Genshin Impact: Ningguang Bellatrix Aiden cosplay is Christmas and elegant

Genshin Impact: Ningguang Bellatrix Aiden cosplay is Christmas and elegant

Genshin Impact

There are still a couple of weeks to Christmas but cosplayers are already starting to show off festive alternative versions of the most beloved characters from video games, anime and movies. Among these we also find the cosplay of Ningguang, one of the characters of Genshin Impact, made by Bellatrix Aiden.

Ningguang is one of the playable characters of Genshin Impact available since the game's debut in September last year. She is described as a successful businesswoman, who has built her immense fortune through hard work and leveraging a dense network of contacts and informants that she has built up over her time to become one of Liyue's leaders. . Apparently interested only in money, in reality Ningguang during the events of the game shows that he cares about Lyue and the protection of its citizens.

Bellatrix Aiden has already played the role of the character of Genshin Impact several times, such as in the double cosplay with Beidou that we recently proposed, but this time he decided to propose a Ningguang a little different from the usual, or in the Christmas version, showing off an elegant red dress themed with the holiday.

Always remaining in the Teyvat of Genshin Impact, we recommend the enchanting cosplay of Kamisato Ayaka from mk_ays and the fascinating cosplay of The Lady signed by Yashafluff.

Changing genre completely, instead, we suggest the Nezuko cosplay from Demon Slayer from Aluctoria and the Camie Utsushimi cosplay from My Hero Academia made by missbri.

What do you think of the Ningguang cosplay from Genshin Impact by Bellatrix Aiden?

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‘Genshin Impact’ Reveals Arataki Itto 4 Star Rate-Up Boosts, New Noelle Claymore

Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact is gearing up for the release of its next batch of new heroes in a banner next week. The main draw is 5 star Arataki Itto, the Geo claymore-user, though he’s always pictured with a giant club.

MiHoYo has just revealed the full banner for Itto, which also marks the arrival of Gorou as one of the 4 stars in the group, the Geo bow-user. Besides those two, the other 4 star rate-ups will be Barbara and Xiangling. Not great, if you ask me, as I have had those maxed for an exceptionally long time because of how often they appear. Getting Xiangling to max constellation, however, is really fantastic, and if you can make moves in that direction, I’d definitely keep her mind as a core team member, given all her off-battlefield capabilities.

But it’s not just these new heroes coming. Players were also interested to note that Genshin Impact is releasing a new 5 star weapon that seems to be designed to be a signature weapon for Noelle. I mean, maybe not just Noelle, but it’s easy to see how it synergizes with her kit. I think it’s supposed to be Itto’s, but if you can’t grab him, it’s going to be great on Noelle specifically.

It’s the Redhorn Stonethresher, with Crit Damage as its base stat.

Perk: DEF is increased by 28% (at max rank). Normal and Charged Attack DMG is increased by 40% of DEF.

Since Noelle’s attack scales on DEF, it’s easy to see why this is going to be so good on her. But obviously it’s probably a pretty great pick for Itto too. I believe his club is just a part of his moveset, not an actual weapon he wields, similar to the Raiden Shogun and her chest-sword.

Genshin Impact recently took home Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards, though it lost out on Best Ongoing Game to Final Fantasy XIV. Here in year two, the pace of content has really not slowed down much at all, and Genshin Impact, despite being a gacha game at its core, keeps producing a ton of story and exploration content that everyone can experience without spending money. But if you want to go for new heroes like Gorou and Itto? Either you have to save up a ton of in-game currency, or open up your wallet.

The new banner arrives this Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on your region. Stay tuned for more information.

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