnik. We hope to know more in the coming months: for now the release of Sonic Frontiers is scheduled for a generic "holyday 2022", so we will have to wait a year before we can play this new adventure of the SEGA mascot.

It was nice to see Sonic so loaded again, even if for a very few minutes, and if our expectations towards Sonic - Movie 2 are of a certain level, we must admit that we were a little more indifferent to the Sonic Frontiers trailer: yes is seen too little to formulate any opinion, and we do not feel like supporting the theories that see SEGA committed to transforming Sonic into a derivative of Super Mario Odyssey. On the other hand, what's wrong with that? The important thing is that the developer manages to find that magic formula that has been missing in the last 3D episodes of the series.


Sonic - Movie 2 promises to be even more fun than the first Ian Flynn, who wrote the Sonic comics, works on the story of Frontiers DOUBTS Absolutely nothing of the gameplay of Frontiers has been seen, but there is talk of reinventing the 3D series: do we have to worry? Have you noticed any errors?

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