Lollipop Chainsaw: remastered edition coming soon, according to a rumor

Lollipop Chainsaw: remastered edition coming soon, according to a rumor

Lollipop Chainsaw

Grasshopper Manufacture's Lollipop Chainsaw may be remastered soon. To report the indiscretion was the Twitter account @oopsleaks, which we owe some stolen information about BioShock 4 and other games.

In truth @oopsleaks was really sparing with details, as he limited himself to publishing a puzzle consisting of three images: a lollipop (Lollipop), a chain and a saw (Chainsaw). The rest are user speculations.

According to some Microsoft could simply bring the game into the backward compatibility program of its consoles, but many have excluded it since it has recently been declared closed, after the addition of many new games. So the most likely hypothesis is that the deep throat refers to a real remastered, which moreover would not be excluded, given that Grasshopper has re-released several titles over the last few years, not least the No More Heroes.

Of course, in these cases the invitation is the same: take everything with due caution, because there is nothing confirmed.

Lollipop Chainsaw is an action game released on PS3 and Xbox 360 starring cheerleader Juliet Starling, a pepper girl armed with a chainsaw, who enjoys defending people from zombies. Released in 2012, it was a much talked about and very successful title, capable of selling over a million copies.

Have you noticed any mistakes?

3. Lollipop Chainsaw Story walkthrough

Playthrough 1: Story mode on Hard

I will list the lollipops at the beginning of each chapter so you can look for them as you progress. They will be listed in the order they can be found, but by the number they are in the in-game collectible book so you can backtrack for any you miss easier. A video of all of them is below too if you prefer that, but the text-based lists are accurate and you should locate them all easily if you don't want to scroll back to the video.


There are four lollipops in the Prologue. Number 1 is behind the bus where you find the 2nd classmate on a pole. Number 2 is behind another bus where you find the 3rd classmate. Number 3 is to the right behind a fence right when you jump up onto a ledge in the alley. Number 4 is behind the crashed helicopter where you fight at the end of the chapter.

Keep an eye out for the 3 classmates in this chapter. They're nearly impossible to miss. The one stranded atop the flag pole with zombies at the bottom is the only tricky one. Save up your power meter, which should be full by the time you reach him or at the end of the first battle in his area. When you open the gate, you'll be flooded by zombies that will kill him fast if you don't kill them first. This is the time to hit Rt and use that power to make quick work of them. If you rescue all 3 classmates in the prologue you will get:

The first two achievements you can obtain are below. First, pan the camera down to the ground to try to look up Juliet's skirt and hold it there for a couple of seconds.

Next, simply kill all but one zombie in the first group, then leapfrog over it by pressing B and pushing toward the zombie when standing right next to it. You've done it right if you push off of its head and do the splits as you go over it. The 10 leapfrogs have to be consecutive.

As you head through the chapter, destroy anything you can (trashcans and vending machines, mostly) to work toward the vandalism achievement. When you reach the kiosk, purchase the cheapest combo you can and use it. It doesn't have to be on a zombie.

When you complete the Prologue you'll get:


Again keep an eye out for classmates. There are 8 in total here. There aren't any too difficult to save in this chapter, but keep in mind that if you see a classmate you should run straight for them. Don't get caught up wasting time on other zombies or they may die before you get to the ones attacking them.

There are seven lollipops here. Number 5 is right by the first classmate. Number 9 is right behind the first blue glowing zombie you attach Nick to. Number 6 is inside a locker past a classmate hanging from a ledge; just smash the lockers to find it. Number 7 is in the room just before entering the basketball court, behind the shelves opposite the room from where you enter. Number 10 is the room with the next blue zombie you attach Nick to, by the blackboard at the front of the room. Number 8 is in the corner of the room with the birthday cake, after the cutscene. Number 11 is on the path heading down to Zed, the boss, on the right after going down a pole.

As you head through the chapter, destroy everything in sight (chairs, tables, lockers, trash cans, everything). If you did this in the prologue too, you should have enough by now for:

Even if it doesn't pop by the end of the stage, don't worry as sooner or later you'll get it inadvertently if you break most of the lockers in this stage.

Somwhere around this time or soon after, if you used my hints/tips and are drop kicking a lot of zombies on Hard mode, you should have already unlocked or will soon unlock:

When you reach the boss, make sure to dodge his ball attack 15 times when he's in his third phase to get the missable achievement. Just run in circles during phase 3. After you dodge the balls as they fly out, run in close to him and start tapping B. The dodge button when they come back to him is always B so you'll dodge them and they'll hit him.


There are 4 classmates in this stage, again all obvious and in your direct path and none of them really tricky to save.

There are six lollipops. Number 12 is to the left after you go through the first bus, fight a group of zombies, and go over the nearby ramp. Number 15 is impossible to miss, right off the main path after rescuing the first classmate. Number 13 is on the left after the 2nd chainsaw ramp after you reach the rooftop for the 1st time. Number 14 is to the left behind the door when you exit the gym. Number 16 is behind the ramp on the rooftop that you have to use the blue zombie to open up. Number 17 is straight ahead behind a fence just after fighting the firefighter zombies and going over the ramp on the rooftops.

While on the rooftops, make sure to collect all the zombie medals using Chainsaw Dash. You cannot walk over them; I know as I did it and didn't get the achievement the first time through. Take your time, do NOT push forward on the left joystick as it slows Juliet down in her dash and makes steering twitchy. When the path splits, take the right-hand path. The only tricky part is a ramp that has 9 medals floating above it in a square of 3 rows of 3, near the end of the rooftop section. Make sure to hit that ramp center-on and go right through the middle of the square of medals to get them all. If you miss a medal pause and 'restart from checkpoint'.

Also while on the rooftops you can let yourself get struck by lighting 10 times. Just make sure to use lollipops so you don't die. If you trigger a checkpoint the lightning strikes will carry over between playthroughs. The rooftops net you:

At the end of the stage you'll fight Vikke on a viking ship. When he's in phase 2, let his legs knock you off the side that doesn't have the railing and start tapping B to get his missable achievement, netting you two achievements for the fight.

O'Bannon Farm:

There is only one classmate on stage 3, but he has an exploding boulder right next to him so be careful not to shoot it until you rescue him or he'll die.

There are 7 lollipops here. Number 18 s to the right of the first blue Nick-use zombie. Number 22 is behind you by a tree after you kill some floating zombies and get a phone call. Number 19 is just past some cows behind a tree after saving Juliet's sister from zombies. Number 23 is by some fat zombie farmers near the next blue Nick-use zombie. Number 20 is in the same area, down a narrow pathway behind the blue zombie body where you have to use a trampoline to get up to it. Number 24 is on the right in the area where you fight 14 zombies after dashing over a ramp. Number 21 is behind a tree where you fight six fat zombie farmers near the end of the stage.

As you go through the stage, use your chainsaw blaster and go for headshots as much as possible. You'll know it's a headshot if the zombie's head pops off. You should be able to get 30 by the end of the stage rather easily, but if not don't waste time replaying just progress through the game and get headshots when you can. You'll get:

When you get to the part on the tractor where you mow down grass for the first time and 100 zombies, make sure to leave a couple of the zombies on the edge alive until you've mowed down ALL the grass. If the achievement doesn't pop you've missed a shred of grass somewhere; it's not glitched.

You should also unlock the 500 kills achieve by the end of this stage if you haven't already, as well as 1000 medals if you've been getting multi-zombie kills for the medal bonus, or using the Nick Shake (more on that later).

Near the end of stage 3 there is a 3-stage fight where the final stage has a whopping 32 zombies coming at you. This is a good place to hit your sparkle hunting power and get:

During the boss battle, continually strafe in the same direction (either right or left, whichever is comfortable for you). It's VERY easy to dodge all of the balloon attacks, although they look more like bubbles if you ask me, for two achievements from this fight. The video I watched ignored the tractor and let it hit Juliet and still got them, but my first two tries the tractor knocked me down at inopportune time and bubbles hit me. The third try I shot the tractor anytime it was coming from the direction I was strafing in, and I got through without getting hit much easier so I highly suggest it.

Third Eye

Dodge all balloon attacks in Mariska battle.

Third EyeFulci Fun Center:

This stage has 3 classmates, all of which are simple and directly in your path.

There are six lollipops here. Lollipop 25 is behind the machines on your right at the beginning. Number 26 is in the first arcade game you're put into that plays like pacman. It shows up in the center after you've collected the 8 keys. Number 28 is to your right when you exit this first arcade game. Number 29 is inside the 3rd arcade game you're placed in, to the left of the exit. Number 27 is on the rooftop where the helicopter battle takes place, behind an air conditioner in the left corner when facing the helicopter. Number 30 is on the rooftop after the Gondola game. You have to use the vaulting board perfectly to get to the highest platform to get it.

The final arcade game you play, the Gondola game, has probably the most annoying achievement in the game. You have to make it to the top of the vertical scrolling game, dodging obstacles dropped by guys in windows as well as floor tiles that open and the occasional other obstacle. You must make it all the way to the top without hitting Y to fire your gun a single time. This can be annoying as somtimes multiple obstacles are dropped and you literally cannot avoid them. Perseverance and patience will net you:

The boss fight has 2 phases. During the second phase, there are crystalline-looking generators around him you have to destroy. After you've destroyed the last one he'll be in a near-death state. He won't regenerate, so wait until the clock timer reaches 10 seconds, then stand next to him and trigger the quick-time-event killing blow to net you both of his achievements.


The final two classmates are here. The 2nd one can be easily missed though. As soon as you cut the 4 corners and drop the cover on the pit zombies are coming out of, you'll go through a gate and answer the phone. As SOON as the phone call is over hold Lt and shoot all the exploding barrels, starting with the nearest one on the left. If you don't the classmate will die. If you've gotten all classmates until now, you'll unlock:

There are 7 lollipops here. Number 31 is behind an exploding barrel as soon as you enter the building. Number 32 is in the corner behind a car by the first classmate. Number 33 is in the left corner by the school bus when your sister is sniping and you fight a group of zombies. Number 34 is easy to miss; as soon as the first cutscene with the wrecking ball ends, look to the left. Number 35 requires using the trampoline at the bottom of the construction site perfectly, so if you mess it up and it disappears restart the checkpoint. Number 36 will be on the cover you cut the four corners of to drop onto the pit where zombies are coming from, right before the last classmate. Number 37 is in the corner of the room where you fight 30 zombies near the end of the stage, which is also another good place to go for Sparkle Hunting Master.

When you reach the wrecking ball part, in the first and third phases of it with the ball swinging around hug the wall in a corner while killing zombies to avoid getting hit by the ball. You'll get:

During the boss battle, when you deplete his life to zero in the first phase, his bike will break. Wait 30 seconds and it will reform and he'll dash at you followed by a slower attack you can counter by pressing Y. Press Y and counter it and his bike will break again. Wait the 30 seconds again and counter him with Y again. Do this 10 times during the fight and you'll unlock both of his achievements.


There are no classmates here and only 3 lollipops. Number 38 will be on the right hand side of the street on top a bus at the beginning when chainsaw dashing toward killabilly. Just use the ramps on the right-hand side of the street and it's hard to miss. Number 39 will show up after killing a small group of zombies after the part where you dash under a building falling down. The final lollipop, Number 40 will be in the middle of the road in the next area after Number 39, and is almost impossible to miss if you stay in the middle of the road while running. If you've gotten all of them up until now, after grabbing Number 40 you'll unlock:

At the beginning of the stage, any time a car comes at you if it's in front of you, keep tapping Y and instead of it hitting you, you'll smack it away. This also creates ramps across the gaps in the road. The achievement pops at the end of the part where you're running under a falling building. As long as none of the cars hit you, you'll unlock:

You'll also get the last of the phone messages on this stage, which come automatically and are unmissable, unlocking:

During the Killabilly fight at the end, make sure to cut off 20 fingers before killing him. Don't worry, they regenerate. You'll get these two for the fight:


Cut off 20 fingers during Killabilly's fight!


After the ending and the credits, you'll be back at home and meet up with your mom. If you rescued ALL classmates, you'll unlock:

If you missed even ONE classmate, you'll get:

Don't worry, if you get the happy ending you just have to beat Killabilly again in Story Mode again to get the option to watch the 'bad' ending for the other achievement, and if you missed any classmates just go save them and defeat Killabilly again in Story Mode for the 'good' ending achievement.

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