Skybound will release Transformers and G.I. Joe?

Skybound will release Transformers and G.I. Joe?

Skybound will release Transformers and G.I. Joe? Robert Kirman's (Invincible, The Walking Dead) label is reportedly in the process of closing a deal with Hasbro to publish, presumably starting in 2023, the comics of the two beloved franchises under its brand.

Skybound will release Transformers and GI Joe? What is happening?

For several weeks the rumor has been circulating insistently that Hasbro is renegotiating the publishing rights for the comics of some of its franchises that would move from IDW, a publishing house that has been publishing everything related since the mid-2000s to the well-known brand of games and action figures, in favor of another label.

After countless rumors, The Hollywood Reporter reported, in the Italian night, that Hasbro would be very close to closing an agreement with Skybound for the publication of Transformers and GI Joe. For now, the other franchises are not mentioned but it is clear that the contacts are "preliminary". The site also reports that Robert Kirkman himself took the field in the negotiations as a big fan of the two brands.

It is self-evident that a transfer of rights from IDW to Skybound would significantly change the publishing landscape in the United States but Also in Italy. In fact, the two franchises have never enjoyed optimal exposure even in recent times and a passage of publications for Robert Kirkman's label, in addition to guaranteeing a possible relaunch with an always appreciable number 1, would also open the doors for an Italian publication. more organic with saldaPress, the “exclusive” publisher of Skybound in our country.

IDW acquired the Transformers license in 2005 and later that of G.I. Joe in 2008. Previously, the licenses were in the hands of the now defunct Dreamwave Productions, while the second was held by Devil's Due Publishing, which it published as a label within Image. Originally, both of the comic book series of the franchises were launched by Marvel in the 1980s.

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