Halo Infinite, Microsoft and Sony celebrate the launch with wine

Halo Infinite, Microsoft and Sony celebrate the launch with wine

Halo Infinite

The launch of Halo Infinite was yet another opportunity to prove to all players that the console war does not exist. Beyond the excellent reviews, in fact, the home game 343 Industries has also been able to move the thoughts of Shuhei Yoshida, head of the independent section of PlayStation, who has been able to pay homage to the best of the game's release.

What exactly happened? Quite simply, Aaron Greenberg (Xbox executive) yesterday was in a restaurant in Los Angeles, due to The Game Awards 2021 that will be held tonight. Along with Greenberg, at another table, Yoshida was also present. At this point, the Sony executive decided to pay homage to Greenberg with a bottle of French wine, complete with a dedication and congratulations for the launch of Halo Infinite.

The photo of the bottle was released by Greenberg himself, via a post on Twitter. "I am extremely grateful to Yoshida, we were in the same restaurant tonight and he sent me a bottle to the table with his compliments on the launch of the new Halo," commented the Xbox executive tagging Yoshida on Twitter. All accompanied by the hashtag #ClassAct, which could be translated as "Gesture of class". Needless to reiterate it further: the console war does not exist, except in the minds of the most extreme players. Beyond sales figures and games, there is an industry outside that wastes no time gathering together on big occasions and discussing common (and not) strategies for the future of entertainment. And it is perhaps the most beautiful (and most realistic) view of the video game industry.

So thoughtful of @yosp who happened to be in the same restaurant tonight sending a bottle over with his compliments on the Halo launch . #ClassAct pic.twitter.com/sf10QVGzop

- Aaron Greenberg 🙅🏼‍♂️💚U (@aarongreenberg) December 9, 2021

Halo Infinite is available from yesterday on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. If you are playing it on the latest generation consoles, our invitation is not to use the Quick Resume function of the platforms. from Microsoft, as it could cause an annoying bug.

Forza Horizon 5 is one of the best Xbox exclusives of this 2021: you can buy the physical copy on Amazon.

Microsoft Trademarks ‘Halo: The Endless,’ A Possible ‘Infinite’ Expansion

Halo Infinite


Microsoft has just filed a new trademark for Halo: The Endless, in something that appears like a possible title for an upcoming expansion to Halo Infinite, and will make more sense as you start to make your way through the game.

Extremely light spoilers follow for now, where The Endless are brought up pretty quickly as some sort of new race that Zeta Halo is housing, and that the Harbinger is trying to free. Details on what exactly The Endless are remain in short order throughout the game, but they’re promised to be “worse than the Flood.”

Now heavier, ending spoilers begin. But because of the nature of the ending, it doesn’t reveal much other than what you don’t see.

What happens is that in the end, we never meet The Endless. After hearing them hyped up all game, there is no moment when they are actually introduced as a new alien race to fight. We don’t even get a proper look at them.

The final, post-credits scene has Atriox going deep into the Ring into the “storage” area for the Endless to apparently free them. But again, we don’t see them, only Promethean sketches of what they might sort of look like inside their repositories. From that, it’s almost impossible to tell what they’re supposed to be. Kind of like Vex Harpies from Destiny, maybe. It remains unclear.

Halo Infinite


And that’s the point. To me, this felt like a bit of rug-pulling as after all the campaign hype, I figured we would meet The Endless eventually. But that is clearly being saved for future content in the game, and this Halo: The Endless trademark would align with that idea.

As I’ve said before, we still do not know what exactly Microsoft’s post-campaign story content plan is here. While clearly, we are not going to be waiting six more years for Halo Infinite 2, we also don’t know how often we’re getting new story content, and what size it will be. The best guess, and it’s only a guess, is that we could get perhaps yearly expansions with some amount of story content. Albeit introducing an entirely new enemy race seems like a pretty significant moment for the series, and that may be a project that takes longer to come to fruition. Two or three years instead. But I certainly don’t think we’re getting seasonal story content to align with multiplayer.

This does sound like an expansion to me, just from the title, and given the context of The Endless in the campaign itself, and how clearly the next phase of Infinite is to actual reveal them. But we have no idea when this might be coming, nor even when 343 may even start talking about when this might be coming, so just hold tight, I suppose.

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