PlayStation Plus, December 2021: Godfall, Mortal Shell and LEGO DC Super-Villains

PlayStation Plus, December 2021: Godfall, Mortal Shell and LEGO DC Super-Villains

PlayStation Plus, December 2021

PlayStation Plus sees the arrival in December 2021 of three new games joining the PlayStation VR titles that made their debut in the catalog last month, namely The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Until You Fall and The Persistence. .

The most relevant novelty, as well as the one that has caused the most discussion, is the Challenger Edition of Godfall, that is the endgame component of the action RPG developed by Counterplay Games: a package that includes various modes, customizations and rewards to unlock, but which is missing the basic campaign.

Godfall, an artwork of the game Then we have the interesting soulslike Mortal Shell, which throws us into a dark and dangerous scenario, under the command of a gifted warrior the ability to take possession of the body of slain enemies; and the colorful tie-in based on LEGO DC Super-Villains bricks, in which we will play the role of the most famous DC villains.

Is this a selection that readers have appreciated? Once again no: according to our survey, 45% of users said they were not at all satisfied with the games in December and 26% said they were unsatisfied, for a total of 71% of negative impressions.

Godfall: Challenger Edition (PS5 and PS4</a>)

Godfall, one of the game characters The Godfall Challenger Edition for PlayStation Plus has sparked controversy, unsurprisingly. In fact, it is not the full version of the game, but only the endgame component, that is the part of the experience that is normally accessed only once the campaign is completed. And here is the catch: it is possible to have the latter too, but only by paying the € 15 Deluxe upgrade.

Wanting to see the glass half full, in any case we are talking about an interesting package for anyone who is curious to try the action RPG produced by Gearbox Software, also available in the double version for PS5 and PS4. It's true: the Challenger Edition skips all the progression phase to allow us to face the final challenges of the game, but there are still several rewards to unlock and customizations for your build.

Specifically, we will be able to try our hand at the Lightbringer mode, in which we will face hordes of enemies with the aim of obtaining rich rewards; with the Dream Stones mode, in which we will relive the memories of Orin and we will be able to fight against random opponents; and finally with the Tower of Trials Ascended mode, in which we will have the task of defeating powerful bosses to climb the floors of a deadly tower.

What is clearly missing is the narrative single player content, the ones we talked about in the Godfall review and which represent the starting point for the experience packaged by Counterplay Games. Content that you may want to buy by making the aforementioned upgrade, in case the Challenger Edition challenges convince you of the quality of the game.

Mortal Shell (PS4)

Mortal Shell , a combat sequence It is instead a decidedly complete experience, that offered by Mortal Shell: the soulslike-style action RPG developed by Cold Symmetry puts us in command of a warrior with a special ability, namely that of taking possession of bodies lifeless of the opponents he has just defeated and use them to carry on his battle, learning new skills from time to time.

Against the backdrop of a medieval-inspired dark fantasy setting, we will have to lead our character, Foundling , in search of the Sacred Glands within scenarios that, after the object is found, "rot" and become even more dangerous, making it difficult to retrace one's steps by way of the many enemies lurking.

Mortal Shell, a powerful boss awaits us Unfortunately, the potential of the lore created for the game has not been exploited to the fullest, the boss fights are largely forgettable and excessive backtracking proves to be frustrating , as we wrote in the review of Mortal Shell: the title of Cold Symmetry tries to make the most of similar productions but in this research it loses sight of its own personality.

In any case, the mechanics of the Shell ( the casings, in fact) and the combat system undoubtedly have a reason, giving us the possibility to switch from one type of warrior to another (although with obvious problems of balance between the classes) and thus exploit peculiar weapons and skills .

LEGO DC Super-Villains (PS4)

LEGO DC Super-Villains, introducing Lex Luthor, Joker and other playable characters The action series based on plastic bricks by TT Games is now a brand widely established, and LEGO DC Super-Villains is one of its latest incarnations. A bizarre tie-in, come to think of it: rather than driving the most famous heroes of the DC house, the game allows you to control the various Jokers, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn, Penguin, the Riddler, the Scarecrow, Two-Face and many others, engaged in an unprecedented mission: to save the world.

When, in fact, the Earth-3 Justice Syndicate breaks through our universe, trapping the members of the Justice League with the aim of replacing them as defenders of the justice, the historical adversaries of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash come to their aid to restore the status quo and drive out the invaders.

LEGO DC Super-Villains, Wonder Woman flies over the city Beyond a brilliant narrative sector, which leverages the now classic humor of LEGO games and can count on an excellent dubbing in Italian, the formula we described in the review of LEGO DC Super-Villains is however traditional and no longer differs from as much as available in the now numerous titles of the series.

The fights are therefore slippery and approximate, without a real challenge, while the possibility of exchanging powers between the various characters ends up making certain environmental puzzles less intuitive than expected. However, if you are passionate about the DC universe and its many characters, the download is a must.

December 2021 arrivals and departures

No longer available on PlayStation Plus since December 7th

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Godfall: Challenger Edition - PS5 and PS4 Mortal Shell - PS4 LEGO DC Super-Villains - PS4 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - PS VR Until You Fall - PS VR The Persistence - PS VR

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