Electronic Arts 2021 told through the most played titles in the world

Electronic Arts 2021 told through the most played titles in the world

As the end of 2021 approaches, Electronic Arts looks back on a year that was filled with video games. With the world moving towards a post-pandemic opening, gamers all over the world have continued to play loads of games. Based on EA data, we find that over half a billion players around the world have joined and socially connected in EA-branded interactive entertainment experiences.

Electronic Arts' global community of players is always growing by more. Of the millions of new users who joined the large community this year, the majority came from Europe (30%), followed by the United States (25%), Asia (22.5%) as well as America. South and Latin (15.7%). But with this community of more than 500 million active players around the world, what have users been playing the most? Apex Legends and EA SPORTS FIFA were the most popular Electronic Arts franchises of 2021.

As for FIFA, more than 26,000 soccer goals were scored in the real world in 2021, and 50,000 saves on the pitch. In the same period, in FIFA 21, players have scored over 22 billion goals and made more than 30 billion saves.

As for the other Electronic Asrt franchises, in UFC 4, players have given birth to nearly 7 million custom fighters to fight in matches. In The Sims 4, users immersed themselves in the game with over a billion hours played, creating 376 million Sims. The Sims inspires us to make art imitate life and create a world that is unique for each of us. When real-life experiences were limited due to the pandemic, players recreated family, friends and social gatherings they couldn't attend in person.

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