Sneaker Series X: Adidas and Xbox unveil the third pair of themed shoes with the console

Sneaker Series X: Adidas and Xbox unveil the third pair of themed shoes with the console

Sneaker Series X

Adidas and Microsoft teamed up this year to create three pairs of shoes to commemorate Xbox's 20th anniversary. Now, the companies have unveiled the latest pair of sneakers, known as Forum Tech Boost Series X, on sale for 140 euros in Italy.

The design and colors are meant to make Adidas sneakers look like the new one. Microsoft console, Xbox Series X. The shoes are black and green, with the spherical Xbox logo on the hip. Inside, the shoe is green and features the Xbox 20th anniversary logo. The sole, on the other hand, is translucent: according to the Redmond company, it is a reference to the translucent Xbox controller, also published on the occasion of the anniversary.

The shoes are available for purchase on the official Adidas website, to this address . The sizes range from 38 to 49.

Forum Tech Boost Series X The official description reads: "A forum is a place for meeting, exchange and discussion. The same expressive drive is at the basis of the adidas Forum, and for celebrating Xbox's 20th anniversary, we couldn't have picked a better silhouette to celebrate with a bit of noise. It doesn't matter where you are, because the gamer network connects people near and far, anywhere in the world. And if that's not the case. one thing to celebrate, tell us what else it is. Buckle up this model, get comfortable and have fun. "

Finally, here are the specifications of the Forum Tech Boost Series X:

Closure with laces Upper in fabric Fabric lining Rubber sole Product color: Core Black / Core Black / Custom Product code: GW6374

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Adidas' final commemorative Xbox sneakers are now on sale

Since October, Microsoft and Adidas have been releasing commemorative Xbox-themed sneakers to mark the brand's 20th anniversary. It all started with a pair of Forum Tech shoes the two companies gave away to a group of lucky fans. Then, in November, they released a pair of Xbox 360-themed Forum Mid sneakers you could buy in the US and Canada. Now, for their third and final drop, the two have come out with an Xbox Series X-inspired design that's available to purchase worldwide.

This time around, Microsoft and Adidas say they went with the Tech Boost silhouette because, like the Xbox Series X/S, it's a design that acknowledges the past while incorporating new technologies. As with the other sneakers in the series, you'll find plenty of clever references. For instance, the inner lining of the shoes draws on the design of the Xbox Series X's vents. Meanwhile, the heel and sole of shoes mirror the grips of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

'Overall, we wanted to create a shoe that cemented a moment in time, but also felt timeless,' Microsoft said. 'This is a shoe that is meant to be played in, meant to be worn, and meant to be enjoyed by our community – one that's always played in, and never played out.'

You can buy the Xbox Series X Forum Tech Boost from the Adidas website for $140. If you're not a sneakerhead, Microsoft has released other commemorative products to mark the console's 20th birthday, including a translucent controller that pays homage to the original Xbox debug kit.

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